After The Bloodbath… Searching for Answers, Small Corrctions

Ass-whipping, Massacre, Rout, Carnage, Pearl Harbor, World Trade Center, Decimation of Berlin…. we liberal, progressive navigators of the future “wannabees” just got blitzed by the right wing conservative white majority in this country. Everywhere there was a heated close battle for the Senate or a governorship, we lost, some by wide margins, some close but few, if any winners for us. Think Broncos in the Super Bowl 2014, think San Diego 37- Jets 0, on Oct 5, 2014, think Rangers 30-Orioles 3 in a baseball game this year, August 5, 2007, San Diego Chargers Sunday before  last ! Need I go on?

We all can “Monday Morning Quarterback” if we choose but any way you look at it, we Democrats lost the hearts and minds of what we thought were independent thinkers…. and there are, I believe, some Democrats who did not have the guts to tell the non-believers that Obama has been good for this nation and finally, we were subject of the apathy in the minoritycommunities.

The naysayers would rather cut their own throats than let a Black man continue to lead them out of their darkness. Where he has provided electricity and a light switch, to spite him, his opposition shut off the power station. They have chosen to bitch in the gloom that the false promisers have given them and bought into the “three card monte” scheme”,  that their good things are better left unchanged, rather than condemn the cycle of dismemberment of their rights (except to carry a gun and kill the innocent) and financial and health care deprivation that they suffer.

The republicans are the ones who got us into wars far from our shores, war without providing the funds to wage it, who caused the financial crisis and the loss of jobs, income and personal assets; the republicans, they are the ones that gave tax breaks to the rich so that the rich can gorge their bank accounts, place higher taxes on the poor and middle class, took food from the mouths of babies and the elderly, refused health care to the needy, including those who elected to send more obstructionists to Congress and refused to create good paying jobs, support a higher minimum wage, or provide equal pay for equal work, or the right for a woman to choose her health care, or reduce the burden of extraordinarily high educational costs as they falsely claim our borders are porous, that Ebola is an extreme threat, that the “Dreamers” will never be able to say, “I am a citizen of America!”.

We have tried and failed to persuade this suicidal majority to help themselves, and in the process, help us all.

I know we Democrats are in the right. We should not stop doing those things that will improve our nation. We cannot allow the demagogues to rule. We have spent all our time preaching to the choir, thinking we needed them to succeed but in reality, we needed to be as persuasive as the republicans are in getting our message out. We are not that now.

The results are what they are, a massive shellacking!! We must do a better job. We cannot change yesterday, but we must try to learn from this mess.

I have spent this week parsing the loss. The pundits say the Democrats did not show up at the polls. I was looking for some hard numbers but it has been a frustrating challenge, as it seems there is no place where current numbers comparing to actual registered voters to the number of voters.

If the soothsayers are correct, (Democrats did not show up to vote) don’t we need to know why? I know that in my state there were an infinite number of ads for the governorship race, so I cannot say Democratic voters were not informed. But the question remains, were they turned off by the voluminous ads, were the ads effective, or is it the voters just did not give a damn? The polls told us it was going to be a very close race, yet we sat wherever we sit and let the republicans easily win. It seems it was the same in all the contested races although, in some cases, like in Texas, there were way more republicans.    

Do you realize that white women over the age of 55 overwhelmingly voted republican, considering female republican candidates opposed every progressive woman’s issue; equal pay, women’s health, etc.

In my travels, I meet many older white men and when we discuss politics (and I always do, if there is an opening) they like to tell me they are “Independent”, as if it would hurt my feelings if they would admit they are republican, but say, “don’t like Obama”.  No sensible reason provided. True, there are some “Independents” and others who “run for fun”, that is, they have no, no, no chance of winning, yet they stay in the race. I have thought about those folks but that is for later. A wasted vote… for “ego” probably.

