John Crawford III, They Keep Doing It, ISIL, Iraq, Syria,Eric Holder, Derek, the Airheads

Well, John Crawford did not get justice yesterday. The young Black man in Ohio was murdered by police officers in August in a Walmart store while shopping and holding what is now being called an “air rifle”. He was casually strolling with the toy in hand and talking on his cell phone when the cops showed up and killed him. Everyone notes that Ohio is an (“open-carry”) state; that is, it is legal to walk with a unconcealed weapon. He did not threaten anyone with the toy, but since he was Black, he posed a threat and was dispatched accordingly by the police officers.
Reportedly, the grand jury chose not to charge the officers with any crimes, not even criminally negligent homicide or involuntary manslaughter which is I think, minimally reasonable under the circumstance. The U.S. Justice Department will look at this case. It ain’t over yet….
What this brings to mind as it did in the Michael Brown murder in Ferguson MO is, we have no idea what facts were given to the grand jury to consider. Since the presentation of the facts and the deliberations are secret, the public will never know whether the prosecuting attorney did his job and gave the jury all the information he had at his disposal. Therefore, we need to open these deliberations so that the public and elected officials can determine whether a fair and impartial presentation was delivered. After all that’s the prosecutor’s job and it must not be judged in a vacuum as it is now. It seems to me that it is passing the buck in the blind when we do not know what happens.
We must move to change the rules and open the process. We must know that the prosecutors are honest, and unbiased. If they are not, they need to be fired!! I know that most white racists don’t care, but there are more of us than them. We do care so let’s make sure open grand juries happen.
I still say no indictment in Ferguson…get ready…..
Quite an apology by that sheriff…too little too late…..he should just walk away and take 50 of his cronies with him. Next let’s run that mayor out of town too…….We must have a new, caring city administration in Ferguson, more reflective of the population, let’s get that done!!!
South Carolina Police Join the Overt War on Black Men
They keep doing it…. in South Carolina, a white State Trooper shot a Black man after accosting him in gas station lot. The Trooper had a body cam that revealed the blind panic and fear that Black people give to white police officers. Their infinitesimally narrow focus and lack of intimate exposure to Black people (after all, their only contact with us is on the job and, and from an adversarial point of view) and their training is focused on not being injured in a very risky job, that they accepted as they took that oath, rather than protecting the public. Their mantra is “don’t get hurt” and after being trained to think that they are the all-powerful judge and jury, supplemented with a “Lone Ranger mentality” and their sense of justice is to dispatch the perceived threat with all deliberate speed and finality; and who is a threat?? Black men! Black people are not persons in their eyes; they are only threats in the mind of these police officers.
Just look at the most recent case that has been publicized. Even after shooting the victim FOUR times, like a robot, the officer continued to tell Mr. Levar Edward Jones to place his hands behind his back and not to move, then handcuffed him before calling for assistance; not for an ambulance! In pain, Mr. Jones asked “Why did you shoot me, you told me to get my license?” Like a robot, without a sense of remorse or sympathy for the injured man, he goes through the “protocol” without understanding the egregious action he took, as if it was okay to shoot an unarmed compliant Black man.
Every police officer in America, needs to be tested for sanity, and bias, then retrained to deal with minorities. If they do not pass these tests, they need to look for another line of work that relieves them of a deadly weapon.
I understand the dangers of Ebola and we should do all we can to stem the advance of this deadly disease but we have our own epidemic and we need to deal with this threat too. We can do both, we just have to accept it as a disease and eradicate it.
A friend sent me the most horrific and barbaric photos of ISIL’s cruelty. Horrible and inhumane…ghastly repulsive and vile… heads of their victims piles in mounds, on fences, held in their hands…. These are not human beings, they are the epitome of satan….. I have to figure out how to give you the address so you can see for yourselves….devastatingly awful…..
Now we are bombing this plague with limited success (the effect of this campaign is useless unless there is a land army to take possession of the areas bombed. The pacifist Iraqi Army has no guts to do anything but run so any reliance on them is irrational, Mr. Obama!! It is like putting a little seven year old girl with a lace dress in the ring to face off against Floyd Mayweather, Jr.!!! We’ve been saving their asses for years and now they will cease to exist as a people. Amen.
Unless we totally get crush ISIL with a ground force, and then ask the UN to, as I suggest, declare the areas of Syria and Iraq, “protectorates” with a no “weapons zone”, get the other Muslim nations to provide police and armed forces to maintain order, backed by US air power, and patrol those areas for five years with a separate elected open non-sectarian administrative government overseen by the UN, in each area of those countries.
Let the Kurds, the Sunnis, the Shiites, the Syrian, the Al Basharites, the Separatists, the moderates, all have control their areas because it is clear that there can be no more Iraq and no more Syria as we knew them. Their feuds have gone on for far too long and they will not voluntarily bury old disagreements.
Just like Yugoslavia, break up the land borders and establish new ones and let them each be independent. After another five years, and after training their police and governments, have supervised elections, then let the UN and peacekeepers step away. The important thing is, the US troops will not be involved in the peacekeeping process, only in an advisory role.
Mr. Obama, are you listening to me????
Congress has no guts to vote to give the President authority to clean out ISIL…. Let’s be clear, I am not a hawk, but I do believe that there is a point in time where you stop accepting the B.S. You do not look for a fight but if you push it far enough, a fight you will get. It’s time to wipe away the B.S.
Eric Holder
He put up with the nastiness, rancor, spite, vicious malevolence and evil heaped upon him by the republicans in Congress as they saw him as the extension of the President.
He knew what his job was and he did it with aplomb. As a neighbor from the East Elmhurst area of Queens, New York, I am proud of the job he did. He is a dignified, compassionate man with a sense of purpose. He made anything that has to do with justice from a Federal perspective, better. The FBI, the CIA, the NSA all worked better and together to protect ALL of us from harm. He was judicious in the challenges he chose to confront. He was level headed when the issues were complex. Foremost was his effort to solidify the right to vote for all eligible citizens. The republicans hated him for that because they know that without devious devices to take away the vote from the people, they would not have a chance of winning elections in the most populous states. He stood tall against the unkind, unprofessional, unethical diatribes and gave them what they could not handle, the truth. He would not be intimidated and replied in a firm resolute and calm manner. His legacy is set in stone, for he supported the righteous and did his job. Unlike those cowards in the Congress, he showed up every day and proved to be a true patriot. Sorry to see you go, but you leave with the knowledge that you were a giant compared to those traitorous detractors who call themselves American when all can see that they are the epitome of liars.

Derek Jeter closed out his career in typical fashion with that winning base hit last night. Three more game in Fenway…. Always a professional, for twenty years, he played the game of baseball like the all-star that he is. I’m a Met fan but I root for the Yankees second. You cannot dispute his talent, developed through his dedication to the game, and his longevity. I love guys who know when to walk away. He was not the best at being a “five tool player” but he made everybody around him better. Five rings, five!!! He walks away as a first ballot Hall of Famer, everybody’s number six in the list of great Yankees, and number one in the hearts of all true baseball fans and New Yorkers. No scandal, no PEDs, no carousing, no parking tickets (that we know about), dignity personified wherever he appeared. Congratulations… the best of everything to you Derek….. So cool… When I grow up, I want you to be just like me!!!!

By the way, why do the networks and cable news folks think cheesy cheney and appalling palin are relevant in 2014? They have never had an intelligent remark since they came on the political scene. Put them both in a basket and the two airheads would rise into the atmosphere!! No wonder there is a hole in the ozone layer…..enough already………
Enough said, I’m out!!


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