The Real Republican Party, ddfrump, and Black Lives Matter

I’ve been busy with other issues but I’ll take a break from business to express my thoughts on one of my passions, politics, focusing on the current battle of words and commentary between Hillary and Bernie; likewise, ddfrump, crudz, and kay’ssick.

But let’s step back for a moment to take a “macro” look at the republican party; their platform, their denial of human rights, civil rights, voting rights, employment and educational opportunities, their performance in Congress and who represents them; and the fact that in their divisive and offensive rhetoric, there is an element of mostly southern, “off the grid” minimally educated white men that are willing to ignore the state in which the nation found itself in, in 2008.

There are a lot of folks who have a tendency to conveniently forget the past; their narrow perspective only allows them to see in the moment, react to rousing base rhetoric, and spew their inner hidden superiority and racism, their gun-toting complexes and expose their “it’s somebody else’s fault” excuse to be a bigot and racist.

But what really galls me is the “black republican” especially when they refer to the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights as, ‘THEIR” overriding moral document and express their desire to have a state’s rights led, negative intervention stance against the Federal government’s attempt to make sure EVERYONE has an equal chance to pursue his or her happiness.

I’ll get back to “black” republicans later, but for now, allow me to jog your memory.

Remember 2008??? Remember bushie’s war in Iraq, the big lie, WMDs; remember the casualties; remember the job losses here at home (700,000 a month!!!), people losing their hard-earned homes to foreclosure, losing their good paying jobs and pensions, families living in squalid motels or in their cars, figuring out how to eat off of a minimal unemployment check?? Remember that??? Remember school kids getting on that school bus hungry and dirty, too hungry and tired to learn; parents washing clothes at the laundromat, sharing only a loaf of bread for supper??? Remember??? Remember who said to let the banks fail, who said, let the auto industry go down the tubes, who swore to block anything and everything President Obama tried to do to turn things around. Later, they did not care about the sick and elderly, they were against the Affordable Care Act, an increase in Social Security benefits, doing something about pollution, greenhouse gases, global warming, reducing coal production and oil consumption, equal pay for equal work, unions, women’s rights, gun violence, immigration and so on.

Through the efforts of our President, the economy is strong but not shared. Obama’s approach has brought jobs back, stemmed the housing crisis, given people health care, trimmed the budget deficit, cleaned up the mess bushieboy and his cabal created in the Middle East, Iraq, but the republican continue to keep depressed wages down, letting the rich get richer, pay less in taxes and place the burden of paying for public services on the poor. They are the ones who allow 1/10th of one percent of our population to own as much wealth as the lower 90% of the  rest of the population.

Syria and Afghanistan. President Obama wisely, did not militarily confront the problem in Crimea, keeping our soldiers out of harm’s way. He brought hostages home from Iran and negotiated a deal to keep that country from building a nuclear arsenal. Every day, he proves that America is strong and committed to world peace.

The republicans led the least productive Congress of all time; filibustering, blocking, and thwarting anything progressive. They talk about “job creation” but when it comes down to voting on measures like that, they contradict themselves, as they do on every other major issue we have to deal with. Doing something about the minimum wage, health care, pollution, global warming, energy consumption, they wimped out.

Now they will have a leader who is a crass bully, whose speeches divide people, discriminate against LGBT members, refuse to recognize women’s right to fair pay, propose a bigoted immigration policy, and falsely claim that America is militarily weak.

He has the nerve to adopt a phrase that has been for the longest time, an anathema to American politics and world security, “America First”, used by Charles Lindbergh in 1939 to suggest that the United States should not assist England in its resistance to the Nazi’s war machine in Europe; therefore supporting Hitler’s attempt to dominate that continent. Then it was “isolationist” talk and it still is. America is the world leader in peace and military might and as we know, holds NATO together. To abandon our pledges and alliances would give nations like Russia and China, bad ideas about Europe and Asia, and force us to defend our allied nations. We are the balance against Russia, China, North Korea and other rogue nations is good for the world that we are in those alliances.

