I Couldn’t Sleep At All Last Night, The Slug is Out… Propped By George

“I Couldn’t Sleep At All Last Night!!!”
Those words are from that old Bobby Darin song. But it wasn’t because of someone banging on the ceiling or knocking on my door, unless we can make a stretch and call that State’s Attorney Bob McCulloch a noisemaker.
This morning, I uttered those words because of the display by that pseudo prosecutor who smugly declared Darren Wilson innocent of the murder of Mike Brown; plainly not his province or responsibility.
The other night, I said that the details of the presentation to the grand jury did not matter. I thought about that and I decided that it did.
It is clear that our worst fear was the reality that McCulloch and his staff, some who were Black, would act as the defense attorneys for Darren Wilson.
Knowing that what went on in those deliberations would never see the light of day, McCulloch was free to make any statement to the public, he wanted.
Nothing the police chief, the mayor, the governor, or even the politicians in our capitol can say, will change that fateful decision, so we are forced to move on from that point forward.
Let me say that burning other people’s businesses or turning over police cars in protest will not stop incidents like Ferguson from happening again.
I say in my blog, if you’ve paid attention, “Pay attention to politics because if you do not, you may get the kind of representation you do not want.”
I’m not going to go back and point fingers, I’ve done that already; but I think it’s time to for Ferguson to start the process of determining its own political future and justice systems, the police force, the attorneys’ offices, the judges and the city council.
I do not think that there is anything to be done regarding the governor, but the good people need to give equal time and effort to change Ferguson in addition to their prayers, for as the Good Book says, “The Lord helps those who helps themselves”. Do something positive in order to affect change, like… petition the police chief, the state attorney, and the mayor of Ferguson to step away, resign. These individuals have clearly shown their incompetence in dealing with both the justice system and public safety. The good folks in Ferguson do not have any confidence in their ability to control the justice system or a protesting situation, despite the presence of all the police personnel deployed.
I do not know the city constitution but I would certainly explore whether these government officials can be recalled.
There needs to be a new administration and new leadership in place in Ferguson, not a month from now, not a year from now, but right away. That process must begin forthwith. I urge the good people in Ferguson to take that kind of action rather than watching their city burn and praying that things will change.
The citizens of the City must tell the provocateurs to go home; that their support is welcome but not their actions. Ferguson is not served by the arson and violence; after all, the arsonists are destroying businesses that sustain their town and keep the storm troopers there. The current city administra-tors can’t do it, no one has faith or trust in them. Tell your own citizens that their illegal activities and actions will no longer be tolerated, too. Set up your own citizens’ administration and then communicate what your plans are to turn things around in Ferguson, in a way that represents all of Ferguson, not just the privileged few.
Things will change when change is advocated.
The slug is out of his hole. I had a lot of respect for George Stephanopolous then he had the gall to interview the murderer darren wilson on national television (ABC) today, November 26, 2014, and participate in a disgraceful display of the mockery of justice.
Knowing that there was no one to speak for Mike Brown, George had the nerve to placate the murderer with softball questions. Why did he not interview each of the witnesses to the crime before he interviewed Wilson so that his audience might compare the liar’s words to the accounts of the eye-witnesses. You allowed wilson free rein to lie. Why would you let him lie to you as he lied to the grand jury, and get away with again? The truth will come out eventually, just like it did for George zimmermann.
After being advised of ALL the evidence by the state’s attorney, he and his lawyers had three months to tailor a lie. Why would you not understand this? You acted like wilson’s prop. Why did you not interview him in the immediate hours after the incident? Why did you not ask him why he hid from sight for three months; he had ample opportunity to be interviewed. No, you chose to air his lie when the witnesses and grand jury have been muffled by law.
Wilson was not tried in a court of law, he was supported by the chief of police and the state attorney with a very shoddy (you know the right word I intend to use here) investigation, then protected and excused by the prosecuting attorney, who abdicated his responsibility, a responsibility he failed to uphold. The grand jury of non-experts was not given a bill of particulars, a list of preferred charges or an indictment to consider. The possible defendant was allowed to tell his lie without cross examination. That jury was not so versed in the law to know to ask direct pertinent questions. They we set up to fail in reaching the right decision. McCulloch knew that. He has been in that job for over twenty years, as he likes to brag. Certainly he knows how to manipulate any jury, and he did.
How do we know that the words in the transcript are true? Was each witness and jury member given a copy to go over and correct any misstatements? Until I hear that everyone has read and approved a copy of the transcript, I will go with I have seen and heard the witnesses say in their on-the- scene interviews.
I have seen firsthand, transcripts given to a judge, that were not reflective of what a person said in an particular interview, too many times. Not all cops are bad cops, but I have seen what they can do when they are not honest; knowing that the judge will believe the transcript as written, rather than a person’s verbal account. Too many times…
George, go get the witnesses and then play back wilson’s lies. Ask the hard questions….let me believe in you again.
Enough said, I’m out!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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