I have stopped what I was doing because I cannot continue to listen to the news reports that gloss over what happened to Freddie Gray; especially the ones who put out the bullcrap that Freddie broke his own back. If I ever indicated that I was pi55ed over an issue, I am so much so, right now, over this. Do not play me for a fool, don’t give me cow dung when I ask for a T-Bone steak!!!

What are we, suckers??? Smucks, asses??

Anybody with a brain and eyes, can see that Freddie was a SEVERELY HURT BEFORE he was dragged into that police van?? Look at the pain on his face….and the police ignored his pain; moreover the question is, who was the impetus or cause for his injuries before he was DRAGGED and thrown into the van. Perhaps the ride exacerbated and made his demise more certain.

Why did the van stop two times before it picked up another “prisoner, Allen”? Why was Gray arrested, why was “Allen” arrested??  Petty bullcrap!!!

Listen to what Mr. Allen said….”he said, “The cops said, “We gave him a run for his money!”

Are you kidding me?… we know what that means…. Freddie was hurt before he was thrown in the van and the ride and ignoring his discomfort and pain, was  made worse by the ride and made certain he would die.

One or more of those “arresting” officers murdered  Freddie. Simple and plain…they murdered him; and they need to pay for their crime.

We need the truth. We can only await for the OTHER autopsy and the State Attorney, plus the federal inquiry. All I ask is that this new State Attorney, Ms. Marilyn Moseby, does not pass the buck, and indicts those criminals.

Lastly, I understand that the police commissioner, Batts, has to walk (another) fine line between his men knowing that they did something wrong, and keeping the confidence of the rank and file. Truth trumps all that….the TRUTH is the light, plus if I were in their shoes, I want them out of the police department too.

Another thing, how long do I have to listen to the Rev Al (MSNBC, 6pm) slay the English language. I’m glad he has a show but jees!! He slurs words, can’t pronounce names, stuttering, too many” ers”, can’t keep track of syntax. Surely there are better Black TV hosts out there. Does he has  that much clout that the honchos are afraid to pull him?  He’s been there, on the air with minimum  improvement too long. He needs to improve his delivery, ’cause right now, it’s awful.  I watch CNN for that hour, more often than not.

Are people telling him how bad he is…’cause he is bad!!! Bad, bad, bad!!!

I say bring Joy Reid back, she speaks ENGLISH, dammitt!!!

Last; when did “me” die and get replaced with “myself”???? Come on people…. It’s “me”, not myself” …please!!! Oh, and, stop saying , “Thanks for having me!” Nobody had you (unless they actually did)!!!  How about, “Thanks for inviting me”, if you do not want to continue to accept Ebonics, I do not…


Enough said, I’m out!!!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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