They Are Still Doing It Part 13

While we watch the proceeding in the Sandra Bland situation, the onslaught continues.

Clearly the Officer who pulled over Sandra Bland clearly broke a number of procedural, civil rights and human rights rules, including assault, false arrest and other criminal charges……

It makes me laugh how the media gets its  teeth into a story and then gets tunnel vision. As important  it is to get to the bottom of her murder, the media seems to misunderstand that there other stories, similar in nature to Sandra’s, that need to be investigated.

When you get a chance, ‘google’ Caroline Small and Charly Keunang and learn  that the police continue to murder people with reckless abandon and get “desk jobs” until the furor dies down.

We do need a separate FEDERAL investigative agency, solely look at EVERY cop shooting and make these murderous people do serious federal jail time.

These wayward cops are not “protecting and serving” when they escalate every confrontation, every one!!! Just because they have a gun does not mean that they can violate their oaths. I blame the administrators for being derelict and not DEMANDING that the cops do the job they are paid by our tax dollars, to do. Commissioners and chiefs continue to support bad cops; the evidence, in every case demonstrates that they, the killers) LIE… they lie, lie, lie….and lie.   These senior officers need to held accountable too… and fired  when they protect theses criminals. Why do these bad cops get to go home, think up a lie for three days, or weeks before they are ‘interviewed by their bretheren??? Let the feds take them into custody immediately and conduct the investigation…..maybe they will begin to use their brains instead of their guns and egos.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!


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