ddtrump frauds & tramps on…… Bernie bops on…Thug to Prom King….

Without opposition ddfraudmp, will win all the forthcoming state primaries and become the popular republican presidential choice of the republican base, but the very leaders they elected are confused about whether they, the elected ones want ddf as their standard bearer because all they see is a maverick, loose cannon, a lowlife, albeit, a rich one, who cares nothing about the people he insults, protocol, dignity, procedure, political correctness or traditions.

What does this mean??? After all, he was relentless with his personal attacks on his opponents, (something his mindless supporters seem to revel in, simply because they did have the chutzpah to say what they were thinking and feeling, out loud). During the primaries, many of them, governors, current senators, and corporate/ election failures wondered about endorsing “ddfraump”. So we have a situation where masses have turned on the ones they sent to Washington D. C. in the first place. But will the elected kowtow to a brash upstart who cares nothing about anything but himself? If they do, after the vituperative personal insults hurled at them by ddf, will they seem like pussies (cats) or worse, rats, following the devil-like pied piper?  Are they, the rats who know the cheese is in the trap but choose to put their heads in the danger zone anyway, as the piper waltzes on by, or will they let this brash philander sit on the high toilet and crap on them too?

Look at all the people he has viciously belittled and demeaned. From fiorina, mccain, crudz, babyrube, carson, dammittumrich, rankpall, the nasty penguin, bombush; he smeared them all. Now, they, like the zombies they are, kneel and kiss his shoes and crown him, king of the garbage dump.

The way I see it, they (including the “boyiwonder whin’ ryin) will put that wretched fiend ahead of party, America and righteousness, and let him continue to embarrass America in the eyes of the free world. In 2016, the racist base and the mean-spirited leadership will let “ddfraudmp” act like a dictator and run their party, but what happens after he loses the election? He’ll go back to wringing millions from other millionaires, and bullying smaller people into submission, and forget about the masses. He is like the secret agent who goes so far undercover, so deep that he starts to believe his act is real, but is shocked back to reality; but “ddf” will continue to really thinks he’s qualified to be a president. But the lure of showmanship is a far greater desire than being a cultured diplomate instead moreover settling to be a pot of common rubbish.


Bernie, you’ve stated on many an occasion, that you will do everything in your power to see that ddfraudmp does not become president of these United States. Yet, you are still on the stump dividing your rhetoric between the presumptive republican nominee and Hillary.

I do not see what you are doing, as positive for the Democratic Party; or stopping “ddf”’s effort to defraud the American people. You need to stop your negative rhetoric about Hillary and get behind her, and take on “ddf” directly about his divorce from Ivana and his affair with Marla Maples while still married.

Prom King

Lee McCollum Jr., who was featured on CNN’s controversial Chicagoland documentary detailing his struggle to escape violence, as part of a multi-episode documentary in 2014, was gunned down on the Chicago’s South Side early Thursday.

McCollum attended Fenger High School in Chicago. In the documentary, he spoke candidly about his evolution from when he started out with gang affiliations, but was slowly convinced that he had more to offer the world, himself and the people he cared about, to the point  that he graduated as an honors student, athlete and Prom King despite his family being homeless during his senior year.

“My two worries in life are not making it and not being successful and ending up on the streets being a bum,” he said in August 2014. “And the second is, I want to be a father that can provide for his family.”

Unfortunately, McCollum’s aspirations were cut short.

Police found the 22-year-old on the 500 block of Chicago’s West 126th Street. He was shot in the head. This wasn’t the first time McCollum was shot. In 2014, he was shot and wounded while walking to get a bus pass.

“Sometimes I feel like I’m only born to lose,” he said. “Every time you try to skip out and do something good…The more you try to do right, the more wrong come(s) up to you. It’s hard to manage around that.”

Former Fenger Principal Liz Dozier fondly remembers McCollum as being “more than a number.”

“He was a son, a nephew, a father, a friend,” she said in an emailed statement to JET. “On Chicagoland, Lee put a face to the dichotomy of our city. In his death, he’s done that once again. I’m devastated that we’ve lost him, and I’m saddened for our city. The constant deaths of our young men cannot be the new normal.”

Our condolences go out to Mr. McCollum’s family.

Stop the violence.”

(some parts excerpted from Jet Magazine)

EaglechiefPeaks notes that Mr. McCollum was previously shot, a year or two ago and his girlfriend, Tiara Parks, 23, the daughter of a Cook County sheriff’s deputy, was killed (could it be, he was the target, although he was not present) just two weeks ago.

Why was he not given police protection? Why was he out at that time of night, knowing of the past attempt on his life? And lastly, where the hell is “Black Lives Matter” now????






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