What a Combo, Cosby and Immigration!!!

Bill Cosby
There is a firestorm over the decades old allegations of rape by two women this week. It started with a comedian, Hannibal Burress, unknown to me (what’s new?) who, in a monologue, accused Cosby of raping women and thereby apparently opened some mental old wounds. With the internet being what it is today, investigations revealed the details of the allegations and prompted more scrutiny, the discovery of more accusers and their first hand memories of the alleged encounters.
The news programs were all over this story because of Cosby’s declination to answer questions about the allegations. His attorney crafted a letter stating that Cosby would not dignify these assertions by commenting on them and called them baseless.
The commentators went further to claim that there are instances when money was paid to silence a few accusers. Now thirty years later, these accusations are being aired and Cosby is now called a ”serial rapist” by one of his accusers and newshounds allege that there are at least ten other women who have similar stories.
All of the above fly in the face of the reputation that Cosby has built over decades while he has admonished teenagers to take control of their destinies, build self-esteem, “dress for success” and so on.
We all know what an icon he and his resounding successful TV show became. And how he made all who played roles on the show household names. His reruns are still watched 30 years later and there is no lack of speaking engagements, even now.
What we seem to have here is a “Jekyll and Hyde” consideration.
Since he will not defend himself against these stories, we are left to hear one side. I have reached no conclusion, except to say that the sixties were a time, in some circles, there was a of a sort of freedom of sexual encounters, (remember Woodstock) albeit, mostly legal and acceptable to the consensual parties. However, that being said, if there were non-consensual and criminal activities, then those actions were clearly wrong.
There is nothing Bill can say about these allegations; he cannot make any comments except to say to these women, “I’m sorry if I have caused anyone so much grief and pain over these years. I have always tried to use my experiences to become a better person, a better man, a better husband, a better father and a better mentor to all that would listen; to those who wanted to learn. During my life I have looked back at all the things that I have done and tried to learn from those experiences.
I have tried my best to continue to do good things and live the way I know is the right path.
If you have carried any burden all this time and it has deterred you from living a peaceful life, I am sorry to hear of your troubles and I hope and pray that somehow you will be able to move on with your life in a more peaceful manner.”
To the ladies who have claimed to have been hurt by Bill’s alleged transgressions, I hope that the opportunity to express your outrage at any such alleged abuse you may have suffered; will enable you to move on with your lives and put these alleged incidents in the back of your minds so you can look toward a brighter future.
I think Bill should say no more than what I have suggested, for to do so would encourage more parsing of each word.
I have discussed this with a few folks and the expected questions come up. Why did they wait so long to speak out? A few accusers have written articles alleging crimes by Cosby; did they get paid? It has been revealed that there are accusers who were paid for their silence years ago, are they now violating the conditions of those financial agreements? Are others just chasing an opportunity to a quick buck by revealing by embellishing any sexual encounters with Cosby?
Many say yes to those questions. Others say that he should come clean. He says he will not dignify the accusations with a response. The media thinks all of us want to know the most intimate details of what they perceive to be sensational news. Some of us do not. And there is no proof of criminal misconduct; only the accusations…..remember that…..oh, what about “innocent until proven guilty” and all that.. “the right to remain silent”….
We got over Kobe and Tiger, we will get over Bill Cosby.

Our President has chosen to use his discretion to administrate the current immigration laws so that the law does not penalize and destroy the fabric of family for many of our over eleven million residents and to re-deploy manpower to areas of more serious concern. His decision to implement his limited ”emancipation” for a segment of our population, is an important first step in resolving the total immigration issue.
The republicans have procrastinated for over eighteen months on moving forward on a meaningful resolution to recognizing the eleven million people who live here in America and giving them some sense of opportunity, acceptance and dignity.
Now, the republicans threaten to withhold funding to run the government, have accused President of shutting down the government when they hold the purse-strings, or to impeach him if he takes executive action to move the ball forward on immigration. All this in the face of a request to do something like pass the bill that has been before you for all this time!
Every manager, executive, and administrator has discretion on how to accomplish his goal to do the best job possible in a positive manner and use his personnel in the most efficient way.
All he is saying is that, to continue to use his manpower to chase down and incarcerate and possibly deport people who have been here in this country for over five years, have committed no crime other than being the parents of children who were born here or who were brought here by them; all looking for a better life.
By letting these individuals know that they will not be pursued, the decision allows the Department of Immigration to focus on border safety, and to pursue those who have committed serious crimes, find them and deport them, making all of us safer.
You had your chance, republicans, too late…..
Go on Prez, you did the right thing…….

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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