ddfrump claims the he will make “America great again” with “his bigoted, bullying negotiation” style. America is already great…..we do not need an egoist to build up our military; we have the finest, best prepared fighting force on Earth. Other countries’ leaders do not like or trust him. He proposes to send 11/12 million people back to “wherever”; he will not build “a wall” because he hasn’t figured out how to pay for it.. (maybe with his own money) but mainly, because he won’t get elected if we go to the polls like we should. What would our economy look like if 12 million people stopped buying and selling goods and service here. They pay taxes, pick our produce, clean our pools, cut our grass, paint our houses, teach our children, nurse our elderly, fix our cars……

I say all this to say, “White people”, ddfrump cannot make you relive the past; the 70s and 80s are gone forever…. Come in from the cold, become part of our modern society of equal rights and opportunities and tearing down barriers. Some jobs will come back from overseas, even steel mills, but there are new technologies now…. are you willing to learn them; because all those other jobs like stitching sneakers won’t pay much. I haven’t heard him talk about American opportunities here, like rebuilding our highways, fresh water creation, investing in new rail technologies, solar energy, health care, better car mileage and electric cars, increasing Social Security benefits, housing and care for our veterans and seniors, lowering technical and higher education costs, or making the rich pay their fair share in taxes to support the aforementioned.”

Frump is a “switch and Bait” conniver and the republicans are virtually stuck with him.

Despite all that I have said, they choose to have convenient amnesia and forget the fiasco they created eight years ago….. now they dream of a chance to do it all over again. Don’t be fooled. If you were on a bus, and the seemingly sober bus driver and his conductors drove off the road into a deep ravine on purpose, killing and injuring many others, but jump off before the crash, then lied about the circumstances….. would you let him drive another bus????  Hell no!!!

If you want to line up and support ddfrump, you need your head examined!!!!

Back to black republicans for a few minutes…..  You show your ignorance when you support what they espouse. Look at what they have done that’s positive, except buy your allegiance. People like ben carson was a shallow man despite his prowess as a doctor, with his warped reasoning and simplistic ideas from the start and he cemented that description. clarence thomas is still a Supreme Court buffoon….I need not go back over the years and recount the few minorities who ignorantly support the reformed dixiecrat platform  and say, “we” knowing full well that you are their pawn, their shill and not their partner.

People like ana navaro and michael steel go on TV to defend republicans when there is no defense for what republicans have done and continue to do. How can you excuse the action of a “mouse mcconnell” or “bo(eh)ner” in Congress or say nothing when they prevent citizens from voting, allow states to deprive children a decent education, deny health care to the needy and impose harsher sentences on minorities who break laws.

A pox on you!!!!

Quickly, Black Lives Matter……Yes, black lives matter but your focus is too narrow, too uninformed. All lives matter, preach that. As far as harsher sentences are concerned, those convicted knew the score for their transgressions. They saw others get harsher sentences, what made them think that they would be the exception? Bill Clinton was right…. the intention was right (Democrats and republicans voted for the law) but the execution was unfair. They all wanted to stop dealers who also knew they were wrong to use children to use and sell drugs; to ruin people’s lives with heroin, cocaine and marijuana addiction, just for money…. The dealers and sellers knew…now they, and you want to cry out about fairness.. Is it fair that many a black family lost members to addiction and violence and murder… mothers, fathers, siblings, cousins, while the dealers toasted champagne, bought fine cars, and furs, and lived in luxury??? Was that fair??? Maybe many of you young people do not remember when dealing narcotics was a bane to this country. (Yeah, I know, it still is). It is unfair that so many of our young people die at the hands of police, and you rightfully protest and fight for justice, but all I ask is that you remember how much havoc we have done to our own. Gun violence in our own neighborhoods, by our own people is a drain on our most precious resource… a future teacher, a future astronaut, a future ball player, a future president….. but they lay quietly in some plot of ground somewhere, forgotten by many, but still loved by those who miss them……. We are less of a nation, less of a world because they are gone….

You cannot fairly  blame President Clinton or penalize Hillary. You should be protesting those judges who went too far in imposing those unfair, harsher sentences. We all can learn from the past… look at it with an open mind and an open heart, then protest, support and vote for people who best support progressive democratic principles we need going forward.

Enough said, I’m out!!!







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