Well, FIE!! Ferguson and Immigration and Energy…. again…….

While we await the ignoble news about the decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the State’s Attorney for this city of about twenty two thousand people, the Governor has amassed the city police (which should be disbanded) the county police force (who should be given a crash course, in public relations and how to SERVE all its citizens), the State Highway Patrol, the State DLE, the State Troopers and now the National Guard!!
Now that his posse has been assembled, does he expect that the citizens of that city to just shrink away and have nothing to say about the verdict? Can we expect a Tiananmen Square here in America? Already there are protesters forming to resist the armada; and more when the announcement is made. We are going to be upset, and rightfully so, therefore I suggest that this invasion force allow them the express their grief in peace. Respect their right to walk where they want to walk, to carry our signs, to scream and howl and mourn. If do so, your invasion into Ferguson will have been a waste of taxpayer money and provide no solace to your strategy of coercion. However, Governor, as you choose to approach the impending announce-ment, your explanation should have addressed the police officer who yelled, “I will f**king kill you!!” or their assault with tear gas and rubber bullets on reporters doing their jobs, or the menacing storm troopers in camouflage carrying machine guns in a residential urban area (oh, I forgot that’s okay with you) or the Ferguson police department who chose to wear wristbands supporting the murderer in their midst. Your first obligation is to the citizens of Ferguson and their safety, after all who pays your salary and the salaries of those officers and the National Guard! Those people with guns and tanks under your supervision, made a conscious decision to be in uniform; the people who protest do it out of the hurt they feel over that reprehensible despicable act by a person under your watch. You should have apologized to Mike Brown’s parents and friends and sought proper justice for them. That’s being a governor for the people!

As the politicians debate the pipeline, and the pundits have their say over the issue, everybody seem to dismiss what I think that there is a very important issue, that is, TREATIES with the Indian Nations, specifically, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, whose territory in South Dakota lies along the proposed route of the pipeline. They released a statement last week calling Congressional approval of the project an “act of war against our people.
(via Lakota Voice)
“In response to today’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to authorize the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, the Rosebud Sioux Tribal President announced that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe (Sicangu Lakota Oyate) recognizes the authorization of this pipeline as an act of war.
The fact that the Rosebud Sioux Tribe has yet to be properly consulted on the project, which would cross through Tribal land, and the concerns brought to the Department of Interior and to the Department of State have yet to be addressed. The Rosebud Sioux Tribe will not allow this pipeline through our lands,” said President Scott of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.
The Rosebud Sioux Tribe, along with several other South Dakota Tribes, stand together in opposition to risky and dangerous fossil fuel projects like TransCanada’s Keystone XL. The proposed route of TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline crosses directly through Great Sioux Nation (Oceti Sakowin) Treaty lands as defined by both the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie Treaties and within the current exterior boundaries of the Rosebud Sioux Reservation and Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.”
In other words, “the white man” is at it again. “The hell with a treaty, we will screw the native peoples once again, and play to the greed of the ultra-rich; we have taken this land and will do whatever we want.”, they howl. So let them vote to do whatever they want.
They have proved time and again, that they have no honor. How many times do I have to use the word, “despicable”??
The President put it simply…”They want to pipe dirty Canadian oil through our country, possible pollute our land, for what?”
It is oil we will never see or use, as it will go on the market to the highest bidders, putting more profits in the pockets of the rich. Why would it be good for the American people? Perhaps forty five hundred jobs, to start, then fifty permanent ones. The possibility of pollution is too risky for fifty jobs. But what about a factory to build wind turbines or solar panels, lasting permanent jobs….pay attention republicans…. (by the way, the Senate did not pass the bill 11/18/2014)
Prez, do what you promised…..issue the proclamation soon to free five million people from the threat of harassment and the breakup of their families. Let these Americans live in peace and openly contribute to the progress of this nation, let them become teachers and firemen and yes, police officers. Let them be scientists, doctors, and social workers. Let them be the Americans they are.
Enough said, I’m out!!


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