The MurdersContinue andObama and ISIL

Police Shoot and Kill Suspect in Jennings, Missouri, 5 Miles From Ferguson Scene
What the hell does anyone expect? I keep telling you, cops shoot a Black person every 28 hours!!!! 28 hours!!! The eyes of the world are on them but do they give a f%&k? Hell no!!! Because although we know the statistics, we really don’t care. Our own existence is paramount so we say “Tsk, tsk!!” we are miles away from the incident and plus this time evidently there were no cameras, video or eyewitnesses, plus who going to prosecute them with a sham of a “grand jury” investigation with biased, lying, dishonest, and prejudiced public attorneys?

Why is it always, “He came at us so we had to kill him” excuse? They must teach that phrase in the academy. “A rifle wielding man ran away from the police then attempted to fire at the police”, says the police chief (according to reports) The cops were white, the murdered man, Black…what else is new? Must we believe that a man driving his car, and crashes into a police cruiser would decide to run away but first grab his rifle? C’mon man!! If he decided to run, why would he waste time grabbing a rifle?? Can he run faster with a rifle? Why did he grab a weapon that wouldn’t work? (fortunately) and wait to be shot, knowing what just happened in Ferguson and the knife wielding Black man a week after Michael Brown was murdered?
I’m waiting to see what the cable pundits have to say about this; how much coverage will happen, will there be marches and protests, will U.S. Attorney General go there? What about telling us his name? No, I think they need time to get their story straight. I’m ready for the b@!!5#&t!!!
By the way, AOL had quite list of murders of Black people by the police, from Eleanor Bumpurs to Sean Bell to Amadu Diallo, and it was duly noted that in most cases. the juries let the cops walk free or convicted them on some meaningless minor charge with little jail time….so I’m taking wagers that Officer Wilson will not do time any for the murder, wanna bet….. email me ( with your choice. Wilson either walks or he is convicted of a lower charge or he’s convicted of second degree murder….
Obama and No Boots on the Ground
Our President is a compassionate man, one who is committed to keeping America safe from harm. We are only going to talk about his foreign policy as it affects this notion. He said he would end the wars abroad and bring our troops home, a promise he kept, despite critics opposed to his reasoning. We were all happy that he kept his promise, except for the warhawks, the ones who dove headlong into wars without considering the results. They did it in Korea and in Viet Nam where they underestimated the resolve of the communists, not because the people thought that if they would make the U.S. go home there would be nirvana and a proof of strength. The warhawks also misjudged the assistance those lands would receive from the USSR, who turned on the U.S. after World War II.
But now the hawks have returned, looking for blood. I keep asking, “What relevance does a Cheney have and why do we keep seeing his face on TV?” Nonetheless, Obama has stood fast to his conviction. But he is faced with a monumental dilemma; ISIL has many more hostages; and will they murder a captive week and how long will the public here and around the world, tolerate this savagery? Obama has vowed not to send our military into war to save the hostages or the citizens of those lands and to bring order and decorum. What if he did, would that automatically ensure mass murder of the remaining hostages? He’s vowed to rid us of the spectre of ISIL by “degrading and destroying” them and is begging for the nations abutting Styria and Iraq to “man up” and deal with ISIL now rather than later when they may be stronger. But they have no guts for war and are like lambs waiting for slaughter, even with their loss of their way of life and opulence.
But I keep thinking, if the main objective is to destroy ISIL, then steps must be taken to insure success; and that assurance is all the might and power of the United States of America. As my mom often repeated, “If you want something done right and to your liking, then do yourself!” Pinching ISIS here and there will not do sufficient damage to dissuade them to dissolve. Giving “rebels” arms will not resolve anything because we simply cannot trust them; plus what happens if these arms end up in the hands of ISIL as recently happened?
Obama has painted himself into a corner with his “no boots on the ground” stance; he has a political “truth” problem, and I cannot see a way out of that pigeonhole… unless CONGRESS declares war on ISIL, and announces that those lands, after ISIL, will be “protected” for five years or more under UN (an otherwise useless organization) supervision (including Arab states) and then create an inclusive democratic government with local representation, within an agreement of religious freedom. Despite wanting to continue to live in the 16th century, the citizens of those countries must be encouraged to see, and utilize the benefits of the 21st century world. They probably still have ancient ideas about how to life but still can get their hands on a cell phone, so perhaps they will be amenable to the chance to live life without war. I think it’s worth the effort… but you have to destroy ISIL first. Let’s just do it…..

Enough said, I’m out!!


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