More flag…and trumpie….

I watched the ‘ceremony’ as the South Carolina flag was taken down yesterday, with governor and all the dignitaries, including elected officials of every stripe.

Someone needs to explain to me why there was all this pomp and circumstance, military escort and “furling” going on. After all, as I said in my last blog, this wretched cloth was a symbol of hatred, oppression and violation of human and civil rights. It was a reminder of slavery and all its ills. It did not deserve any recognition at all. It should have been taken down in darkness, by a anonymous maintenance staff and boxed up and sent off to a museum as suggested. And it should have been done years ago; why did it have to take the murders of nine loving souls to spur this action?

The hate was always there; black folks felt it in every fiber of their soul but dealt with it, loving the haters all the while as it was left to flaunt its ugly ass in their faces, even as black politicians represented their constituents in the capitol.  They (racist white folks) knew it was wrong to hang it from a flagpole in Columbia, they knew what it represented, but they did not care; they lied to themselves and wished for a yesterday their old gran’poppa told them about, justifying that evil practice.

It may be difficult to fathom for the “sons and daughters of the ole south” but that “south” will never rise again. Our country is too great for that nonsense. Just think where we’d be if there had been acceptance of all our peoples into our society and they had been recognized, you had accepted them and then opened up opportunities.

Those bigot’s sorry south has been exposed as a fallacy and the rest of us can no longer ignore what that flag represented. We have no excuse… we let it go on for far too long. At drag races, at ballgames, on those rebellious military fatigues they wear at “war games”, on motorcycles and on pickup trucks, on bandanas, at Walmart and other major stores, while all the time, accepting the rebel’s only way of proving that they are superior (to themselves), was to find a local innocent black person to violate.

Good riddance to bad rubbish! Do we still say that?


She did it agan…. Gave me “agita, with all those unfocused errors. I can’t watch her; when I watch, she does poorly, when don’t watch and go do something else and then peek at the TV, once in a while; the next thing I know…she won… damn, she won!!! By the way, why do the men winners get a big gorgeous cup and the women, some “serving plate”, nice as it is……. C’mon, Wimbledon, get with it… how about a little equality?

But what a lady…..makes me proud just to enjoy her verve… Michelle, Serena… Wow!!! I can’t get enough.

Trash-mouth trump

The pundits are raving…”’He drew a crowd of eight thousand!!”

Think of it this way; how many people will pay to go to the circus or how many folks will stand at watch an accident or a guy threatening to jump off a rooftop?

He’s an entertaining distraction, an egotist that insults your intelligence by bragging about how rich he is. I think that as an American, wanting someone of perceived stature representing us to the world, you would not want a buffoon, with a bull in a china shop mentality, without any diplomatic tact, trying to bully other countries.

Coupled with the nasty penguin from “Joisee”, they’d make quite an embarrassing pair!! But republicans may be forced to reckon with those two because they appeal to the dregs of their party and the dregs are in charge!

trump is talking like a racist white southerner instead of a liberal Jewish guy from Brooklyn. (He was actually born in New York City in 1946).   He has chosen to ride the crest of a resurgence of the heartless sentiment of the rebels from the south. Why?? Surprising for a fellow who learned the ruthless real estate market business from the bottom up in New York; he did go to the Wharton school of Business,  but he was also  able to gamble many times because he was supported by his father’s money. It’s like a millionaire, sitting in on a game of poker where you can’t bet over a grand; so what, if you lose, your horde of money makes sure a loss won’t make a dent in your lifestyle, so, shoot from the hip and let the chip fall where they may!  He chases all the weak hearted from the table; is that really bargaining? I don’t think so.    

But instead turning out to be a liberal New Yorker, he is pandering to the despicable base of bigots. Why, again? Because he has nothing else.  I applaud anyone who recovers from financial loss and bankruptcy but he was never in dire straits….daddy’s money was always there. He used the law to avoid paying what he owed. He, despite his bad decisions, does not belong in politics.

There are folks out there who love his loud, edgy racists rhetoric, debasing folks who seemingly can’t answer back, but we are all too American for that. We did not accept “dammitumrich” comment about the 47% and we won’t accept “the donald’s”  “I’m rich” statement as he hammers folks who are only looking for a better way of life.                    We understand that there are bad apples in every barrel but you take those out and keep the rest. The overwhelming percentage of Mexicans are honest and hardworking. Who cuts your lawn, picks apples and strawberries, or cleans your bathroom? Some of them do; and make your life easier.

Suppose long ago, we decided that Buggsy Siegel, a Jewish bad guy in the “Thirties” represented that whole group of people and we bad mouthed and marginalized them, where would “trumpy” be now?

The polls say he’s leading the pack of lost hopefuls. I say let him run with “the nasty penguin” or a scott walker who brags that he killed the unions and made it harder for minorities to vote or Jeb Bush who can’t to shake off “bushieboy’s” cabal supporters or ben carson who has no ideas for the future except to bash Obama or “bobbyjingle” who is proud to have run Louisiana into near bankruptcy.…….

All we need now is about thirty more republican duds with no hope of winning.

Let the games begin, a new version of “Hunger Games” because all of them are (as we say in New York) from hunger!!!

 Enough said, I’m out!!!



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