Wrong Track???

A Reality Check
On his program, Hardball, (MSNBC) tonight, Chris Matthews asked a very succinct question, “Who would want the job as president of these United States and as the world leader?”, after he cited a poll question, where 64 % of those queried, indicated that they thought whether this country, our good old United States of America, is on the “wrong track”.

I know why Obama wanted to be president…. He is a goodhearted compassionate person, who wanted to contribute to the moral wealth of our nation and the World.And he thought he could… he trusted that all Americans would help. He was wrong; only the true Americans helped. And that is not good enough. Moreover, those untrue Americans are trying to destroy everything we have fought for, worked hard at attaining and died for.

It seems that the multitudes believe that despite all of the terrific accomplishments that the Obama administration can point to, from getting Osama bin Laden, to saving job and the economy, getting health care to millions, bringing the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan, (I am extremely heartened when on Sunday morning news programs, they can say, “No troops killed in Afghanistan”), slowing the pollution in OUR air, inducing Putin to back off the Ukraine (without a military threat like the republicans screamed for), staying out of the Syrian conflict, reenforcing our place as the leader of the free world, to reducing the deficit, reducing Federal taxes, and reducing student loan costs! (Anybody notice, the price of gas is coming down? If the price was going up, it would be Obama’s fault!”), they feel the country is not on the “right track”!

From day one, the traitorous republican party has attempted to thwart every advance that our courageous President has led, as he has tried to keep our nation on solid footing as the world leader. They have given him no help, none at all! And they, the spin doctors like boehner, mcconnell, paul, issa, cruz, scott walker, scott brown, palin, etc., have tried, with the help of the Supreme Court to curtail our rights to vote and to have fair elections, to have full and sufficient health care, and let us feel safe from those who are supposed to protect and serve us! Guns continue to proliferate, with, believe it or not, more mass shooting I have ever heard in my lifetime! They will not allow people who have been here in this country for generations to become citizens and hold jobs, and continue to contribute to the economy without fear of being deported or facing reprisals.

Yet, these fools want to secede from the country, elect republicans to Congress who will continue to say “no” to progress, and support shooting public officials they think do not see things their way, just because OUR President is BLACK!!

Just think that if they were not RACIST and SELFISH, and had the best interests of this nation at heart, shared their wealth (in the form of higher wages) and contributed to the growth of the nation (stopped hiding wealth and income overseas and pay their affair share of taxes), where we would be; a growing more prosperous nation for all, not just the privileged few.

They wrongly support a Cliven Bundy or a murdering police officer, Darren Wilson or carry assault weapons in defiance of Federal law.

They are the ones who got rich from slavery, killed our brethren, the original American, usurped natural resources, like the once mighty buffalo, chopped down every tree they saw, created turmoil within our land by senselessly mining fossil fuels, and reject any technology that could preserve environment.

Those who say we are on the “wrong track” are too blind to see, to stubborn to light a candle in their darkness, too asinine to grasp an opportunity to do better, too ignorant to want to live a better life.
In their hatred, they would rather be sick of a curable disease, fear the possibility of getting educated or helping themselves…..because they do not realize that the republicans are very ones who are telling them lies, are the very ones who are using you, to line their pockets and bank accounts while they deny you food stamps and health care or a public education.

You think we are on the wrong track? Wait until you send another republican to Congress…. you will get your rights abridged, more wars, more pollution, more taxes on the poor (you and me) and more guns and senseless killings, and less wages and buying power with higher prices.

So be an idiot, send another republican to Congress.

We’ll be smarter and try and stop you……

Vote on Tuesday…and take a registered friend along, but please vote Democratic… for our sake.
Enough said, I’m out!!!


About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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