Back to the ACA, Marriage (Gay), That Damn Flag, Really???

A whole lotta shaking goin’ on!!!

In the last few days my phone’s been ringing off the hook…..from the escape of the two murderers from Dannemora to the Supreme Court upholding ACA for the sixty –uuumphteenth time and gay marriage, and the WHITE  Southern flag!!!

Right now, the black community is reasonably concerned over the plethora of Black church burnings in the aftermath of the massacre of those nine poor souls in Charleston S.C. They were certainly angels in real life and are sorely missed. My late, but my sincere condolences to their families. The feedback I am getting suggests the fires are more than coincidence. The question is, why do “honorable men???” have to do such awful things in the shadow of darkness, as if that will destroy the strength and resolve of the Black church?? It just makes them stronger and may give rise to something akin to the Civil Rights movement.  I can’t wait. If there is a more sinister reason for these fires, we will find out and fight back. Why do they think such acts will deter the spirit of the church???; they think so because, simply they are not honorable people. They have no honor. They are the slugs and sloths of the earth (no offense sloths)!!!

It is not often that Justice Roberts gets it right or Justice Kennedy ends up on the right side of justice, so we are delighted that both understood somewhat that the ACA is a good thing for America, providing health care for millions and subsidies for those who cannot fully afford the premiums. Implementation of the law should not turn on a few ill-chosen but rather on the intent to help folks who through no fault of their own, cannot help themselves.

But let’s talk about two of the issues….

Gay marriage…. A very touchy subject for a lot of church-goers even with their pastors and priests telling them that everyone has the civil right to love whomever they want, regardless of sex. They accept it but they don’t like it, never will….they will continue to be conventional and quietly defer their feelings. They will be fair and accept  the marriages but they really don’t like it. It will take some time to change their inward opinions, believe me. Young folk see  this as a lot of “hooey’ about nothing, like smoking pot… if you want to do it, do it…..if you don’t you don’t… what’s the big deal???

Go to “” for an excellent recap, history and pronouncements on the movement toward marriage equality.

Here’s my take for what it’s worth….

As long as gay marriage or gay cohabitation does not do harm to anyone else, the two consenting adults can do ANYTHING they agree to do to themselves…except suicide…the question is why do we try to stop someone from trying to harm or kill themselves. Because we value life itself…but gay marriage is not death-threatening, is it?? And do we not judge them to be ill?

So we as a society have agreed not to interfere with two people who want to do whatever they do behind closed doors, so to speak; but the further question is, must we promote or recognize it and by doing so, saying “it is okay?”

I say it’s okay, it doesn’t bother me…. It is the way I have been taught. But I have been taught (brainwashed) this way over a lifetime, that is, to see these types of relationships as taboo, unnatural and just plain wrong. After all shouldn’t our anatomy tell us how to relate sexually to each other? I do not know when and how there was the discovery of sexual relations…. I guess it seemed natural and enjoyable to some duo, say a guy and a girl (Adam and Eve??) who then told somebody else and they all started to do it…..Something like a conga line at the old dance hall. Now everybody’s doin’ it!! And it is fun until somebody gets out front and wants to do it their way and messes up the whole damn thing!! What have you and your partner done that’s kinda “kinky” for fun?? It’s private and you don’t talk about it… if you do, leaving out names for sure, if you are respectful of your partner. Hey, they got a right… I just say I do not want to watch ….it’s my right not to watch!! Isn’t it impolite to show graphic expressions of wanton lust like overeating in public…. It is, by our accepted standards, not  okay… but like everybody else, I’m evolving… I’m not there yet…. And I know I’m not going to convert.

Last thing, the Supreme Court says it’s okay….the law….. and if you read “Pro and Con”, if you are for it, you go that way, and if you want to stick  your guns, against….you go this way..

My conclusion, just accept it as law.. but peacefully agitate and protest to have your representative support your position. The law doesn’t have the potential of hurting you….if you are heterosexual (oops… straight) unless you change your mind like Caitlyn…whoa…what a slippery slope!!!! You are safe in your conviction… for now.

Now, how can we agree that racism is wrong, when it’s in somebody’s head that based on skin color a person believes that they are better than someone not of their color, it’s the way they’ve been taught and they aren’t required overcome it and except when they practice racial inequality.  Difference is … racism hurts other people…in many ways, so that’s why society cannot accept the skin color premise. You have the right to be prejudiced…… just  have to treat everybody equal and fair…no problem….and to keep it behind closed doors……like your penchant for overeating!!! Jim Bob…..

Another point of view…..that damn flag….

It seems to me that white southerners see it as an honor to display it…like paying homage to say….Benedict Arnold…. an  acknowledged traitor as taught in our history books. Or say, Timothy McVeigh or Robert Hanssen or John Walker….. of a latter day….

We recall that the South (South Carolina) fired on Fort Sumpter (Our beloved Star Spangled Banner) to start the Civil War that led to nearly 700 thousand deaths, never mind injuries. Seven hundred thousand deaths!!! Because of racist traitors and rebels wanted to continue to enslave people..

Now some of you southerners want to use this flag to honor these men and their acts; a flag that was not theirs to begin with.… I’d call that “thievery” on top of malicious aggression!!!!

You want to use that very same traitorous flag as a symbol of racism again. Well, we will not let you.. The embarrassing truth is out. The flag represents nothing good, nothing…. As if the lesson was not learned….your forefathers erred and had to capitulate, yet you are looking to repeat this process..

I do not think will succeed, you will lose again, we are not ready for rebellion. My advice…  become, and act like real Americans, not like traitors. Do things to preserve and protect this Union, not destroy it. Give a fair chance at the pursuit of satisfaction to everyone here, understand that everyone deserves  equality and must be treated that way; as a human being… that is our American right!

So put that flag in a museum; or in a dusty old trunk or bury it. Either way, we will all be better off afterwards.

Soon I will be back supporting the name change of the NFL Washington Football team, another thing of racist origins that must be destroyed…hear me, Black folks, I want to see your enthusiasm on this issue too…..we have rid our society of all these racist symbols. Black ballplayers.. money is important, I know, but you need to take a stand on this.

 Last lets stop referring to to us a hyphenated Americans. We are all Americans, it’s been that way for decades so lets stop it; no more “European Americans”, “Russian Americans”, “Polish Americans”, “African or Black Americans” , “Cuban Americans” and so on. We are AMERICAN!!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!




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