Protesters, New York City Police Officers Slain, Obama and Foreign Diplomacy

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to All…..May you have a prosperous New Year.

My Heart goes out to the family and friends of the New York City two police officers, Pei Xia Chen and Rafael Ramoa who were assassinated by a deranged Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Clearly this lost and insane person did the most dastardly deed one could conger. This sick man traveled from Baltimore MD then took public transportation to Brooklyn and shot these officers. Despite his reported ranting about getting even for the slaying of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, his sick mind told him that any police officers would do and he chose an Asian officer and a Latino officer.

This deed had nothing to do with Ferguson or Staten Island and the protests. The police officers who committed murder were allowed to temporarily walk free and those who are upset about the grand jury decisions have the right to protest peacefully, that much is clear. The slayings of those police officers was not a protest, it was an awful deed by an unstable person, so do not connect the two. The New York PBA president, Patrick Lynch, in a harangue about Mayor DiBlasio, tried to connect the protests to the murders of the police officers. He is wrong. What he should have done, was to say to the public that the officer he represents used an ill-advised chokehold to strangle Eric Garner., and thst all those officers who were involved in the murder must stand trial for their participation. Lynch should have said that the evidence in Ferguson was sufficient to indict Darren Wilson but the prosecutor did not do his sworn duty to represent the victim in that case.

He, Lynch should have admonished the officers who disrespected the Mayor by turning their backs when he walked by. The WHITE blue wall too often gets in the way of justice. Maybe if police officers and other officers of the Court stood up for the victims in these cases, there would be no need to protest. But they do not. Many choose to stand with the wrong-doings of their fellow officers, not understanding that they are undermining the confidence the public has placed in them. We, the public and those who choose to protest are further victimized by the support given these violators of the law. And they wonder why there is a chasm. They built the chasm; they need to fill it in. Go after and arrest REAL criminals, not the less than petty mischievous individuals. People like Lynch, like the commercial says, “You’re not helping!!”

To those who protest the slayings Eric Garner and Michael Brown and all the other Black young men who we lost to the guns of the police who failed society when they murdered all these innocent young men, I say this; specifically, your focus must be toward the governors of the states of New York and Missouri. In both situations, you should be appealing to the governor, Jay Nixon of Missouri to appoint a special prosecutor to indict Darren Wilson for the murder of Mike Brown; likewise in New York, ask Andrew Cuomo to do the same.

In both cases, the prosecutors did not intend to get an indictment; simply put, they thumbed their noses at the public who elected them, disrespected the law, and possibly participated in a criminal cabal.

A special prosecutor with no ties to the local police can weigh the evidence and indict the murderers. Just because the grand juries in both cases failed to indict does not mean that a special prosecutor cannot. Please note that the “double jeopardy” does not apply, as in both cases, the perpetrators were never tried in a court by their peers, they were just not indicted… a big difference!

If you force these governors to do the right thing, I believe justice will be served.

President Obama, having set new record of domestic achievements, despite the sordid republican policy of saying ‘no’ to everything he wanted to do to make America live up to the principles of our democracy, has turned his attention to foreign policy, closing out the year on as scale never seen before; immigration, Cuba, sanctions against Russia, getting rid of ISIS commanders, as payback for their barbarism to name a few.

The republicans still refuse to recognize that the ‘cold war’ against Cuba did not work and that the thaw in our relations with Cuba will bode well for both countries. Obama’s on a roll!! Again, Happy Holidays!!


Enough said, I’m out!!


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