They Keep Doing It VII

Beautiful and smart, Sandra Bland’s life was snuffed out by another thuggish cop, who had an opportunity to de-escalate  a situation, but instead, went into offensive mode and took a personal, totally unprofessional approach to the interaction, and  then “arrested” the black  woman for a very minor traffic infraction; something 90 percent of drivers do each and every day.

You can make the case that he profiled her.  Most good police officers would have just told the driver to obey the rules of the road and drove on. Just because he had a badge, and outweighed her by more than eighty pounds, he was able to violate her civil rights, maul her and take her into custody.

There was no need to do what he did. All he had to do was give her a warning  ticket and go on with his day. But he felt “disrespected” and reacted wrongfully, after all, there is freedom of speech that is not threatening. Why was she requested to get out of her car, why she asked to put out a cigarette she was smoking in her car? Or stop taping the interaction??? Those instructions go way beyond the right of an officer of the law, He should with judiciousness, do his job but he is not an emperor able to issue fiats at his whim. She was not a danger to him, she was compliant but a little feisty, as most people would be, given the offense. He opened her car door, he was the aggressor; he was totally unprofessional. 

Moving on, why was she arrested  in the first place, how did she get a plastic bag to “commit” suicide???

They can go into her Facebook  page and put out derogatory information, but we cannot know the name of the officer…… is that fair?? I await satisfactory answers.

Now he says she got violent…well, she was in her car; if he had left her there, there would have not been a confrontation, he ordered her out of her car for no reason, except he thought that she was rude but that is no reason to arrest somebody!! I do not understand why cops have to slam Black people to the ground and put the weight of their 200 pound body and jam their knees in someone’s back to put handcuffs on them.           See what happened to Freddie Gray ….people weighing under 120 pounds. All he had to do was give her the warning and drive off; now she’s dead…he came back and did a job on her because he was “disrespected” and pissed off about it…that’s what happened!!

The question is, who helped him.

 Oh, over a traffic stop! 40 years, a sentence upheld by the Appellate Court in Illinois! In the case of Howard Morgan, a Black Chicago cop who was shot 28 times by fellow white cops, then convicted of attempted murder of the four, but never pulled his weapon! He was sentenced to forty years! And the State Appellate Court upheld the verdict.. we need to follow that case too.

And the conservatives think we do not need justice reform! I wish they would come to their senses and understand that all the things they espouse are diametrically opposed to everything that is charitable, civil, humane and honest. They cheat, lie, desire war, express greed at every turn. They are the epitome of the seven deadly sins, some mentioned above; the others are wrath, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. When you see them, you see the seven deadly sins. Sooner or later, they are going to pay…

Every once in a while, a cop with a bad attitude, gets his due. Although the following story, is in way, or measure, comparable to the punishment these ogres of the “alleged law’, should receive, but it does give me a chuckle. Here goes:

This situation in New York occurred some time ago when a white office gave a ticket to Black police officer because he double parked next to a hydrant; rudely telling the black officer, “that he did not care if he (the Black officer) was “on the job”!

The next day, the Black officer, who by the way happened, to be Chief of Patrol, the top department Chief who assigns P.O’s to precincts) summoned the rude cop to his office, and transferred that rude officer to the far reaches of the city… Rockaway Beach! As far out on Long Island as he could!

My last blog address these questions.

When somebody takes as fact something said by a fool, what does that make them?

When you praise John C. Calhoun, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis and denigrate a John McCain, what are you, really??

When you worry more about honest, hardworking Mexicans, rather than ISIS sympathizers, what are you???

Ans. A fool

Ans. A traitor, rebel  and a renegade

Ans. An Idiot

Enough said, I’m out!!


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