A Reality Check Required.

On Sunday, I took the time to watch the TV pundits who are covering the republican spat over who will lose in November.

What really gets my blood pressure soaring, is the pundit’s temerity in asking all the pretenders, including DDFrump, whether they support the republican platform; their denial of climate change, the effects of pollution on our society, their push for tax breaks for the rich, their claim that borders are not protected (that one is evident, they keep lying about that one), denying representation for eleven million people and a path to citizenship, jerrymandering voting districts, the denial of a living wage for workers, women’s rights, health care for all who need that service, their goal to destroy Social Security,  etc.

Secondarily, they will not ask these delusionists, about the causes of the depression of 2008 and the residual effects on the lives of millions of Americans. There are people who lost everything and can’t erase the black mark on their credit status.

Republicans like to carry a message of doom and gloom about almost everything in America. “The borders are open, the economy is bad, bring jobs back to America, Obama is a bad president, our military is weak, we need to send troops to Syria, show Putin who’s the boss!” is their platform.

The borders are not open, the Border Patrol and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement are on the job and when the republicans claim that the borders are porous, the denigrate  the job these brave people are doing.

The economy is good, look at GDP, the unemployment numbers, the problem is depressed wages under the billionaires and bankers who virtually run the nation’s economy and the high prices and profits for the elite class.

The republicans always appeal to the basest instincts possible, hatred, bigotry, cheating lying, even murder, (look at the “evangelicals” who will take up arms against doctors and medical staff who are insuring that women have a say about their health and well-being). Everything they say is about a threat to poor and middle class folks, including  white people. The rich white people don’t care because they fund the rantings and know that what these republican candidates are saying is not true. (Remember Carly F???)

Yet, the news reporters will not go to the borders and write about the extra-ordinary job our border patrol is doing. President Obama’s administration have stopped more people at the border than oldbush, bushieboy and Clinton combined. The administration has sent more people back to their countries, likewise. And it’s important to know that most of the people  (who committed criminal activities) sent back, came here BEFORE Obama took office.

They deny global warming while scientists tell us that the seas are rising rapidly and coastal cities are in danger. Look at all the global storms and tornadoes around the world, yet they deny global warming and continue to push for burning more fossil fuels. They’ll tell their constituents that letting the rich get richer (without making anything or providing services) is good for the economy, while sick people die because they do not have insurance.

The republicans say, “minimum wages are great for the economy, you’ll get by”, and you want to blame “Washington” because you can’t have a missile launcher! We have seen what states will do for its citizens……. No health care, poor working conditions, bad transportation, bad roads, no farm subsidies, poor and unequal schools, eminent domain, polluted water, assault rifles and weaponry availbility and needless mass murders; need I go on??

And all DDFrump can say is, “We’re gonna win, win, win!!!”

My question is, “What the hell are you going to win???”

All the republicans did in seven years is, shut down the government three times and make working people’s families sweat to get by without a paycheck. Yet “they” represent you.

These phonies call themselves American, yet the hate and do not support the duly elected president, a president, who, by the way did not get the job because the biased Supreme Court deemed him the elected, like bushieboy…… Those conservative biased judges should bear some blame for the mess bushieboy got us into with his scheme and a lie.

I’m not going to repeat all the great things the Democratic Party, led by President Obama, has accomplished.  Just stop and think about it….bushie brought us an economy in the toilet, hemorrhaging jobs, losses of income, investments, and housing; Obama kept from a confrontation with the Eurosian-idiot-putin, and got Iran to give up its plans for a nuclear weapon. He kept us out of using ground troops in Syria, got every bad guy in ISIS spawned, and osama; got the hostages back safely from Iran, or did not give in to dirty Canadian shale oil… (Did I just do that??? Mention a few things Obama (Democrats) did….Oops, I said I wouldn’t but, you know……)

If, because of your biases, you want ”the sky is falling” fear-mongerrich b***h or the hole-ly pope, or the babbling babyrube, then it’s on you. But we know, contrary to what they say the American people want; WE WANT a progressive, vibrant, peace loving, embracing, colorblind, opportunistic, equal and fair economic society so that we can truly “pursue our happiness!

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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