Cops Still Amok, Jindal, More Ferguson & Democrats


I did not mention the latest incidents with police involving Black people. It seem that now, all Black men of any age, sitting in a vehicle, are fair game to these out of control neanderthals, who have mistaken their roles in our modern society, i.e., protect and serve.
The incident where the idiots of the day thought (a kind word) it was great police work to smash out a vehicle window when the passenger in the car was not quick enough finding his identification; because of a seat belt was unfastened. Please note that there were two young children in the backseat along with a teenager. The driver called the police dispatcher on her cell phone because she feared for her safety as well as that of her passengers because the officer approached the car with his weapon out! Then the vigilante tased the man, even though he offered no resistance at all. SMASHED OUT THE WINDOW and TASED the man!!!
All this over a seatbelt violation! I’m willing to wager that if it was a WHITE woman, he would warned her perhaps, asked her to have a fine day and waved her on.
In the second incident the ST LOUIS COUNTY cops shot and killed a black man (what’s new?). They hastily called press conference to explain their side of the story, alleging the teenager was armed.. unfortunately the event was not videoed so, of course the public hears “their” side. Witnesses and the family say the teen was unarmed. The Justice Department will look at this case too, but they surely cannot revive the young man and the money they will receive in some kind of settlement, is never worth a life!
Where did this paranoia come from??? It is paranoia, I am sure it is. Racism is paranoia, you know. Why are they so aggressive? I do not know….but I know this… if they continue to get away with this bad behavior, and are protected by their superiors and the politicians, with no consequences, there may be a real REBELLION…..enough is enough!

Bobby Jimdal

I never gave him much thought. He was one of those shadow republicans that was willing to be guided by very conservative views that really do not acknowledge the plight of those who struggle to support their families or try to check the loss of the middle class. To me is sort of a skinny clarence thomas without the robe, believing that a conservative federal government should not do for those who cannot do for themselves.
Do not mistake that he is a black republican who has jumped aboard that wayward ship that has it floundering when it comes to civil and human rights. True, from the beginning he was influenced by the idea that America could survive with a smaller central government, with more control for states and a bias toward the landholders powerbrokers. But what he has failed to realize is that his state and those like his, get more in revenue from the “central “ government than they send to Washington. Just look at the assistance in hurricane relief the state received from the Federal Government, the dams, the creation of barrier reefs, and so on; look at the improvement in the highway system, waterways, etc. In my humble judgment, Louisiana would not have been able to cope with those needs without help from Washington.
He is like a blind man who gets on a bus going in the wrong direction. All he knows is, the bus is moving.
Like his counterpart in South Carolina, he assumes he is benefiting everyone in his state, but in reality, he is depriving the very needy of the assistance they need. While espousing the rhetoric and platform of his party which consists of a lack of recognition that the every minority (he IS one) requires a fundamental change in philosophy about working people, medical care, women’s health, pollution, global warming and voting rights, not just some. Like the rest of you minorities, you miss the boat. The racist whites, some who come in sheep’s clothing, never intend to make you equal or share power; they just use you like a pawn to do their bidding.
“Bobby”, you are on the wrong side of the fairness/ righteousness war… you need to wake up and got on the other side. With your national party thwarting everything that Obama is trying to do to keep this nation moving forward, you should be helping instead of criticizing with no feasible alternate plan.

More Ferguson and Democrats

The news is out that the black people of Ferguson plan to “demonstrate their displeasure with Democrats” by voting republican in the upcoming election.
How Stupid!!
I see it as passing the buck. You were the ones who allowed the minority to have the power to bully you, to disparage you, to disenfranchise you, to steal your hard earned money via traffic fines and higher prices for goods and services, to have an all-white police department to harass you, to shoot, maim and kill you, to force you to live in less desirable housing, to have a poor school system and so on. Why didn’t you put up your own black candidate? Why didn’t you run in the primary? Why did Mike Brown have to die for you to wake up? You could have had a Black State Attorney when you were paying all those fines. If you were paying attention. You weren’t!!
Now you want to blame the Democratic Party for lack of support? Maybe if you’d have shown some enthusiasm, maybe the Party would have given more support. Look in the mirror before you decide to give into the empty promises the republicans give you.
The Washington Post reports that Blacks account for 10/15% of the votes cast in St Louis County, with 25% of the population! Why did Stenger beat Dooley? You wouldn’t have to ask for McCulloch to be replaced if you had voted in a Black Democrat, would you? By the way, the Washington Post also reports that Seals (pseudo hip hop/ factory worker) suggesting that you vote republican, has never voted in a local election!!! If true, Seals you need to check yourself!!!
Do not cut off your nose to spite your face, the old saying goes…. Yes, republicans want your vote but unless Stream openly denounces the national republican platform, as far as I am concerned he is starting out on the wrong track! Find yourself some Black Democratic candidates before you lay down with those republicans…..I do not want to say.. “ I told you so!!” in January.
Enough said, I ’m out!!


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