Black Beauty, Voting, A Pass to the White House

I’m not going to get deeply into the discussion about beauty that the New York Times stupidly and sadly went into, but I thought about it and decided that my commentary was required, although I am, by no means, an expert.
Having said that, and understanding that white people, by and large, run the advertising business and because they are fixated on blond, pale, skinny shapeless women, and overt racism, they will never see the beauty in diversity.
Minorities arrive in every hue, shade and color from chocolate black and brown beauties to fair skinned shades of white with gorgeous bodies of every size, shape, with curves where they belong, to boot!
So when the New York Times decides to judge beauty by their standards you have to know that they have no clue because, in almost all cases, all they know is the mis-idolized white woman.
Occasionally, they will acknowledge that someone like Halle Berry or Vanessa Williams may have some of the attributes they would consider acceptable. That’s not good enough.
So my advice to the New York Times is, ask a lot of black folks what they consider beautiful, as if the subject merits some serious thought, given all the other crap we have to deal with. Better still, when you want expert opinions, let the experts ( minority women) write the piece and sit back; you’ll learn more…if you are truly interested a reliable discourse on beauty and so that will your readers, who have no idea minority beauty and culture, will actually learn something. Now that I have said the foregoing, is it that important for me to discuss here? Yes, it is, simply because sometimes one must take the time to educate…. and eradicate false assumptions.
Please Vote
I have been busy trying to find ways to get Democratic voters to the polls in November. Just like the good folks in Ferguson MO, minority people continued to be tone deaf when it came to voting. Ferguson was a wakeup call. They now realize, that they could have effected perhaps, another course of events if they had recognized and utilized their vote effectively.
But when you look at our dilemma nationally, that is, maintaining a majority in the Senate and gaining a majority in the House of Representatives, (the only way the can move forward in a progressive manner), we face nearly insurmountable odds, simply because the deck is stacked against the liberal/ progressive voter. Foremost is the role racism plays in the minds of most white voters. Despite all of the gains and improvements in their lives, they will let racism dictate their plight in terms of a continued lack of jobs, and health benefits, low wages, polluted water, foul air, and so on, because in their racist minds, they are still better than the richest, most educated, most successful Black person but most of all, our President. They are not but that does not mean that they will send to Washington, people who have no regard for their disadvantaged situation. These candidates tell white people that they cannot make positive decisions on global warming, women’s health, the effect of coal dust, higher wages, loss of teachers, better roads, and making people who born here, been here all their lives, citizens, yet these deprived folk, blinded by their racism via the five letter word, Obama, do themselves, a gross injustice.
We have this condition because we allowed our representatives to jerry-mander districts, close down voting booths, and arrange to place civil liberty traitors on a irretrievable lifetime path toward eroding our individual rights and privileges. The people we sent to Congress, voted to approve the far right judges to our Supreme Court. We assumed they would be unbiased and fair. We and they were way wrong. Now, the way our justice system is set up, cannot be undone. Meaning these conservative judges will screw us for years to come and there is nothing we can do about it , except bend over and let them “go to town!” Unless we vote in, over time people who are just and fair. By definition, they cannot be republican; it’s that simple. So let’s start now….get up off your ass and vote Democratic… and forever; it is our only hope.
A Pass into The White House.
It turns out that the intruder into the inner portions of the White House got further than what was reported. So it seems that all those movies about enemies breaching the White House and the heroic efforts by good looking, muscled, and MMA trained agents to save the President were pure fantasy.
It seems that a former soldier (deranged?) overpowered a Secret Service agent (where is Jamie Foxx or Harrison Ford when we need him?) and made it past the staircase to the President’s family quarters. Since the sketch of the White House is in the public realm so that any terrorist, knows exactly where he needs to go and what he will encounter (an ill-prepared, weakling pretty boy or old civil service retiree, perhaps) to wreak havoc in the “most protected mansion” in the world. The ”Secret” Service ain’t that secret anymore! Maybe they need to assign “SEAL team 5 or 7 to guard the White House… or maybe.. the “Expendables!”
If Obama is smart, the WHOLE group would be getting unemployment checks tomorrow. This is freaking unacceptable!! That is job where there are no second chances… so sweep ‘em out the door. I hope didn’t think that the President’s safety was not important because he’s Bl….. Naw…. that could not be the case….Naw… No………no……………
Enough said, I’m out!!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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  1. Hello. This may sound corny, but beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. People shouldn’t care what other people think.

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