The Reappearance of a Slug

Now you have to realize that if jebbidiah has to dig up his brotherly relic to get some traction, he’s in BIG, BIG, BIG trouble!

What is more amazing is that the asses who cheered the appearance of bushieboy from under some moss-covered rock, are  the same people who lost their jobs, homes, pensions, and cars over bushieboy’s tax/ economic antics and war mongering lust that created the depression in 2008. These folks are delusional; they have to be, if they think that popping up with this jerk is good for America. No wonder a gross soul like DDFrupmp is kicking his ass; and the Reverend crudz doesn’t even think he exists.

Jebbidiah couldn’t win a crapping contest after eating 150 hot dogs, chewing on a bag of Hersheys and downing a gallon of milk of magnesia!!!! He needs to wrap up his tent and take his version of a circus and go home to the ”ranch” with howdy-doody dubbiah!

On second thought, maybe he should hang around, after all, he is a great reminder of what republicans can do to wreck this nation and maniacally destroy the progress that has been made for those of us who really love this country.

All the republicans can think about is how to roll back the clock and take away the hard won rights that we have today. They do not want citizens to vote, women in the workplace in the first place, won’t pay them equal wages, don’t want to give them maternity leave, in fact, they be happy to just let women look pretty and carry a steno pad. They rail about bringing jobs back to America (like a Korean sewing machine operator at $0.50 a day), instead of supporting the creation of well-paying jobs here at home, or a way to reduce the cost of a decent college education. And they love pollution and can’t see that the polar caps are melting.  They lie, (DDFrump is right about that) but they all do… lunatic dreamers; DDFrump wants you to believe that he’s the first coming of mankind!               I’m just glad no one else is modeled after that body and hair!!! He is a rude pompous, overweight bully; as he “runs” his companies…….just look at your boss honcho.. do you think he’s running your company…hell no!! That’s what he’s got you for, dummy!!      So do not feel like he knows what he is talking about. He may think he is a dictator and he may (he thinks) have phony cronies in Congress to put into motion his tratorious plots but it’s not going to happen. We are not going to let him think he can build a wall to keep people from coming here looking for security and a job.  We are not going to round up people who have been here for decades and ship them to a place they know nothing about. We are not going back to the 50s and 60s when white males ruled. We are a multi-racial country like no other….all those erasers of progress are not going to come to power, no matter how the miscreants who cheer bushieboy want to yearn for black and white TVs, Rudee Vale, George Burns, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby or even Amos and Andy!!

Now they want to turn the scalawag justice (scalia) into a freakin’ saint, like they try to worship Ronnie reekin, because all he could remember to say is, “Tear down that wall!’   He was a nothing president, and republicans want to harken back to those days when he could fire people with stroke of a pen.. yet if President Obama tries to do the righteous and moral thing, they battle like crazy, interjecting their religious leanings on the rest of us. If you do not want health care then do not go to a doctor, if you don’t want planned parenthood, and you want daughter have her child without a choice, then you pay for the baby;  if you want be a gun fanatic….(why is it a right, when driving a car is a privilege?) you can have those locked up AT HOME, but do not try to impose that thinking on the rest of us.  Just sit in your little cave with a b/w TV with those old rabbit ears and watch Ed Sullivan, slug down a Shaeffer beer, smoke a Camel and use an spittoon…. Or go to a revival with your bible all day Sunday, then be a racist jerk on Monday. But it is not your right, and we will let you think that it is; live in your fantasy but leave the rest of us to progress and prosper. We are not going back and despite what DDFrump is claiming, we are a great nation already, but moving forward; we are not going back, so lying bushieboy, go back and find your comfort rock and crawl back under it.

And lastly, you black and latino republicans, get a grip on reality…..they are using you and they will never let you be equal…… they’ll just let you think that……..ben carson…..anna navarro…herman cain…… michael steele,  you’ve been told.!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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