Pariotism,again…Walmart and Spock

I was going to start with Walmart but it occurred to me that something more important was going on; funding the DHS.
And it’s perfect example of patriotism that I talked about last time.
Now, I believe that everyone, except those bullheaded staunchly stupid tea party republicans, understands the work that the men and women of the DHS do every day to protect this country from harm.

I do not condone the over the top, unnecessary mauling the TSA does at airports but I believe their intentions are on point. They just need to understand that EVERY PERSON is not there (at the airport to do harm). They need to find a better way, not a simple way; but I digress.

A patriotic republican would not stand in the way of funding that department to infiniti or until the need for the DHS is gone, a patriotic republican would not take away a hardworking person’s paycheck; a person who lays his or her life on the line each and every day, every hour to protect them (the Congress) from not getting their paycheck.
Yet an idiot like guiliani wants to talk about patriotism…. where is his mouth now? Whoa (got carried away…I expect guiliani to say something positive?)
They want to extend funding for a week…er… three weeks…er…..two months….so they can conjure up another excuse to not do their jobs; and move this nation forward… and protect it. They need to stop the B S and do their jobs!!! They are playing games with our lives! And remember, you conservative tea partiers, you sent them to Washington….. And don’t think ISIS or al queda isn’t trying to figure where there is a weakness in our armor

Shopping at Walmart
Everybody is applauding the box store giant for announcing that they will move their base minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00…whoooppppeeee!!!!
I don’t know who shops at Walmart but I know many senior citizens who do…and they know the price on 95% of items in their stores have been stealthily raised by a minimum of 25% in the last six months, yes.. 25%. Not necessarily on TVs and entertainment products but, food, meats, fruit, milk, eggs, and the like… every one of those items that the seniors buy to survive has been increased and that impacts their ability to get by, week to week.

So they get no kudos from me. I guess all those news folks do not need to know this, as they toot the horn to announce the increase. I just saw the president of Men’s Warehouse, George Zimmer talk about the fact that the raise will put more money in the pockets of workers and in turn, they will spend more and that will give a kick to our economy. Well, he should consider that many senior citizens have to cut back on their needed purchases and reduce their food portions which could jeopardize their health or worse reduce they’ll reduce prescription purchases to compensate, like take one pill instead of two, as prescribed. Still a bad deal..
Maybe an eye on Walmart’s increase prices is in order… Maybe the ”whooopppeeee!” is a little premature.
And the Waltons continue to RRRROOOOLLLLLLLLLLL in dough! The increased prices way more than compensate for the raise “strategy” they have announced. So I still say…the “whoooppppeeeeee!” should come with a real contribution (lower prices and the raise policy) by them, not the sham they have flung out there!!! Yeah… I want both…. how about you?

A salute to Leonard Nimoy, my man, Spock and the international crew of the Enterprise… Rest in Peace, Nimoy. No one, no one played that role like you did. You will always be the original Spock.

You and the whole crew have my respect…you were out front on race relations, even way back then.

The blue dress…. you know I love science and explaining the unknown… but I’m not interested in the blue dress color… not with all the other stuff going on…. maybe later in the summer… through rose colored glasses….not now.

Enough said, I’m out!!!!


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