Mothers’ Day,More Wilmore, republicans & “Black??” Ones

May 8, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies in my life. I really hope all of you have a great day with loved ones. You are all “mothers” because of your amazing perspective on life and your empathy and compassion toward those who are less fortunate. Love is love, but there is no greater love than a Mother’s love; even that of those who sometimes, in an unguided moment, may falter and lose sight of their purpose in life. I believe that a female’s whole purpose in life is to mother, nurture and protect. Thank all of you for being you.

More Larry Wilmore

Mr. Wilmore went on Rev Al’s show this morning to justify his use of the N-word at the White House Correspondence Dinner earlier this month. He tried to parse the word; to “nuance” it; to justify it. He failed, he miserably failed. Just like no lady would feel uplifted and loved (unless she’s plain nuts) by her man, her lover, her paramour if he refers to her as his “b#&*h”!

Think about it……

Why would he want to try to turn the word around as if it is some sort of compliment? I’s ironic to me that if you look at other ethnicities, do Latinos self-degrade themselves by using the white man’s demeaning word on themselves, do people of Italian heritage use the white man’s demeaning word on themselves, do people of German heritage use the white man’s demeaning word on themselves, and so on??? I’ve never heard them use those shameful words, and I have been around all of them all my life.

I do not, and will not ever, feel proud to be called a N-word, in any context.

The meaning was meant to degrade Black people and forever remind us of the burden and disgrace of slavery. The memory of that awful episode will haunt this country until this nation acknowledges that abject injustice and until all white people say it was wrong.

When Larry used the word, he emboldened racists to think that it is okay to say it. The word must be banned and Black folks need to understand that.

Larry, apologize and put this incident to rest. It ain’t uplifting…..


If one were to honestly look at the republican party and their unapologetic recent history, avowed racism, purposefully denying citizens their voting right by nefarious methods, denying health care to millions, trying to place Social Security in jeopardy, giving tax breaks to the rich, thereby passing the burden of financing this country’s agenda on to the backs of the poor and middle class, their hawkish outlook on the world’s strife, including the lies to go to war, or denying the President the means to make life better of its citizenry then, reasonably, you should conclude that they are not responsible nor compassionate enough to be in charge of anything.

They deny global warming; they push for more pollution (the infamous pipeline and fracking) will do nothing about gun control while tens of people die by gun violence each month; they support state control of health care, deny voting rights, and refuse to support good policing practices, when the records show how badly they have treated minorities in the aforementioned regard. They disparage the good men and women who protect our borders, by saying our southern border is porous when those officers have stopped and sent back more people than the bush1, Clinton, bushieboy administrations ever did, combined. The reason more is not done is because the republicans in Congress have not increased the budget for that purpose. Likewise when they rail against the problems in the Middle East, there are reasons why we are limited in what we can do, because, once again, the republican-led Congress will not pass a meaningful budget or a jobs bill when it comes to reducing unemployment. They want to say that these things are the fault of Democrats but if you really care about the truth, you will realize that the republicans are responsible for the very problems they talk about. It’s like welcoming a known arsonist, as he touts his virtues, into your house and then complaining when your house burns down!!!

Who ruined the economy and caused the massive job losses of 2007/8??? Who did not want to save the auto industry, or allowed the banking system to ruin peoples’ lives????

Or complain about our military while cutting the military budget???

And when some of you white people overwhelmingly vote for a egotist, a misogynist, a racist, a violator of religious rights, a multiple divorce’, a multiple bankrupt petitioner, a liar, chauvinist, a braggart, a bully, a snake oil salesman, and you choose to put him at the top of the republican ticket, you brand yourself, all those descriptions.

And where the hell do all these “Black” women come from that support ddfrump? Please explain to me what positives they see in the republican party. Is it because they need jobs??? Or a higher paying job? Where did they grow up?? Who influenced their thinking? Do they realize the travails that their predecessors went through to give them the opportunity to make a decent life for themselves?

The republican party’s record is clear, as is ddfrump’s ideas, that are actually un-American. It is a pity some Black folks cannot see the facts.

Enough Said, I’m out!!!!



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