Frat House Secret Service

Recent events regarding the safety of the President of the United States – President Elect – Barrack H. Obama have given me pause to think about the assault on Black America starting with the President himself. This failure is UNAMERICAN.
How can he be elected twice by the people of this great nation and still be so exposed and left unprotected? This is CRIMINIAL. Yes I said it CRIMINAL, CRIMINAL, CRIMINAL. And those entrusted to protect him the Secret Service – most of who are diligent and serve with distinction and honor were caught with their collective “pants” down.
But in the case . we have a tier of agents who seem to exhibit that “frat house behavior” found in corporation America and the bureaucracies in general where they exploit their positions for self aggrandizement and have little regard to their professional self-worth. The Secret Service must be purged so that these exhibitions of unprofessional behavior will no longer exist.
Frat house behavior is ‘immature and has no place in the working environment anywhere. America has for too long accepted the immature behavior of adults in ‘positions of power that I believe we assume is the natural order of things; that, this is normal behavior. NO WAY!
The Secret Service agent’s job, though is SIMPLE protect the President and the “Peoples” House. No more, no less. The head of the agency Julia Pierson is a DISGRACE. THE BUCK STOPS WITH HER. She is clearly a by-product of government bureaucracy, so secure in her job – allowing compliancy to set in or continue, when your job it to make the agency the most feared in the world if anyone thinks he/she can place our presidents in danger. Thirty years on the job and already witness to Secret Service failures in the past, she has demonstrated that she cannot handle the major responsibility of protecting our presidents. What has happened to accountability?
Before her appearance in the Senate committee hearings I thought she should have resigned. After the hearing and her unfazed answers and reliance on bureaucratic double speak I am convinced that she MUST GO – BYE-BYE! Madam Pierson you are a disgrace to the office you hold …. Tender your resignation to the President and beg forgiveness for your monumental failure as a manager and protector. What did you absorb during your thirty years working in the agency? Even a lay person knows your job is to protect and serve. You did not do that.
All agents who have failed the Nation and the President need to be replaced, immediately.
You had but one task and failure was not an option. Maybe Madam Pierson and her fellow frat buddies spent more time in the cafeteria and less time the history class? Did you not know the failures of the Secret Service and the assassination of four presidents? Did you not know that there have been six failed attempts? Moreover, did you not know about the previous incidents of misbehavior? But the final straw was the criminal that you failed to vet who had a gun inches away from the President.
Frat behavior includes the inability to take life and your job seriously. Agents who do not perform need to stand aside – put them on foot patrol or desk jobs until they can display an understanding of their primary purpose. Particularly, if they fail their jobs and engaged in public debauchery, drunkenness or dereliction of duty they are no longer an asset to the president.
What kind of manager awaits their underlings to tell them the truth. You don’t, you investigate and then replace. Where was your COMMON SENSE? PEOPLE LIE TO COVER THEIR A***S! Evidence of immature behavior is spinning the truth… ‘JUST DON’T LIE’ should be part of the code your agency operates with.
And how hard is it to secure the door? We know enough not to leave our own homes unlocked. Yet thr most important home in the nation, no World, is unsecured!
Your failure to understand the seriousness of the issues and willingness to accept unsubstantiated answers shows that you were never ready for manage the agency. I’m happy that you have retired.
Agents should be required to take a lie detector test and reconfirm their oath of duty. Why? Because lying on any lev, especially where the safety of the President at stake is NOT ACCEPTABLE. And reconfirm your oath, why? Because each agent needs to understand their COMMITMENT and the seriousness of the job.

By Martha B. Green

Enough said. I’m out!!!


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