Another One Bites the Dust…..

While we march in protest, in New York, Washington D.C., in Ferguson, MO, and lots of other cities, over the murders of Black boys and men by white police officersandthey walk away from justice, it is evident to me that these white police officers do not give a damn…… Because if they did and, as they watch a little TV other than Duck Dynasty, Yukon Men, or catching alligators…. they’d realize that their immunity is going to end.
Charles Barkley said they (police officers) do not wake up in the morning, thinking, “I’m gonna shoot a Black person today…”
Just like when you wake up in the morning you don’t say, “I’m gonna jaywalk today”, but later on, you do it….. no intent to break the law; no consequences, you did not get hit by a bus, but these police officers seem to say, “If one crosses my path, and they scare me, I’m gonna shoot the $#I! out of ‘em , cause, I’m going home tonight!!” No consequences, I’ll just say “I thought he had a weapon!”, that’ll be enough….

This mania has to end but while we mourn all these dead Black people and pray that not one more. They keep doing it.. so fast and often that the newscasters can’t keep up. As they lamented the above, and I watched newsies tell me about the marches tonight, this news flashed across the TV screen…………

“A white Phoenix, AZ police officer gunned down an unarmed black male this week. Rumain Brisbon, 34, was shot dead Tuesday night during what police have called a “drug bust.” The father of four briefly fled from the police before they shot him during an alleged struggle, according to the Arizona Republican, a newspaper. The officer allegedly mistook a vial of prescription drugs for a weapon. (heh, heh Ed. note)
F**k it!!! Just add him to the list……

Enough said, I’m out!!!!

(I am not even going to tag this one, you do it)


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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