Old Stuff Revisited……..They Didn’t Learn a Damn Thing

I wrote this nearly two years ago, found it and thought it was kinda relevant as we watch the bevy (in every sense of  the word) denounce the Administration and Hillary instead of discussing what they would do if they won the White House, (which they won’t), except attempt to dismantle the ACA and take away health care for millions and go to war.

Quite a plan……

“November 9, 2013

This past week headlines on the political TV shows and the national newspapers screamed “President Obama’s approval rating is at an all-time low!!”

In the not too distant past, I had little faith in “the polls.” But the results over the last five or six years, picking winners and losers, seemed to be pretty accurate; in fact accurate enough for me to change my mind about their accuracy. I’m not hardheaded, I don’t think, but something’s proven to me, I accept it.

But I must say that sometimes I have a hard time understanding their conclusions when I don’t what questions were asked and in what manner.

It seems to me that our President has done a pretty good job, considering that he has had no help from the republicans. And rather than being neutral, they have tried to undermine every program or law he’s tried to have enacted. They have demeaned him personally, showing no respect for the office or the person. They’ve spit at him, shook their fingers in his face, called him a Muslim (why would that be a problem!), said that they can’t stand to be in the same room with him…need I go on?

So when the stock market has doubled, the jobless rate continues to slide downward, his military tactics have brought many a terrorist to justice or blasted their asses, given the opportunity to 40 thousand people without health insurance or bad insurance policies, to get better insurance without being punished or blocked by insurers because of pre-existing conditions. Foreign trade has increased; the national debt has decreased, operating without a budget, on his watch. He done as much as he can do on immigration, given his tacit approval on gay marriage and made progress on easing the mortgage crisis.”

And now you are “dissatisfied. You don’t approve of the job President Obama is doing?

You want the republicans to take over, maybe another bushie?? Or worse, a scott waffler or crissy crissie, the nasty penguin, or perhaps a teddy crudz or a mike phuchabee……DDTFrump says he wants to “take the country back or make America great again.” Yeah, like it was great under bushie and his cabal!!!

It was great when you had pension money waiting, a savings account, could take a vacation or could switch jobs if a better one came along, and a more peaceful world.

Then bushie came along (after Clinton, a Democrat, left him a budget surplus), gave millionaires a massive tax break, stole our Social Security  funds, got us into a stupid war, and told the car companies to declare bankruptcy.

Well, you know what?? I and many others do not want to go back to 2001 through 2007!!!

Republican voters remind me of a battered wife who doesn’t want to press charges against the husband, (not chauvinistic here), goes into rehab intervention to understand her self worth, gets on her feet with an opportunity to move on to a better life but still wants to go back to the husband!!

We recall the “no jobs” crisis, bank failures, an auto industry in shambles, and a war we were lied into, government workers thrown off the payroll, loss of homes that people paid into for twenty and twenty five years, and so on. We remember.

After eight years of lies, allowing jerrymandering, free guns and massacres, doing NOTHING in Congress, they think that they should be president and screw us all over again!! Name one law, just one, this republican Congress sent to the White House that impacted your life in a positive way…just one….  Why, they are against a decent minimum wage, tax reform that would rebuild the middle class, resolution of the immigration situation (it is not a problem) or getting rid of pollution,  or fixing our highways. They want to claim that the U.S. border is porous when it isn’t, stop workers from entering the U.S. (How could ”rub-wrong-io” be against his own heritage and freedom for his predecessors, or for that matter, crudz, a Mexican born in Canada, not want Latinos to come here for jobs no American wants to do?)

It is a real high pile of CRAP they are spewing, yet the rebels in this country would believe it.  They are in a sad sorry state.

In closing, why don’t you want a treaty that stops Iran from building an A bomb? With inspections and a ban on military weaponry?

Without the treaty, Iran could have an A bomb in six months… then what.. Will Israel be any safer? Will we have to go to war?  Yes, the cabal of warhawks would love it, but you know what,….they are too old to be soldiers. .so it is easy for them to put our troops in harm’s way. It’s somebody else’s son or daughter going off to get maimed or die  and cheeenie can sit up in Wyoming and tell lies about a war he was never in, then die an old lonely man…..

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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