ISIS, DHS, The Pipeline, The Clown Show, Loretta Lynch, Anthony Mason

As the world twiddles its thumbs, ISIS continues to rampage and take lives as it wishes; audaciously parades it’s victims in front of cameras and flaunts the atrocities in front of our faces, via the internet.
The nations involved in the crisis, as well as those who border the conflict and those who are victim to the false premise of this awful group, seem to cringe at the prospect that they can do something to destroy this menace. So too, are the false world powers(?) like Britain, France, India, Pakistan, the United States and Canada included, look and do not see the their duty on a humanitarian basis, to destroy this now, global threat.
Who is safe from international travel, anywhere, except Israel? The Israelis do not f*%k around. You kill an Israeli, they are coming after you. But they are busy looking at Iran and the threat of possible terror because of the bomb they suspect Iran is trying to build and; so far ISIS has not, to my memory, victimized Israeli citizens.
So where are the Boy Scouts of the world, the international Force we spend so much money on that are supposed to keep world peace?
Now I also believe that if someone breaking in your house, you, first, have to put up a fight when you know no one else is going to help you. I watched the news and saw villagers in the war zone standing on a mountain top viewing the war as if there was nothing to fear. To save your life you must be willing to fight; then perhaps other will help. But we are supposed to be humanitarian, that is we care that others are safe, even animals who do not know they are in danger therefore, the world must get rid of this nemesis. This battle is evitable, so let’s stop futzing around; amass a world army and wipe out every vestige of ISIS.
We are so proud of our capability with drones, employ them over Iraq and Syria, locate ISIS, bomb them and assault them relentlessly.
I do not understand how ISI can move with impunity, go into towns and villages, snatch up people and kill them on camera; and it’s okay, with a “it ain’t me” mentality. The time for action is now, why wait?
They’re at it again.. the republicans are being unpatriotic…..a week will not matter, they will continue to screw the people of this nation. Next week they will again refuse to fund the DHS. Next month they will do the same thing, and the moth after that. Why? Because their hatred of Obama is more profound than their love of country. These people think the Latin population will disappear, if they do not do their jobs….who is going to cut their lawn (or you have cows and horses), who is going to pick your tomatoes or lettuce, apples, pears, oranges? You think Jimmy Bob Joe’s gonna do it, he’s looking to trade his mom’s food stamps to score some weed from Colorado or Sylvester Johnson, he’s in jail ‘cause selling it to Jimmy Bob Joe is more profitable? (I’m nor being racist here, just real and I’m not talking about the hard working minority person who has a job or is looking for one or is trying to educate himself, either).
Whether they like or not, this is a nation of IMMIGRANTS. We all came here from someplace else…. by force or by choice and most Caucasians got a chance to succeed. Your ancestors killed off the Native Americans and now lay claim to their LAND! Now you want to deprive others of the same chance your forefathers had because they were (in many cases) accepted until their greed showed. Why do republicans want EVERYTHING and ALL? What puzzles me is that many low middle class and poor who have little and still push money toward the wealthy. What I know…..the racist propagandists say “hate Obama!”
Get over it. We are all AMERICANS so let’s preserve our country. Like our President says, “We are a better country when everybody has a fair chance to succeed.” Let’s succeed….

The Pipeline
Kudos to the Prez for this veto, it was long overdue. We did not need the pollution and we certainly were not going to get the sludge gas. He’s keeping our virgin lands safe and saving sacred Native lands from destruction. I know they will waste more money and time pursuing this decision in the courts instead doing the people’s work.

ben carson, the republican hopefuls and Jeb bush
The clown show arrived in Maryland and allowed rank pail, the joyiseee penguin, bushie III, scrotch walker, and even the anemic bent carson (they gotta have their negro of the year) to say all their race-baiting remarks in jealous rage over President Obama’s ability to move this nation toward a better future for all of us without their help. A whole lot of smoke as usual, no fire……for the American people.

Loretta Lynch

Hang in there, keep being Loretta….they cannot win. You are destined to be a star just like your predecessor, Eric Holder, another Queens guy….boy are we good!!!

Condolences to the Mason family. I saw Anthony play games on the Springfield Gardens High School playground in Queens N.Y., then lost track of him until he joined the Knicks. What tough guy…. A pro in every sense of the word. One of my favorite players….. defensive-minded but not a slouch scoring.
He’s left us way too soon. Rest in Peace….


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