Hideous Racism, Marriage Equality, Traitorship?

Racism is an awful idea. There are a lot of republicans who refuse to look in the mirror and admit the truth about their true feelings on race. Racism makes them blind to that reality. Yes, they can be very selective when they practice their racism. They can “tolerate a “cain”, or a “west” or a jindal (which has always baffled me), a “tom scott”, a ben carson, or a clarence thomas” because those people are misguided pawns that they can use to exercise their repression, not realizing that by doing so they are coming as close a one can to their own demise without committing suicide.
With the possibility that ronmey or the last bush, paul, christie, cru(d)z or a rubio, and others will lie and cheat, disseminate false propaganda, and attack the very people who care about the quality of life in our country.
While Democrats, in general, support the right of women to choose their medical attention, the right to employment opportunities, including, equal pay for equal work, an increase in the minimum wage, a means to reduce the cost of secondary education, a fair tax policy (including closing loopholes that the rich use to avoid paying their fair share), reasonable medical coverage for all, meaningful jobs programs, infrastructure repair, reduction of pollution (especially coal mining) and educational opportunities for all, and a reduction of energy costs combined with lower costs.
While the republicans spent their energy on blocking people from voting, jerry-mandering districts, promoting pollution, feigning ignorance about global warning, promoting ideas that won’t, (doesn’t) allow economic growth for the less fortunate, reduces the effectiveness social programs including Social Security and medical care, holding endless costly “investigations”, and saying “no” to every opportunity to pass legislation that would make all our lives better.
Never mind the that President Obama saved the auto industry, and millions of related jobs, stemmed the recession and brought the unemployment rate down under 6%, promoted health care for millions, brought the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq, recognized the contribution of our was veterans, enabled better consumer protections, reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and spent more money on protecting our Mexican border and capture more illegals there than any other administration. Oh, he got ben laden, supporting the fighting against ISIL without troops on the ground.
Meanwhile the republicans response is to try and block every positive program and to disappear from Washington D.C. Don’t forget, the night he was sworn in to office, the republican cabal planned to do everything they could to destroy his presidency.
Why? Racism…plain and simple….With all the facts I have presented, there is no question that if white people are willing to toss all those “Obama” plusses aside when compared to republican actions over the last six years and will try to send the same anti-American people to Congress and stop the progress already made, the only reason is racism, pure and simple. I know I am preaching to the choir, but perhaps, someway somehow, some will see the light. At least, I hope so.
A recent quote from Newsweek a well-recognized magazine:
“Congressman Doug Lamborn, a Republican from Colorado, is an un-American demagogue, willing to sabotage this country for his own grandstanding narcissism. If his words are to be believed, this brainless blowhard is thoroughly unfit for public office and instead should be rotting in jail on charges of treason. Or am I being too subtle?

Lamborn is the latest type of political muck America needs to scrape off the bottom of its national shoe: an officeholder so absorbed with his hatred of the opposing party that he is willing to do anything, no matter how much it damages our national security and the underpinnings of our democracy, if it will win him some applause and maybe a couple of votes.”
For those who have not been following this story, Mr. Lamborn caused stir when he said (maybe paraphrasing here) that he and others have been encouraging military generals to retire en masse.
This story interested me because for the longest time, I have been saying that all the despicable things that the republicans do, continue to do, and will do in the future with the blessing of the U.S. Supreme Court, make them TRAITORS!!!!
People have called to tell me that my language was too harsh, too tactless among other things. But here we are, hearing from the mouth of a republican … just like dammitt’s 47% remark, a totally anti-American remark that suggesting an action that places millions of Americans at risk, let alone those in the military who place their lives on, the line every day to preserve our nation, our lives, our freedoms, and way of life (republican and Democrat); and the privilege to deviously plan their own demise.
But is that not what a traitor would do; encourage our military leaders to quit on their men and their own country?
I am not happy to be vindicated. In this cas, it is a sad day for me to say, “I told you so!”

Marriage Equality is a Hot Topic
The Supreme Court chose to pass on an opportunity to settle the question either way, should our country condone same sex marriage, or ban it?
There are a lot of comments on both sides of the issue, as I listen to the news pundits today.
But here is the $64,000 question, “Why is it an issue?”
Is it because no one should be denied the right to “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (marry who you love, despite their same sex) according to our Constitution; or should the country (and the world) maintain the “natural order” (only male and female should conjugate/ marry)?
Why do gays and lesbians want to marry their partners; and why does the public need to know who one loves and accept the marriage between them is okay? The proof of adult love or affection, in most societies, is only accomplished behind closed doors, in the seclusion of the two people; after all we are human beings and not animals and have such things as pride, decency, decorum and PRIVACY!!
In the past, many societies accepted the fact that the basis of their existence was the proliferation of family structure and order. They however, chose to ignore the fact that there were men and women in their societies who were different, in terms of the relationships they wanted and pursued. These “different” people were ostracized and forced to hide their relationships in order to “pursue happiness” and live without stress. They became “political and social activists”, coalesced and pressed politicians to listen to their pleas to live up to the Constitution that everyone revered so much.
But the bold activists, agitated and most heterosexuals did not listen and then reacted by passing legislation specifically banning the practice, making it a political issue. As the “activists” agitated more and gained economic and political power, some lawmakers and judges reacted by accepting the notion that there was an inherent right to “pursue happiness”; and that that fact transcended the “natural order” the world had accepted and protected, through the involvement in the marrying process, once only the province of religions.
Politicians continued to make laws that made governments responsible for what they would provide for “regular people” versus what they would not do for gays and lesbians and others who were not mainstream, mainly in reference to all sorts of benefits provided to same sex couples.
There were laws passed that openly discriminated against “unacceptable couples”. Hence, in order to avail themselves of these “benefits” the once “unacceptable couples” needed to be married. But is that their goal?
Because, if it is, perhaps the solution is for governments who have discriminated, to pass laws that protect, accept, and allow those folks who want to be together to care for each other, and allow benefits to all couples, no matter how they are constituted; and get out of the marriage business! Leave it to anybody to have their own opinions but the government should guarantee that no discrimination shall interfere with the right to pursue happiness.
I’d like some feedback on this because it is the topic of conversation today.
The Supreme Court punted on the subject virtually allowing states to support this civil right and ignore what was thought of as natural process.
What are your thoughts? At least it pushed ISIL into second place in the world of news.

Glad to see Mr. Dunn got his due in the cold blooded murder of Jordan Davis. Maybe this was a small slit in the armor of “right to kill Black young men when you want to” symdrome.

I still think no indictment from the grand jury in Ferguson, MO………

Enough said, I’m out….


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