Ferguson’s Lying Underhanded Untrustworthy Police Department

I’m going to change my name to I.M. Pissstt!!, and ask that we the people who care, ignore the bulls**t!
Today on CNN it has been reported that Mike Brown’s blood was found in the Darren Wilson’s police car. Now the white pundits on CNN want to make that fact and integral excuse for Mike’s murder.
I think most white people, simply because there has been no “War on white Youth” and members of their families have not been slaughtered like the hapless buffalo were by white hunters in the nineteenth century, trust the police. I grew up in New York City, so I am not a cop hate; but too often my encounters with police outside of my professional capacities, for the most part, were not pleasant. Despite the foregoing, I would judge my feelings as wary and indifferent. That was before I have become aware of the atrocities committed by police officers, black and white. Now, I call into question everything that they say and do……unfortunate but true for a experienced man like me.
If there was blood in the car, why didn’t someone see it on August 9th? Why did it take sixty days for someone to say something?
Mike and HIS BLOOD laid in the street for four hours!! Knowing what lies Wilson and his cabal had time to conger up, and knowing that he committed murder, any officer could have wiped up Mike’s blood and wiped it in that police car? If blood was found in the car I choose to believe that it was placed there by someone other than Mike Brown.

Now, you tell me that Mike’s blood in that car should negate the fact, told by seven different witnesses, that Wilson shot (at least one shot in his back; perhaps the first shot) Michael Brown in cold blood, in anger, from at least twenty five feet, while Mike hands were raised in surrender.
Mike’s blood is in that car has no bearing in Wilson’s act of murder.

At this stage, why are we waiting to know whether the seven witnesses testified before the grand jury? Why doesn’t those smartass pundits ask the witnesses? They are out there. Ask the question, then we will know what McCulloch is doing in reference to that grand jury. McCulloch has stated that Wilson could talk in front of that panel. Why not those witnesses. The family and the public need to know what the hell is going on, on the victim’s side. (the prosecutor is supposed to represent the victim, isn’t he?).

What confidence should Black people have in the justice system in Ferguson and St. Louis County, MO?. There is no trust and there should not be any until it is proven otherwise.

All we have seen is a lot of bulls**t to this very day. The police are content to besmirch Michael Brown’s name to justify murder; well, we ain’t buying it! You can come up with blood, fingerprints, false injuries, scars but the truth is the truth, Wilson is guilty of first degree murder no doubt. Next thing they may come up with, Mike walked into those bullets!! Wilson may walk from this but he’ll have to find another line of work because he ain’t worth squat as a cop!! Just to think Black Ferguson tax dollars and fines are still paying this fool’s salary!!

Hannah Graham
We send our sincerest condolences to the Graham family in the loss of your daughter, Hannah. We have prayed that she was not lost but alas, we must now face the truth.
The fool, who is responsible for her death and possibly others, must pay the price for his deeds. No sympathy for Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr.
I hate to say this but let’s see how long it takes for murder charges to be filed.

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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