Degrade ISIL????

I was just thinking…..again….
There is an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean called North Keeling Island that belongs to Australia. The only access is by water and it is far from the other islands in the group.
It costs the United States about $3,000,000 per bomb dropped on ISIL plus the cost of operating the jet plane, the pilot, the prep crew, say, $50,000 per misssion to fly one mission.
Supposed the coalition governments printed leaflets and dropped them in ISIL held territory plus creating an ad program to contact each area cell phone with a text message and blast loud speakers with a message in Arabic, offering a reward of say, $5,000 bonus per ISIL soldier who turns in himself with his weapon and walks away from the war? How about $10,000 for an armored vehicle and $20,000 for a tank?
How about a full-fledged advertising campaign aimed at demonstrating that there is another way for them to live and eventually prosper, if they give up fighting and warring. They could either die in battle or live in peace, but we would have given them a choice that is different from the one ISIL offers. Not a “pie-in-the-sky” offer but an world-wide public commitment that the world could not walk away from.
They would have to spend a minimum of five years, earning another five thousand dollars per year, on North Keeling Island with all the comforts of home, shelter, food, and a mate (family) and commit not return to the war zone for seven years. The UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. and other Arab countries could contribute to the cost of operating the campaign and the rewards program. Those who surrender would have to agree to be confined to the island. And the population of the other islands in the group practice Sunni…. The Australian Navy could guard the island so no one could leave.

If just 20% to 25% of the ISIL army took the offer you could degrade the fighting force at less cost than bombing them day after day, and have a chance to propagandize/ normalize them and expose them to 21st century life and break the cycle of violence they are used to. I would not expect the those who commanded forces and murdered innocent people would take the offer. Those people would have to pay the price for the atrocities they perpetrated.
Think about, do the math, consider the possible results…
Let me know what you think…

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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