Babyrube, Hillary, DDFrump, The Supreme Court

I watched in dismay, last night as babyrube “suspended” his presidential bid. While he was never really qualified or had a chance, his backers egged him on. He went down in flames as even the Floridians that made a tremendous error when the sent him to Congress six years ago, corrected their mistake by looking for the duck with the golden egg in DDFrump and rejecting his wild dream. All he can say to his grandchildren am     “I run for president once!” He should have snuck off into the night and looked for s real job as maybe, a bus driver…. (Not to disparage bus drivers); but his rant about God and his ancestors to my mind, offensive. You see, the republicans like to become amnesiac when it come to the realities of they represent. I’ve gone on record about my view of the party; a party that has done nothing for the American people for decades, except destroy the economy, get us into wars, do everything to deny the legitimacy of our heroic President Obama, discourage citizens from voting, gerrymander voting districts, refused to recognize global warming, deny women’s rights, civil rights, equal pay for equal work, gay rights, etc. Republicans were not like this years ago. It was okay for a Black person to be “Republican”…Jacob Javits, Nelson Rockefeller….. but their party was hijacked by disaffected racist southerners who dreamed of continuing the exploitation and wanton murder of poor and disadvantaged Black folk. They took over the party and because the republicans wanted more power in government they married these fools and the offspring was the latter day george wallaces and orval faubus the present day “witch mcconman”’. Even decent men like john mccain hangs with this cabal and we get a delusional  michael steele, a blind ben sleepy carson, an apologetic and despicable herman cain and lesser ilk.

But babyrube evens goes further, invoking his heritage….forgetting that Columbus came here to these shores at the behest of the Spanish government, plundered this land’s organic wealth in the name of that government which then sent thousands with muskets and firepower lusting for gold and a mystical “fountain of youth” and destroyed the native populations of both North and South and Central America. What happened to the Aztecs, the Maya, the Incan civilizations in South America? Why is Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, etc., Spanish speaking??? They conquered those indigenous people, murdered them! Cuba is Cuba because of Spaniard greedy, and its evil murderous influences; so babyrube need not herald his forefathers, as an heroic bunch; they were not… We don’t forget. Yet he is “conservative”?? Please!!!! He sees Latinos as blight……with no rights, etc……. just because his father was lucky and got a visa!!! Betcha if he didn’t get one, he was ready to hit the straits in a canoe! So let’s put thing in the right perspective, baby rube….. be glad you got money as a senator without doing your job so go home, watch TV and sulk, but do not praise your heritage to me! Second, It’s okay to be religious, but isn’t this country about separating politics and religion???? Quoting the Bible, loving the Lord….. Aren’t you overindulgent??? Maybe you missed all those voting opportunities because you were in church, righteously praying for a better life??? Your venomous hatred of our duly elected president is appalling…it was almost as if you were say, part of al queda… are truly misguided….and hallucinating…..bush ruined the economy, got us into a war, caused massive job losses and wealth emasculation while President OBAMA saved the auto industry, bailed out Wall street, turned job losses into opportunities. What your party did not do is help him, and you have the nerve to publicly hate him….well, screw you!!! Did you work to improve wages, hell no; did you recognize pollution, hell no; did you say. “Let citizens vote, hell no… stole your salary and sat on your hands… so take your rhetoric and shove it!!

Let me move on….

She swept Bernie because she is a realistic, legitimate candidate and will make a fine “First Lady” President. No put down of Bernie, it’s just he was too far to the left, in my view, to have the impact we need to move this nation forward. His issues are legitimate, but one dimensional….not encompassing at all. Don’t worry, Hillary sees the light too…..We will pull together, join forces and defeat the backward thinking republican party in November.. .but we gotta VOTE so get ready, bring your lunch, be patient and vote…Pleeeezeee???

DDFrump, what a “rich” pig!!! Pompous, rude, embarrassing, spiteful, gutterish, classless.. .with all that money…pitiful…. Oh, did I miss, “liar”, disrespectful, oafish…whew!! and you want this bum to represent America!!!

Listen, old white men, he is using you….what do you think will happen if “good paying” jobs in a steel mill come back….duh!! Prices of fridges, cars, washing machines will go up!!! Then what… the key is creating jobs here at home; in solar energy, infrastructure, road building, transportation.. You can do that…if you are willing to learn something new and innovative, with good pay….

Chicago just spent billions overseas to buy subway cars!!! Rahm is really looking out for jobs in America!!! Where is all the seed money to rev up a factory and put you guys back to work… don’t rich republicans and Wall Streeters have enough bucks?? Yeah, they just sit on their mounds of gold…. and grin… while you bitch at Obama…..Who is keeping wages down or you out of  the job market….your friends in Congress… you do nothing “won’t help”, hateful reps who really keep you in mind!!!

MouseMcconniver finally crawled out of his hole to announce that he won’t do his job and hold a hearing for the Supreme Court opening. What’s new??? He hasn’t been doing anything so why wake up the dead????

Just think where we would be if he stepped aside and let the Democrats improve your lives……. Just a thought….Things will change for the better in January 2017…. You’re welcome to ride along……just don’t hinder progress!

Enough said, I’m out!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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