Clinton/ Sanders Update

January 27, 2016

Okay, the pollsters say that young people have developed an affinity toward Bernie Sanders, versus the calm, stately,  and reasonable tone of Hillary Clinton, because he speaks to their concerns; voices how they feel about the current state of affairs in the country; as the good twin to DDFrump, i.e., “by telling like it is”.

Personally, I like many of the issues Sen. Sanders rails about. I used the word, “rails” because I think it is appropriate. But, we have to consider that, sometimes it is how you deliver the message and how those “independents” react to his persona. The reality is the winner will be chosen by that nebulous group that does not want to declare their allegiance until the last moment. Therefore, the smart candidate has to smooze these folks, especially those who show up every four years and are the ones Obama cultivated in 2008 and 2012. 

But I do not believe ‘railing” wins the masses. It’s like when the commercial comes on The TV and the volume goes up…..I just turn down the volume until it’s over….. and miss the message! I don’t want to hear it!

So, Hillary’s experience, exposure, confidence, reasonableness (like Obama, trying to coax the deniers along, rather pushing or pulling (I’m talking Democratic base, here), will keep the party cohesive, because we need to defeat whoever the republicans settle on, at any cost; because the stakes are too high, too vital to our progress to have a republican in the White House. Think ”Supreme Court” first and foremost, think Affordable Care, global warming, pollution, higher minimum wages, a frank discussion about college education costs, banks’ gouging the poor, the rich getting richer, gun control, police brutality, a fair tax law, etc.

Bottom line, we have to keep the White House in Democratic hands or life as we know it, the improvements in civil rights, women’s rights, the use of diplomacy and economic sanctions to maintain world peace, pollution, immigration, and so on, will cease to exist. We do not want to go back to Y2000 when the biased Supreme Court gave us george bushie, and put us all in a world of hurt!! On whose watch did bin ladin pay the ultimate price, as well as other leaders of al qaeda, ISIL  see their own demise, while keeping our military out of harm’s way through diplomacy and communication with wayward nations and our allies.. The republicans first and last option has always been to rattle sabres and carpet bomb civilian and foe. After all, war means more money for the rich who own the arms factories.

Sanders has brought to light the liberals’ (we call them progressives today) grievances and rightfully so but he must not destroy the opportunity to continue what Obama has accomplished. There is a lot at stake here and Hillary has taken a milder tone because she understands that she must keep the Obama coalition together to win. There are many who wish that the country would return to yesteryear when white men were in charge and could discriminate with vigor; but we cannot let that happen.

Look at how they (the fake militia, small minded men who act like boys and steadfastly believe that the Feds want what they have… in the wilderness, stewing in anti-social behavior) take up arms against the Federal government under the guise that “they” want to take away their “right to spit tobacco and drink white lightning and shoot guns in the air or at defenseless animals”! Their same mentality sent troops against the Native American, believing that if  they wanted something, anything, they could just shoot  their way to it; and nearly destroyed the native population. Or wiped out the buffalo, or wiped out the beaver, or whales or whatever.

So that we not abandon the righteous path, Hillary is our best shot to win. Bernie….stop searching for a wedge, run a positive campaign on the issues that makes us different from the republicans. Bernie, you and Hillary are on the same team…run your campaign like you want to but make certain your followers understand the goal….keeping the White House.

Enough said,

I’m out!!





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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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