Voting and Just American….

Our Most Important Task
Okay, there are about 28 days before the November mid-term elections and the first order of business is to figure out how you are going to get to the polls or if you are going to vote by early mail you need to complete the form and mail it right now!
There are several close Senate races and the real important issue is for Democrats to maintain majority control there; the consequences of losing the Senate are tremendous, for instance, there may need to replace a Supreme Court Justice before 2016 and a republican majority in the Senate will not allow a liberal Justice pass the their grueling grilling. Please vote Democratic in Kansas, Georgia, New Hampshire and Iowa, in particular. After all we do have a lot of persuasion in those states (smile); well we will have a shot in Georgia, if we show up. These are going to be tough challenges and minority votes will count, So tell all your friends, and family to off their asses and find their way to the voting booth!
One last thought… the republicans have chosen to play the race card by virtue of running against the name, Obama, rather than the Democratic candidate. After six years of doing nothing they want to continue that strategy and it is working because of racism. Do not let it happen!!

Raven Simone declared on Oprah’s show, that she (Raven) is plain American, not African American and that comment has caused a stir. Now let’s not get in a tizzy…. It is clear to me that she is rejecting the connotation but not the adjective, a connotation provided by white people so that the census could be taken according to law. We must get rid of that requirement. They do not count white people by Italian, or Irish or German. This country is old enough for everyone to call themselves, “American”! In this day and age, we should determine how the government will help folks by economic strata and needs.
People can have a connection by heritage, I do, but Raven is right, we are all Americans. And let’s get rid of Columbus Day; all he did was bump into some land when he was lost. History has proved that other Europeans came to the Western Hemisphere long before Columbus and ventured as far as Michigan and Iowa, So let’s stop the B.S. Let’s replace it with “Original American Day”, or “All American Day”; after all we did not kick their asses out when they showed up wretched and starving. We showed them how to survive and all they did was kill us with guns and diseases! People of Italian ancestry, please don’t get mad; the truth is the truth so why continue to celebrate or perpetuate the Big Lie!! Celebrate that we saved your behinds! Celebrate America, not a lie….
So I commend Raven… yes.. I am an American!!! My forefathers and mothers have been here forever and for over 400 years, dammitt!! We all contributed to the greatness of this nation; if you don’t know that, you can look it up…if you are willing to read and be educated!!
Latinos have been here for as long, Mexicans too…. Hondurans, Salvadoreans, Guatamalans.. Aleuts…. Yet white asses will carry signs saying, “Take our country back!! or “Go Home!!
We are here to stay, you are here to stay, the Latinos and Caribbeans are here to stay….so let’s just…. er…blend…..
Kudos to those cities who have recognized the above and will celebrate life in America this weekend…

They keep doing it….the assholes in Hammond, Indiana with badges and guns and lack any semblance of common sense, stopped a BLACK, yes, BLACK couple allegedly because the woman driver was not wearing a seat belt. I need to note that there were two young children in the back seat plus a teenager shot videoed the incident when they stunned the passenger after breaking out the passenger side window “because they were in fear of their lives!” while the lady was on her cellphone with the police dispatcher, asking for assistance.

Now I ask you, who should be in fear, the Black person with no gun or the jerk with a baton and an automatic weapon? When cops are shooting any Black person they see?
Until this country rids society of idiot paranoid cops, the nuts will continue to rampage!! There was no need to smash a car window or tase a black man of feel “threatened”…an incident that could have been avoided!
But why so these police chiefs always protect these idiot cops? It makes them look bad but they really do not care because there is no consequence, until there is, they will continue to maim black men!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!


About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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