What would it take for the Democrats to actually win over a true independent? I do not know because from every angle, Obama has exceeded anyone’s imagination and expectation in the way he has handled crises, after crises, after years of total rejection, by the republicans, of his efforts to do what was best for the American people. Those republicans can’t tell me anything except “We don’t like Obamacare!” and the “independents say,       “We’ll be fair and make up our minds” when it is evident they will vote republican. I think it’s pure racism.

So we have got to admit we won’t have a chance in 2016 (despite Hillary) unless there is a way to instill some real morality into the republican party. Did I just say “instill morality”? Yes, they are immoral, otherwise, why would they blatantly lie, block efforts to have every adult citizen vote, jerry-mander districts, get rid of unions, refuse a livable wage, deny food stamps to the needy, deny affordable health care to millions, refuse to pass legislation to clean our air, fix our roads, pay their fair share of taxes, and pay women less for equal work, to list a few. Yet they go to church on Sunday and pray, for what I do not know.. .forgiveness?…. but they do the same things on Monday!! And there are Black folks with get in bed with them and espouse their false rhetoric and make excuses. I am ashamed of their ignorance and appalled by their thinking, l.e., that the party looks at them as equals. All they needto do is look at their party platform and their conventions.You people are tokens the republicans use to convey their ideology. We ain’t buying it…you have to put up… the Democrats, for the most part, have.

I need to know that the republicans will be moral and not sexist, now that they have proved to be racist. Help me.

This is a topic I have discussed many times, that is, Obama’s interaction with the republican powe-brokers.

It seems to me that he has no delegatorial or organizational skills when it comes to engaging the republicans. He seems to always place himself in a lesser level of authority all the time. He should be above the fray….boehner and mcconnell are not on his level… he is the PRESIDENT!!!!

Why does he engage the republican hierarchy in direct discussions when Harry Reid, leader of the Senate Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader are in those positions to do his bidding.

Why doesn’t he hold meetings with those leaders, discuss his agenda, get their opinions, agree on substance and approach, then, let them engage boehner and mcconnell? Why does he not let them do their jobs? Why did he have to have a luncheon with the republican leaders? Why did he call to ”congratulate” mcconnell? Let Reid do it. Why not a luncheon between the leaders of both parties in Congress? Let the leaders deliver his message.

Mr. Obama, you are the President. You need to include your leaders in internal discussions about seeking legislation and policy and let them do your bidding. I truly believe that the President has marginalized his supporters in Congress. Rather that discussing his agenda directly with the republican leadership, you must learn to delegate and get into the discussions only as a supporter of Democratic leadership.

If there are sticking points, they can come back to you with information and suggestions to discuss with them and let them go back to the republicans with a united front. The way it is now, he makes a deal, then expects Reid and Pelosi to support it when they have no input or participation in the discussions.            

I know they feel like, “What am I chopped liver?!!!”, because that is how he has treated them. Mr. Obama, you need to change that dynamic. How enthusiastic do you expect them to be when you have relegated them to a status unequal to their counterparts? They must be seen and used as an integral part of the team, not just as minions. Start right away to correct this glaring flaw.

And another thing…. the republicans used the term, ”Obamacare” to denigrate and disparage the law. Yet, you accepted it, saying it was okay. Well, it is not! There are no Eisenhower laws, Kennedy laws, Reagan laws, Clinton laws, so why should there be a need for an ”Obama(care) law??? Dump the word asap!!! There we were, fighting against the usage because we knew it was used by republicans in a derogatory manner, and you give it your stamp of approval, you have tried to legitimize it!! That was a bad move…

Sometimes, it is about correcting flaws and getting one’s approach, right rather than changing personnel. Maybe it is about both, but Mr. President you must be the leader of change and watch where you step. Sometimes, the crap is covered up so you have to listen to those who are trying to give you up a “heads up!!”. You gotta get it right all the time….the predators are waiting…. We do have your back but make our job a little easier…please?

 Waitin’ on Ferguson………….

Enough said, I’m out!!!!


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