The Legacy

Our President, Barack Obama, is closing out 2014 on an ascent that that has not been seen before. The Republicans were bearers, en masse, in 2009 that the “Obama Economy” would be the death knell for American financial supremacy and the we would be considered a Third World economy because of the Affordable Care Act; one loud-mouthed, wrong-mouthed republican announced that the law would “keeeel” people” and another said “it would throw gran’ma under the bus!!”

Well, we see that more people are covered by health insurance than ever before. And the insurance companies are garnering profits at record levels despite having to pay more for health coverage.

The stock Dow Jones market in January 2009 was about 6600; it just passed the 18000 mark.

Unemployment figures were reported at 11% and bleeding jobs when Mr. Obama took office. Ten million jobs have returned to the work force over the last, say, 58 months. 258,000 jobs December, alone!! The auto industry was on shaky ground, major banks were getting bailed out, imports were at record lows, and the republicans grinning ear to ear.

They like to suffer “convenient amnesia” when we consider what shape that bushie and the republicans placed us in by 2008.

The auto industry is competitive and on solid ground, banks are profitable and stretching their wings to get back to using your money to speculate while paying you 1% on your savings.

Millionaires are making more money than ever before; the downside is they refuse to share the wealth with the less fortunate. Morally decrepit…..

Obama has given the Dreamers new hope with his policy to take away the threat that this government would destroy families by deporting parents of children who were born here, as well as those who were brought here by their parents who were fleeing crime and utter poverty. Even the republicans railed at this move while sitting on a bill to move immigration forward for millions of our real citizens!!!

Oh…… gas prices are now the lowest in almost five years. Guess we do not need to build a pipeline that violates sacred Amerind lands and possibly pollute our fragile ecology. (When gas prices were going through the roof, these same hair-brained republicans said it was Obama’s fault!!)

How about the hawks who wanted war over Crimea or Syria….. He was steadfast in his conviction that war was not the answer. He wound down the war in Iraq (the LIE war created by bush) and brought our major forces out of Afghanistan… and proved that diplomacy wins out over war when properly applied. Look at Syria, al Bashar is asking for talks to end the bloodshed; Russia is going through a major financial crisis as the worldwide economic restrictions tighten and tell putin that he cannot run amok and take over sovereign countries without facing reprisals other than war.

He will deal with the murderers of ISIS, they will get their due… just like bin Laden. Those fools will pay the price.

I could go on, but we all know the truth…..President Obama has had a hell of a year, solidifying his legacy.

I, at times, was not pleased with his penchant for giving in to the republicans in negotiations or for that matter not using his party representatives in Congress to do his bidding but I have to admit that the record he has achieved trumps those shortcomings.

All this without not an iota or scintilla of help from republicans and many Democrats who ran away from his achievements AND lost their election campaigns ……or recognition or acceptance from biased white folks who have sent more wrong-headed people to Congress to try and undo the progress Obama has made.

Happy New Year, Mr. President and onward to more outstanding accomplishments in 2015!!! We got your back!!!

A last note to republicans…. it’s been said many times, “If you do not want to be part of the solution, don’t be part of the problem!”

Happy New Year to one and all…… See you next year…..

Enough said…. I’m out… for the last time this year!!!



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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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