Delusional. Yes, I said “Delusional!!!


Those two words are synonymous…. (identical, just spelled differently)

The republicans want to fix the economy, so they say, because it is a wreck under the Obama administration… they say….

I just saw a shocking statistic (fact)… Under Bill Clinton, 22,000,000 (count the zeroes) jobs were created…more than the number created in the last four republican administrations combined!!!

After taking measures to reverse the damage done to the economy by bushieboy, (it took about 10 months to slow the loss momentum), under President Obama, job growth numbers continue upward; April was the 74th straight month of private sector job growth, as that unprecedented streak continues, totaling 14.6 million jobs overall, since early 2010.

The latest jobs report is further evidence of a steady recovery that continues to put more people back to work. The economy added 160,000 jobs in April (171,000 by private employers), averaging 200,000 over the last three months and 220,000 over the last six months. The unemployment rate remained at 5.0 percent. (Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez)

The U.S. economy has been adding jobs for years, but it’s still not enough to make up for the 8.7 million jobs lost in the aftermath of the Great Recession (bushieboy’s claim to fame).

Even with strong job growth each month, it could still take years to get back to a pre-recession job market, when the unemployment rate was below 5%.

I remind you that the growth could have been better if the republicans in Congress had not blocked every jobs initiative offered by Democrats and the President. The republican Congress and governors did everything in their power to stymie growth….infrastructure, solar energy, transportation, ecology… they had those opportunities and whiffed, wimped, crawled away from doing their jobs.

Now they want to champion “job growth” with the fraud, ddfrump. They are the ones who say, “Don’t increase the minimum wage, don’t let women have equal pay, don’t pass jobs legislation!!“

Yes, I say “delusional” when they think they should be in charge of the economy… and you would be too, if you think they care about the middle class and the less fortunate. It’s like an arsonist who is left to watch the woodpile, then lights a fire and when the flames leap about, says, “I’ll put out the blaze!!”

I also thought it was ironic, in West Virginia, when Hillary stated that she want to shut down coal mines and create modern, safe 21st century jobs and have the miners learn new skills like manufacturing solar panels, or make energy efficient light bulbs, they want to continue to mine coal!!! Mining is one of the most dangerous jobs in America; in other words, they were more willing to continue to do a more dangerous job and create more pollution than learn a new skill. Not too bright…. probably voted for ddfrump!!  Delusional……

Enough said, I’m out!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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