Freddie’s Dead……. Cops Broke His Back Made Him Brain Dead, ……  Freddie’s Dead…..

Thugs……  er…. criminals, goons, hooligans, ruffians, thieves, robbers, what is the difference; you want to play with words?

When I call a racist, a racist, I’m not going to be diplomatic, I’m not going to say, “Oh, he’s a bigot or a prejudicial fool….he’s all of those discriptions….so let’s be clear, you do not get a pass from me. Prez hit the nail on the head…thugs!!  and the mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore has walked back (new newsie word) her remark….but she should not have; and the apologists who want to explain the “children’s” frustration with their environmemt need to stop. Yes they have bad schools and they see their parents without a job or education, and the only employment they understand is the the drug dealer option. But just like they know it is wrong to sell drugs, it is equaly wrong to destroy other folk’s property  and steal, and loot and pillage… they know it… they are not ignorant of that fact. So “getting even” is no excuse….it is out and out criminal behavior that could further stain their lives, and they do not need that…..should they get a pass? No, hell no!!    

It seems to me that Rawlings-Blake had that look of “a deer in the headlights”; over-whelmed and lost, as she tried to walk a thin, very thin line, between the offended(?) criminals and the police, who were now faced with a virtual riot as it grew out of control.

Now, I differentiate between PEACEFUL PROTESTERS and those thugs, to be sure. I do not care if you are freshman in high school or a senior, or a young person out of work, an old ass thirty five year old crip or a blood, when you steal, take what is not yours, you are a criminal thug!! If you sell drugs you are a thug…..if you mug, you are a thug….

And about misusing the word, “destroy”, Stephanie, say you misspoke, in haste, explain what you really meant, and move on.

 Praises to Toya for slapping her teenager upside his head! Out there with a hoodie and a mask, waiting to get shot……I wish more parents would do that. Sometimes that is what is needed..up side yo’ head!!! That’s parenting and I dare any apologist to interfere. Judges and child advocates need to step back and let parents who want to, to parent.  Many a old timer like me remembers when your mama could  whupp yo’ ass  if you stepped out of line…It was a “love” whipping and a “care” whipping… and Toya, went just far enough to pull her son back from a problem he wasn’t smart enough to realize. 

Now to Freddie…. Another dead young black person at the hands of the police.. …..they keep doing it. Why? Because that’s what they are taught (black, white, latino, Asian…..all cops are all taught to treat young black men as criminals, first of all…it’s ingrained in how they are trained…it’s “procedure”! A black young man, shot in the back eight times, shot dead, is handcuffed; a young black man with a broken back and in pain, dying is dragged and  thrown like a sack of potatoes, (was going to say, flour, but you’d think “white”) into the back of a paddy wagon and left to be tossed at every turn, to die, just to die…just like Eric Garner, like Mike Brown, like so many others… Walter Scott; it is so sad……and hurtful, and apathetic. The blue line of silence must be destroyed. New training needs to be employed, across the board, every police department in this nation. Black lives matter and if you are too scared to deal with the fact, then go get another job. Police need to be taught how to size up a situation and respond appropriately. Just cause we trust you with a gun does not mean, you just shoot an kill because you are mad, afraid, or a racist, if you are any of those, go get another job).

Condolences to the family of Freddie Gray, his community, to his city.

Why do young black men run from the police? Because they have seen the disparity when they come in contact with the POLICE. As many times as that  happens, they are murdered…they run understanding that either way they will be mistreated and likely murdered. The cops, to these youg people, are not saviors, they are punishers, annoyers, sadists; and if there is a chance to avoid cops, they will foolishly take it because to them, it’s fifty-fifty; and it should not be.

I’ve said it before….. every police department in America, must be tested and then retrained and if some do not pass muster, tell them to get another job.  And then there is what Richard Pryor said years ago, “If you black and go to court looking for justice, all you gonna see is…Just us!!” 

America was supposedly built on the premise of fairness and justice  but from the cops to the prosecutors to the judges, to the State legislators who pass onerous unjust laws, their goal is not justice their goal is numbers of convictions, guilty or innocent…..  they are blind to justice, especially republican, conservative, biased people who think they are saving their country for their brethren, their misguided believers…..trying to return to the pre sixties of overt racism and torture; when whiteness was supreme. They have bastardized black folks civil rights and we the public need to step up and make them do things differently. Thereare still too many racists out here who want “white ” to be king. Well the country has changed its colors and you’d better get in step with the program. We are not going back to the 30s and 40s. You can be part of  this great change, or be a problem… we are all better off if we accept it together. Those days are dead and gone, positive change will allow us to be a better nation.

Greed is a bitch….you cannot take it with you, rich white people; and you won’t be able to buy this nation nation; you can buy the lackeys but thay are getting fewer and fewer…..If you really want to stay rich, even if you can’t spend it all, you need people to buy your products, working folks with spending money buy stuff… is that simple……(more on that later)

We await the results of the “investigation” hoping that the Federal investigation will provide the truth. We wait…..and march peacefully…

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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