Immigration, Ferguson, Still Licking Our Wounds, the Aftermath, Front and Center

Our President is ready to move forward with a reasonable change in this nation’s immigration policies and the immoral republicans are so freaking mad that you can see the mad-dog foam and drool flapping from their lips as they spout like Mount St. Helens!!
The tan-man acts as if he is the last word on immigration; he is not! He’s warned Obama that “if you play with fire, you get burned!” while he searches for his little wiener so he can pee on the dreams of people who a more loyal, more sympathetic, more patriotic than all the pseudo Americans who place the good of the nation before good honest laws that move us forward and protect real Americans. Even his little faucet is not big enough or strong enough to escape his pants, so he will have to run off and ask somebody to change your diaper!
Meanwhile, his cohort, the lost kentuckian, is raving something about “waving a red flag in front of a bull (let’s call it what it is, ”in front of a donkey) and threatening to screw the American people again by withholding budget funding for beneficial programs such as SNAP, ACA and others.
The conservative folks came out Tuesday and voted with a vengeance while many potential young voters contemplated whether they could open up a marijuana shop someplace or either went to a movie, and let the tea-party seniors prevail.
the percentage of white voters actually was up compared to 2012, 75%.
Black and Hispanic numbers dropped, and perhaps most significantly, that 18 to 29 year old vote, dropped all the way down to 13% of those who voted. And guess what that did? It helped produce the GOP wave that we saw.
The idiots are loose once more. Obama will issue a proclamation soon declaring that our government will no longer harass, detain and deport people who have been here for the longest time and consider America, their home country.
Rather than do their jobs, passing legislation to improve the lives of all our citizens, they choose to bitch, moan, threaten to take away goods and services geared to uplift and protect the most vulnerable among us.
Once again they howl, “shut down the government!” rather than serve the nation. These traitors, blinded by prejudice, do not care, so long as they think it is a way to erase this president from their memories. Too late fools…. the world knows your folly. Europe knows, Asia knows, Africa knows, as does the whole wide world. His mark is indelible, from getting bin Laden, to bringing our troops home from the war, to dealing with the vagaries of a putin, and stopping countries from polluting our world.
I know you republicans would prefer the idiocy of a bush and romney, but for now, it’s not happening. We have time to incite the liberals and progressive to find a way to overcome the lethargy that we have allow to rear its ugly head. 2016 is not that far away…..
(Courtesy of MSNBC 11/16/2014)
In Colorado, Republican Cory Gardner beat the Democratic incumbent Mark Udall by roughly 42,000 votes. Now look at this. Between 2012 and 2014, the youth turnout in Colorado, mostly Democratic voters, dropped from being 20% of the electorate, one in five voters, to 14%.
Republican Thom Tillis beat the Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan by a little more than 45,000 votes. Had the African American turnout been the same percentage of the electorate as it was in 2012, Senator Hagan easily may have won. In fact, it would’ve produced 56,000 more votes, would’ve led to a different outcome.
The Turnout
2012 2014
White Voters 72% 75%
Black Voters 13% 12%
Hispanic 10% 13%
Age 18- 29 19% 13%

Tim Scott South Carolina Republican Senator

He served on the Charleston City Council for 14 years until 2008, when he won a seat in the state House of Representatives. In 2010, following a vacancy, he announced a run for the 1st Congressional District

Scott entered the primary as a Tea Party politician. He won the primary, beating his opponent Paul Thurmond—son of Strom—by 36 points (68 percent to 32 percent) and walloping the Democrat in the general election.
Tim Scott speaks in terms of a distinctly black conservatism, so why is he unpopular with actual black voters, who overwhelmingly voted against him in last Tuesday’s election?
Part of the answer is partisanship. Black Americans tend to hold more liberal views on government and are inclined to support Democrats, even if Republicans have a black candidate. Barring an extraordinary turn in South Carolina politics, there’s little chance Scott will ever win a substantial number of black voters.
In the same way, Scott has said little on the racial controversies and civil rights issues of the last four years, from the killings of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis to the death of Michael Brown and the explosion of anger and rage in Ferguson, Mo. It’s possible these omissions have harmed him with black South Carolinians, who might agree with him on an issue like education, but aren’t sure that he’ll represent their particular interests as black Americans.
If he were a South Carolina Democrat—representing black voters—he may have never made it out of the statehouse, much less into Congress. His rise was faciliated by his Republican affiliation, his largely white constituency, and an almost colorblind conservatism. Ironically, his historic position as the first black senator from the Deep South since Reconstruction might only be possible because he doesn’t represent a black constituency.

“I think it speaks volumes for South Carolina and the progress we have made in the state,” Scott said about his victory.
“If you call progress electing a person with the pigmentation that he has, who votes against the interest and aspirations of 95% of the black people in South Carolina, then I guess that’s progress,” Rep. James E. Clyburn, a black Democrat, told the Washington Post.
And at the polls, much of the country expressed pessimism about race relations. Just 20% of voters nationwide say they’ve improved and just about twice as many voters said they’ve gotten worse.
In Utah, Mia Love, 38, a republican, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, won 50% of the vote in her district, sending her to Congress.
“It just shows that Utah doesn’t care about skin color and race,” Love told The Associated Press days before the election. “I think that’s positive for Utah.” (her delusion..ed. note)
She is from Brooklyn New York and moved to Utah after becoming a flight attendant. Her family moved to Norwalk CT and graduated from the University of Hartford.
Here’s a $64 thousand question….. Given the platform of the republican party, its vituperative comments about our first Black President and the antagonistic hatred of him by the majority of republicans, why do blacks find a home in that party? Opinions please…..
The troops are marshaled, the guns loaded, the snipers ready for action, itching to show the Black folks in Ferguson, who is in charge. The Governor who did not have the guts to dismiss Mr. McCulloch as States Attorney, has played a cruel hoax on the world that is watching as the events in Ferguson unfold. In secret, Mr. McCulloch, has conspired to with the unsavory Police Department to hide, as best he can, the damning evidence that Darren Wilson executed Michael Brown that sordid day in last August. Because all of the evidence, the deliberations, and the witnesses may not be presented for consideration of a charge of wanton murder. This incompetent State’s Attorney did not have the courage to do his job and deferred to grand jury under the cover of total secrecy, to get this murderer off.
Now, this little until now, unknown city is threatened with excessive bootstrap justice if they are perceived to adhere to their constrained lines of decorum. In any other city, Mr. Wilson would have been charged and in jail pending trial. But he is not, he is protected by the Ferguson Police Department, and the State’s justice system. I say beware of the slumbering giant in the room; you have awakened the common folk and going forward this kind of menace to society will not be tolerated. All we can do, is prepare for the bad news and beseech our brothers and sisters not to get caught napping again. This will be the proverbial last straw!

Enough said, I’m out


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