A Lot of Stuff Since I’ve Been Away

I’ve been busy but I had to stop and make this comment, “you gotta be dumber than dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb and dumb some more to fire off some rounds and hit two cops, then   go home and wait til they come and arrrest you!!!!!!” I’m glad you got caught ’cause you are an a******e, but at least try to leave town….er…I think!!!!

The Ferguson police chief left, good!!!    All he did was condone the crooked cop; the City Manager high tailed it too. Now the CLUELESS mayor needs to go and take the rotten prosecutor too!!  Push that governor nixon to appoint a special prosecutor to try the murderer of Mike Brown and convict his a**!!!  Fire the police department and ask former military police officers to man the force and get a real black (genuine) experienced chief of police. I do not trust those county cops either; they’ve been doing the same thing that the Ferguson cops were doing. And the Prosecutors office  too!!

Hillary and the emails… only the republicans care…          The amnesic (They stuble around Washington, mumbling…”Benghazi, Bengahzi, Benzghazi…) idiots are now in charge…. When was the last time they passed some legislation except to extend the funding bill so they can pass another one in a month or two??  I think some of them went to college…I think

Remember, you let these nuts go to Washington because you were too lazy to go to the polls last November. But the white folks who claim to be “conservative” did their share too You know the guys you sent to D.C. are trying to reduce your Social Security check too.  You just selected the imbiciles to steal your money from you. You paid in didn’t you? Maybe you like working til you are 77……. Oh, I forgot you got this million dollar pension fund from working your manufacturing job for 55 years…… it’ll kick in soon!!

I saw a cartoon …picture of bo(eh)ner and  the prime minister of Israel… captioned, “the nut and yahoo!!”

Wonder how bushieboy is doing….jeb’s gonna be an improvement,  he’s a shoo-in with ben carter as his VP!!

They, republican congresspeople, are stealing their paychecks….. Why do the TV moguls let them on TV……to prove how ignorant they are? They dug up cheeeesney, he had to crawl back home then they injected da mitt um rich with some zombie juice to bring him out of a  coma to remind the country about the 47%….. then they dust off another slug, julieannie, who’s pushing the joiyssee penguin to see who can be the the ugliest non Asian sumo wrestler… apologies to the legit sumo wrestlers. Boy he must sit in front of his TV and glomb down Mac-burgers and fries all days!!!! he’s still wearing the same suit from 911….hey julie it doesn’t fit any moooooore!!! All he can remember is the dust and that he was once mayor… I had nothing to do with that……you all voted him in….

Hang in there Loretta you will be Attorney General……….From Brooklyn too!! Yesssss!!!

Like I said I’ve been busy…check out “originalamericanicecream.com”  I’m looking for investors so give me a shout… we’ll talk business… it’s the best thing since…er….ice cream!!!   Ok, I know…..corny but seriously call me   I have some fun cartoons to go with the marketing plan.  Call me I’ll give you a preview………and a prospectus…..don’t sit and say a year from now, “I shudda, woudda, coudda”!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!


About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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