.A Slug…….

I had to sit for a moment to contemplate how I would respond to the totally inane remarks from rude guiliani who used to be an inept mayor of a major city……We know he used a racist campaign to get elected. Not to many minorities voted for him but when the debacle of 911 occurred, the citizens of the great city of New York responded with the kind of support one would expect from the diverse population that makes New York so unique, not him. He stumbled around in the aftermath of 911, providing no leadership, unless he thinks walking around with his coat hung over his arm, with a “what me worry” look on his face qualifies.

Let’s be clear, guiliani was not a spectacular mayor… can I say, er….Bernie Kerik, his support for the cops who murdered Abner Louima…….then there are “stories” about his stint as U.S. Attorney (reminds me of the Joisey penguin) the “Klinghoffer” lie, then the one botched federal case (arms sold to Iran) that he had to drop because of the weakness of the case, his lack of attention to the first World Trade Center basement garage bombing in 1993, the lack of a real plan in the actual 2001 bombing (which department would be in charge, communications and coordination between the police and the fire departments, EMS), etc.; need I go on?

We have a certain number of slugs in the world, just like we have a**h***e terrorists. When you turn over a rock you may come across one.

Also a slug is defined as a phony coin…..a sham, a fake……er…. a guiliani???

Now this non-descript unemployed ex-politician has the nerve to come out from under his rock and question our President’s patriotism.

He is a republican, so far down on the pole, he is almost forgotten by the mainstream but conservative idiots will pay to listen to the garbage most of them love to lap up. He might be a few rungs lower than trump……yet he questions the Presidents patriotism…

After Mr. Obama has said on many occasions the he loves his country.        The gall!!! When Obama stemmed the tide of economic collapse, when he lent money to the auto industry to save jobs, when sent our military to get bin Laden, when he brought the troops home and kept us out the Ukraine war, when he issued his executive order halting the breakup of families, he’s proved his patriotism; not that he had to. Not to anyone, not even the blind and deaf republicans who have proved how Unpatriotic they were when they led an unjust and lying reason for war, when they shut down the government, when they continue to try and repeal the ACA, when they jerrymander voting districts and buy elections and are now ready to shut down Homeland Security. Yeah that’s patriotic…..

And they, the TV anchors, let guilani on the air with his stupidity; and the rest of the buffoons, don’t tell him to sit down and shut up! Oh, freedom of speech…..okay he can say it but why are they listening to him? We know a lot of people will watch an accident. He’s like a zombie, raised from the grave… too dumb to know he’s dead!!! guiliani, go back to your hole in the ground…..

Republicans should have a just little bit of patriotic fortitude….and set him (guiliani) straight…but they won’t…. Their hate for our President is too great. Every time he makes the right decision, it’s like forcing them to place their a**es on a hotplate!!!!

Gee, I’ll miss Ernie Banks, what a ballplayer!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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