A Couple of Things…..


Let me talk about the Democratic campaign featuring Hillary and Bernie.

I’ve said from the start that it would be difficult to tell the difference between the ideology of Hillary, historically a mainstream Democrat and Bernie, a more progressive (new word for “liberal”) Independent; except that Bernie, calls himself, a “Social” Independent that is far to the left.

They are both “acceptable” to me and espouse almost all of my “progressive’ views. So to make it a contest, Bernie had to search and search for “wedge” issues in order to differentiate himself. And he settled on free college tuition, Wall Street abuse, black lives, and income disparity. But the thing is, these are really issues that Hillary has talked about and Hillary has explained that her focus is a lot wider; pollution, voter obstruction, criminal justice, a better health care plan, immigration, gun violence. Bernie has barked louder and thereby attracted some young Black people and a few political types; even Spike Lee has jumped on board the Bernie train.

But, two things for sure… to beat DDFrump, the odds on favorite of the right, each has to pull the independents who are actually independent; and I think Hillary is better suited to do that. And, if either were to win in November, Hillary is more likely to find republicans to work with in Congress, simply because of how far left Bernie has always been.

And now that she has won in South Carolina, with an overwhelming Black vote, she’s given the best speech she has ever given…encompassing a discussion of both the specific but broad issues on how to this great nation can do better. In fact, she actually said what I have been saying in response to the dirtyduck, “We are a GREAT country”, we just have to work harder at being better; and how to UNITE all of us instead of spitefully, dividing us. Too many white people allow themselves to be blinded by their inherent racism and look at the ill decorum of a DDFrump and think that America could be represented by a person who spends most of his exposure, nastily disparaging and mocking his opponents and bullying and threatening people who disagree with his perverse and frankly, obtuse views on resolving issues of change in this country.

christie endorses DDFrump…… glad to see that…it’s like the undertaker hoping for a sick person to die. (didn’t he (the nasty penguin) look kinda sallow??? Maybe he didn’t have time to glomb down his usual snack of a dozen donuts, and was feeling a little weak…. Well. BFD!!!

I’d like to see more discussion about supporting and assisting entrepreneurs looking to be independent of the ”bring jobs home” or “we need to create ore jobs!” discourse. What we need are, better paying jobs; and more opportunities for us to become OWNERS of businesses, thereby creating job opportunities for the unemployed, and a chance to independent of the whims of big business.

There are few high paying jobs overseas to “bring home”. Making sneakers or dresses or mass produced electronics overseas are not the jobs we need to bring home. First of all, Americans won’t do those jobs for the menial pay foreigners accept. Maybe we’d do TVs, refrigerators, or something like that but don’t you think the price of those goods would rise according the increased pay of labor?

Another thing… why can’t we (Black folk) see the merit in investing in local businesses run by black folks? Chinese (food), Italians (pizza), Pakistanis (gas stations) can open in our neighborhoods and thrive. Yet when a Black person opens a business, we complain about the high prices or want a “break”! And don’t even think about the concept of actually investing in a black business… (which tend to be single owned, or two or three guys “being partners”) as an actual corporation with shareholders,…. hell no!!

I was out marketing my product one day, and came across two middle-aged black guys in a bodega, buying lotto tickets. Curious, I asked, “You guys ever win anything?”

One gentleman replied, “Heck, no.. maybe $20, maybe..” “I asked, “How much do you spend on those tickets?” Oh, maybe $20/30 a week…” I asked, you ever think about investing that much in a business?” No, man, this is fun!” he said! I said, “Have a great day…and “fun”!!, and went on my way.

One thing I will ask for a break on…… the onus of a “bad” fico score resulting from the debacle of 2008 when a whole lot of people lost their shirts, homes, cars, bank accounts, credit or jobs. These people did nothing wrong, yet the “system” is unforgiving…. Years later they suffer the embarrassment and burden of the “system” that punishes and mauls them for something they had no role in. As they battle back from those depths, after all, the nation bailed out the banks and the insurance industry but not these folks; no, the “system” punches and kicks them while they are down, they can’t get a car, an apartment, car insurance, a home, despite paying their bills on time for seven years or for the next ten .. “No, hell no, you got write-offs, you got taxes due, you got a bankruptcy, you got a student loan, you got this…. ‘n’ that! You a bad risk.. git away from me… what you got might be contagious! Don’t even sneeze near me!!   I can’t help you get back on your feet!! Goodbye… Oh….. and good luck!!!!

Maybe you survived in good stead, maybe you were too young to be affected… but the effects are with us today…lower wages, poorer jobs….less educational opportunities…. We need to change that dynamic and erase the stigma…..no, not later, right now!

Think about it….

Enough said, I’m out



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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