Hillary, Bernie and Cam….

February 4, 2016

Clinton Sanders in Focus

A while back, the pundits yakked about the cruise Hillary would be on as she entered the race for the nomination from the Democratic Party for the Presidency.

Bernie Sanders has come on like gangbusters to giveher a real fight for the nomination. He as loudly talks about a revolution to upset the status quo, the rich getting richer as the poor and middle class suffer in this economic environment, free college, higher minimum wages, equality in pay, women’s rights; all the issues that confront progressives. He reminds his audience that those issues are wrong for America and we should want change now!

On the other hand, Hillary is saying the same thing, only quieter, with a realistic, more dignified tone. Really speaking, we are splitting hairs when we listen carefully to what each is saying. They warn us of the possibility of the debacle via appointments to the Supreme Court, that will occur for all the progress that has been hard fought for and won, ACA, particularly. But Bernie like the republicans, wants to tear it up and start over (with a republican Congress). On the other hand, Hillary is for making it better. Both want to restructure the tax code so that the ultra-rich, and companies who hide income abroad, pay a fair share of taxes, and rein in the ability of companies to send jobs overseas,  a reasonable immigration policy. They will both, look at the trade agreements so there is no advantage to the world at the expense of jobs here.

My take, like in 2004, I backed Hillary, but the thunder-roll of Obama via the ability to enthuse young people (college students) and galvanize the black and other minority vote. I was won over. Now, please do not call me out for jumping on the bandwagon. And Hillary fairly and clearly lost her bid to be the Democratic nominee; so my choice was made for me. Part of her allure then was her connection to Bill Clinton and her Democratic principles. But then, so did Barack Obama, and his winning would be first person of color to grace the White house!! But we minority folk never forgot how well Bill Clinton, via the economic boom, served to raise our prosperity.

In 2015, Hillary comes with that tailwind, and for all of 2015, she rolled along, anxious to get started on her campaign against the fiasco caused by the bushieboy and the republican party. Enter Bernie….. and now the angst starts again.

But now, Black folks seem to be abandoning her for Bernie. Nina Turner, Keith Ellison, Ben Jealous, so far…..

The attribute that I take into account, is her strong, steady, longtime, reasonable, authentic approach to how to deal with those folks across the aisle.

They want to blame her for her husband’s actions, particularly, longer prison terms for minorities who got caught up in the drug trade, resulting in longer terms. “He signed the law” they say. So???  How would he know that the biased justice system would impose harsher sentences…. the opposition never possibility brought that up. Yes, perhaps more research should have been done but it wasn’t. But the folks who chose to continue to ply their trade or imbibe, knew the new rules, but they stayed their course and got caught. Yes cops were probably more enthusiastic in arresting minorities (it was easier, and racist, so they did it)!

But all that is not on Hillary…….She has some other skeletons…..private cell phone, Benghazi, voting for the Iraq war….and so on, for sure. But who is the best person with the more open record of supporting equality and progress via dialogue…Hillary.

Bernie with his loud bombastic rhetoric might be unable reach the more centrist conservative. So right now, for me, it’s still Hillary (and Bill) to make another “history”!!!!

And in closing, I remind those black folks who I see in the background at DDfrump’s rallies, that he has chosen to be a right wing, fiercely conservative, carpetbagger republican. He did not have to be that, but his ego dictated his approach.

The republicans are perversely against any progressive laws, and until they change their platform, stop jerrymandering, give up the gun lobby, cooperate in moving the country forward and stop being racist, and gain their memory about that they have done to the American people over the years, and apologize for attempting to denigrate  and destroy Obama’s presidency, even before it began, I am fiercely against them.

Cam Newton

Now they are taking a poll (A POLL!!!!!) of racist football fans on whether Cam is “overboard” with his gyrations after a touchdown and why they resent his celebrations.

BFD, I say…….I’m Old School, we didn’t do such things in my day…. I never did it….but you know what…it’s a new day….better athletes, better black athletes for sure and better minority quarterbacks… no longer can some coach imply blacks “can’t get the “complicated” plays…..From James Harris, Doug Williams, to Warren Moon, to Steve McNair to  Randall Cunningham to Donovan McNabb (need I go on?) to Tyrod Taylor, Russell Wilson and Teddy Bridgewater……they all “got it”!

So Cam celebrates, gives footballs to kids, does “Superman”!!!! The hell with the poll, bury it!!!  There should be no discussion on whether it’s because he’s black, only whether he’s good enough to get a Super Bowl win!!! Go Cam, go!!!                          (I don’t care who wins)


Enough said,  I’m out!!!!!



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