There is a melee going on……That flag, trump, Back to Baltimore….Cosby

I am going to repeat myself as I comment on the flag that was hijacked by disaffected white democrats in the South after Lyndon Johnson signed legislation providing for many of the civil rights advances in the Sixties.

There is a mental condition that racists in the south, sons and daughters of slave owners, and others seem to be afflicted with. It’s called “FEIGNED AMNESIA”!!! and has been passed on to generation after generation through brainwashing and sermons of prejudice so that they now honestly believe that their way of life is threatened by progressive liberalism and a Federal government that believes that all its citizens deserve the opportunity to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and that they, the racists, have an obligation to destroy this nation, just like their forefathers tried to do, some one hundred and fifty four years ago.

They know that their forefathers were traitors and rebels who tried to tear this nation asunder over their failed attempt to continue to enslave a people in order to preserve that inhumane practice on which they built their wealth. Not only did they dominate, they abused, forcibly raped, lynched, deprived, abased, cheated on their spouses with the enslaved and created the plethora of sepia-toned individuals that populate this nation today, and with those notorious actions, mountains of false pride.

No doubt, those racists fired the first volley on Fort Sumter; the history books are agreed on that sordid deed. The rebels caused the death of nearly 700 thousand citizens, and countless more injuries; the blood on many a hallowed ground is on their hands. and so is the once stunted growth of this nation. Yes, they started it… because they were selfish, narrow-minded and greedy…. and after convincing other citizens who valued their “State governments” that supported them, over the Federal government in Washington D.C.

I’m trying not to recite history here, but I thought it important to lay a basis on which the parents and grandparents of present day’s uncaring people act the way they do, and why they hijacked the repubican party of the late sixties, in opposition to the civil rights and educational advances of that day.

Our current cabal of confused citizens of the south have now become amnesiacs and liars of the greatest magnitude and want to hang onto a relic of their forefathers’ faux pas; a flag, not of South Carolina, but belonging to the Commonwealth of Virginia, as a sign of their defiance and their praise of defectors, who had no good will toward a government that had erroneously allowed them to flourish.

It is as if we were prone to praise Benedict Arnold or Edward Snowden or Robert Hannsen or watch the Germans wave a Nazi flag today.

When you “Pledge allegiance to the United States of America”, (then, again, perhaps you don’t), I do not think it is appropriate to wave a flag that represents the vestiges of bondage and attempt to raise up those who died in support of such a demonic goal, which was, to continue to denigrate and enslave a people. It was, and still is a barbaric act to take away the freedom from people who did you no harm, and to shackle them and call them chattel as you abuse them as you please.

As a nation, we all have come too far and contributed so much to the success of this country, held out to the World as that beacon of fairness and opportunity; such that  people from every corner of the globe aspire to come here to escape whatever morass or condition they find themselves in; yet we have our own citizens, yes I said citizens, misguidedly display a symbol of hate and disunity and who choose to divide us based on the color of our skins, and then express some sort of feeling of superiority base on that false premise, while, in fact they are no better than the next person except for their financial circumstance, a repugnant advantage gained by the the sins of their forebearers. How distasteful and despicable.

The dishonorable flag must come down from all places in this nation and the people who hold on to what it represents to them, need a frank history lesson and some grace in their hearts. The flag belongs to a past era, place it a museum and discuss the awful civil strife that nearly cleaved our nation as part of a history lesson; as one would when discussing World War II, Hitler and the holocaust.

the donald….. an ill-informed, race-baiting snob (slob will do here too) egoist, has the attention of the media….. Some people fall into crap and do not know even it though they smell like s*%t, look like it, and act like it. He is one of those, by virtue of the fact that the greedy rich will do anything, to make more money, and he has to his credit, successfully branded the name, thus far.

My Mom used to say “Let people think you are a fool if they want to, but don’t open your mouth and prove it!”

His bias and hatred is destined for a short run….the only support he will have will be from those like him, those, who are blinded by fact and truth, and accept that he is a narrow-minded abuser, who will unconscionably twist facts, to play up to a racist audience.

The polls say he is leading all presidential right wing aspirants in New Hampshire. Shows us the mindset of some closeted bigots in the Northland….  It is almost as bad as christie supporters who think he is “tough-minded” and the kind of president the country needs. As Mr. T would say, “Pity the fools!!”

I say, let him keep talking… there won’t be enough soap to wash the scum off him!

He claims to be a rich b**%h  but if they keep dropping his name off of stuff, he may have to get a real job to support his habit… But you know what,  the greed monsters will be back trying to ride his ass because the public is too stupid to make him pay for his transgressions.

I can’t wait for a trump/christie slate in November 2016.  We will once again see how stupid and shallow the republican party is…….and how many white folks will put their demise in front of the opportunity to benefit from the prosperity and good will of this great nation. Some toothless tobacco-chewing mountain man and his family in Appalachia will support this cabal, while their child may die from a foot infection because he will not sign up for the ACA benefit. Or say it’s okay to cut food stamps, educational funding, let our roads and bridges go un-repaired or pay through the nose for decent gas prices or clean water!

All I am going to say is, “I told you so!!” Baltimore finally got rid of its totally unqualified police chief/ commissioner. If you were to just google, you had to know what a bad choice he was going to be. I cannot understand how Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and the City Council could have bought into hiring this guy. They had a whole lot of egg on their faces, but they have wiped a little off.

When you take a job, any job for that matter, as the top police official knowing the culture and morale in the department is bad, that his charges abuse citizens, coop on the job, break laws themselves, the first thing you must do, is get rid of the bad apples, put in controls, demand accountability and demonstrate a resolve to fairly apply the law to everyone.

He did none of the above, didn’t know how….so now he is gone… good riddance. Baltimore is a broken city but it has so much to offer to its citizen.… Education, job opportunity, livable housing all need to be addressed…..They cannot do it alone, the State and Federal government have to pitch in, with money and professional help in all sectors. I see a new resolve in Baltimore ….but everybody has to do their part. Report a criminal, turn in a illegal gun owner; only you, who live there can make it a better city, outsiders an help but you must take the lead responsibility. Good Luck.

Bill Cosby

A lot of us could not believe that you were a scoundrel. We praised you, looked up to you, loved your trendsetting television.. and now the ugly truth.  It wasn’t supposed to come out but it did.  But you know what? In our hearts we knew it was true.. you stuck to the pattern.  Back in the day, honestly, a man of your stature did not need to do what you did, (or was it a lack of personal confidence) to prove to yourself that you were capable of living up to your filmdom prominence. But Bill, you used and abused women and cheated in your wife. She had to know; sometimes love is blind. They both needed help.

I’m glad it is out in the open. You skirted criminal prosecution, but now you need to apologize, compensate, self-exile yourself.

Late in your life you became a force to encourage our youth, to inspire them, to stimulate their thirst for a better existence. I thank you for that; but it does not take away the sting of reality that you were or perhaps still are a pervert. You did wrong so you need to go away for a while. Goodbye, Bill you need to settle your debt to those women and society in general.

 Enough  said, I’m out!!!




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