Some Quick Thoughts………

There’s a lot of political, civil rights, policing issues going on right now, and I don’t really know where to begin…but I’ll try.

We can no longer ignore the DDTfrump factor; not because there are so many idiots in America who like what he is saying, but because we still have to recognize that there is that much racism in the hearts of Americans. We have third, fourth generation Americans who think that, because of the color of their pelts and their economic condition, that the solution to their problems, is a guy like DDTfrump, a carpetbagger of the highest order.

Normally, if someone brags in my face about how rich he is, how big a yacht, how many cars, planes, etc. he/she has, I would be offended by the sheer arrogance of the statement, even though it may be correct. But these folks think a bully on their side is better than common sense. They are blinded by the light. Back in the day we had an expression at work, “If you can’t dazzle ‘em with brilliance, baffle with bulls#!t!!!” That’s the donald’s blueprint; while they are wallowing in crap, tell ‘em it’s Jello!

It baffles me, also that the mainstream media plays his game, and puts him on the airwaves, as some sort of champion of the right when actually, 69 to 75 percent of the misguided republicans do not care for him. And they certainly do not want him to spearhead their plans to garner the White House in 2016. They are happy that the outsider, DDTfrump, flails the establishment (rightfully so) but his ideas are so fragmented, so obtuse, so out of touch with reality (deporting Hispanics, getting rid of ACA without an alternative, against pro-life programs, including womens’ choice health issues, against same-sex marriage, supporting the death penalty, believing climate change is a hoax, promoting a 35% import tax on Mexican border, building a southern border wall, changing the 14th amendment, and more, all this is disconcerting to progressive Americans.

But he is also saying things that appeals to the masses, such as meaningful tax reform, repairing our infrastructure, jobs for everyone, supporting Social Security (while making it more difficult to retire), bringing jobs back from overseas, supporting fairer trade deals, going to war on ISIS, eliminating the 14th amendment, fairly taxing the rich, creating a stronger and larger military, and saving Medicare.

So he seems to be appealing on both sides but he is on an island, neither side supporting him, so he forges ahead as a “republican” because that is the easiest path to support his ego, not that that is a bad thing, we all have an ego). Clearly he is not a polished politician, almost crude by that standard, so his campaign is one of bluster and a “I am the miracle worker” syndrome.

I think that if he stops and thinks about his accomplishment and his approach and then enlists professional politician converters, he just may become the standard-bearer for the gop. But can he win the big prize?  No, because the one thing he cannot repair, is his stance on immigration. Unless you have been bought (and some have been) very few, very few Latinos will vote for him, and he needs the Hispanic vote to win nationally. Of course, he has written off the Black vote. We really do not care….

But by the same token, Hillary has to ride out the personal assaults on her character, whether it’s Benghazi, the email controversy, or that land deal way back in 1999, to win in 2016.  She is delivering the right message but as yet it is not loud enough. And many of the more progressive ideas, espoused by DDTfrump make sense to the masses. She needs to embrace those ideas and take that “advantage” away from him. Likewise when the time is right, she has to look at what Bernie is saying and say, “You know, Bernie has valid issues and lets work together to resolve these problems”, but I have the best executive national experience, paramount international expertise, and the best grasp on how to heal the divide between Americans, with better paying jobs, more educational opportunities, improved race relations, reasonable gun control, a humane immigration policy and a practical and acceptable environmental approach to global warming. I hope she does not falter; we need to follow the unprecedented elections of Barack Obama with an equally unparalleled election of our first woman president. Other nations have had competent woman leaders, from Europe to Asia to South America, so why should we so late to the party? We want to say we are the preeminent world leader, yet we languish in recognizing true gender equality.

Black Lives Matter…

Yes they do, we need the police understand that concept. But that does not mean other lives don’t matter, INCLUDING police lives. All lives matter and police officers need to figure out how to seek means other than death to protect themselves in crisis situations. They need to be attuned to the fact that every young black person does not have a gun, that the solution to their fear of black people in general is not to “shoot first and ask questions later”, that when there is an interaction with a black person, that de-escalation is better than aggressive, oppressive jack boot reactions, as it should be with ALL people.

Black Lives Matter, yeah……but I’d like to see that organization go to Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson, Philadelphia, Birmingham, Dallas, St. Louis, Cleveland and to every city/ town where Black people are shooting and killing Black people and tell Black people to give up  their guns. They need to talk to the “thugs” and tell them that their life of crime will not last. They need to tell people who care about their neighborhoods to “drop a dime” on criminals. I’m tired of seeing families cry over the loss of a member who is murdered over drugs or gang participation and claim, “he loved his children; he was a good, loving person” when they knew what the hell he was doing. They need to understand that they have some responsibility for the demise of their loved one.

Cop’s lives Matter. When did some black people begin lose their minds and believe murdering someone or worse, a police officer, was the remedy to their personal dilemma or a solution for revenge over the death of someone they do not even know?

Condolences to the families of every officer who has made the ultimate sacrifice.   All lives matter…..Those officers who truly “Protect and Serve”, are a value to all of us. Those who do not do their jobs, are a detriment to us. Punishment for murder of the police or innocent individuals, has to be meted out. Life in prison…….no parole, stop pleading down to “ten years” because that is not enough……and we have to have prosecutors do their jobs, not measuring convictions by the numbers; but by thorough, honest,  and complete investigations so that the guilty person is punished, not a “patsy” or a plant because the police department is too lazy or incompetent to do an honorable job.

Politicians have proven time and again that they are not willing to control who obtains a gun. For God’s sake, any mentally challenged person can get a gun if he wanted to. But the politicians do not seem to care, too much money doled out by the NRA and the gun manufacturers. We need meaningful gun control; who can get a gun and how and when you use a gun.

Marriage Equality…. It is “the law of the land” as determined by the Supreme Court, a fundamental civil right. So, Kim Davis, as a civil servant, you are committed to uphold the law. Congress needs to pass legislation that the president will sign and the Courts will uphold.

But I have a fundamental question: Why is the government involved in the institution of marriage??? Isn’t it a private affair? Somebody help with a reasonable answer…please???

Middle East Immigration. Isn’t it strange that the governments of Europe are looking to the U.S. to help in this crisis by accepting Syrian, Iraqi and Libyans who brave the treacherous Mediterranean Sea to a better life in a strange place? And we are going to say “Yes, come here!” So what do we do about the uproar about the immigrants from Central America??? Are you going to say, “They asked so it’s ok”?  Big freaking deal!! If the Mexicans asked, what would be your answer??? Those Central Americans are fleeing drug lords, poverty, strife, lack of employment and education, the same as the Middle Easterners. I’m waiting to see how this plays out DDTfrump…….

Are my Mets (My because they are winning) going to win a pennant?? Shocking, shocking!!!!  Gotta go look for my Met  hat, somewhere down in the bottom of my “forget it bag”… it’s tattered and faded and torn and probably won’t fit my noggin but…….I’ll wear it for a while… Darn!!! It’s faded to gray….. close enough to blue…ugly blue…….Yanks ain’t bad either…..

Also forgot……speaking of sports…….that Washington football team needs to change the damn name and the networks need to embrace the change…I’ll even lend them my name….for a fee!  All the hype over RGIII has faded along with their chances of winning…..I’ve cursed them and every black millionaire who does not have the guts to say, “ I won’t play under that name!”  and that fat black fan who likes to ridicule our ancestors is in for another dismal season. Black folks in D.C. need get on  the ball too and let Mr. Snyder know the name is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Or shall we go back to calling you guys, “N*****s??? This is a new day, 2015/ 2016, and it is a time to recognize…..

 Enough said. I’m out!!!


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