I was sorry to see that the evil-doers have taken the life of another innocent victim. This time a British volunteer, an aid worker, David Haines has been slain by this vicious, disgusting collection of savages.
Our sympathy and condolences to his family; we are so sorry.
I wish the Iraqis had the gumption to take their country back but this not about land, it is about justice. They have seen their friends, relatives and brothers die in unprecedented numbers, at the hand to these barbarians; yet they tremble when they need to avenge these atrocities. War is not easy, nor is it something one should relish, but there must come a time, and it is now, when the righteous must stop these maniacs. The Secretary of State, John Kerry is on an unending mission to get the Muslim countries near Syria and Iraq to get together and swipe out this menace. But as we see, with all their wealth and leisure yachts, they are reluctant to fight (like in “Army” fight) these maniacs, as if they are insulated, but there is a funny thing about success, especially when you have millions of riches like ISIL, they get heady and think they are invincible, so, after you reluctant punks have been overrun and murdered, the survivors will look back, and wonder why you did not save your own asses.
The United States can hunker down and become an isolationist nation, as some has suggested, but that idea will lead to our economy’s deterioration.
Obama has laid out a course to follow to vanquish ISIL without putting our troops at risk. Secretary Kerry is out seeking cooperation from the nations in the region but they are reluctant to publicly acknowledge what they will agree to do.
What I do worry about as an amateur is, why is the only solution, war? And what about ISIL’s slick ads via the internet to induce citizens of other countries to travel to the war arena and fight or turn on the countries that nurtured them.
Why not have a propaganda campaign to tell the weak-minded, the truth about ISIL? Why not drop leaflets or send tweets or call for cell phone ads or blast the airwaves as was done during the Second World War? Why not call for a conference of all interested representatives in Geneva Switzerland, with neutral nations from Africa or Asia or South America setting the agenda and leading the agreement and suggestions on how to confront ISIL and also lay out a plan to make the two countries, protectorates for five years, with a democratic government supervised by the UN?

Sometimes, as I write this blog, vent my feelings and express my opinion, I am a little frustrated because, I know, as they say, I’m preaching to the choir, but I think also that, hopefully, my message has more “legs” than just the circle who read it via Twitter and Facebook.
That being said, I will continue my “rant”.

Saratoga Springs, UT
I’ve never heard Saratoga Springs, UT but it is on the map now, because their police protected and served once again, to the point that they shot and killed another Black young man, 22-year-old Darrien Hunt on the pretext that he was carrying a dangerous weapon, then advanced on the police and did not heed their warnings. We cannot expect that there will be protests, marches, and civil disobedience since the black population in state of Utah is only 0.6%, let alone, Saratoga Springs. There are maybe, 135 Black people in Saratoga Springs!!! ZERO point six percent!!!! And he was bi-racial!!!! ….. So what the hell were the cops thinking when they saw a “Black” guy with a sword, (a TOY), a souvenir samurai sword without sharp edges and less than 30 inches long and shot him in the BACK????
They want us to believe that Mr. Hunt “lunged at” them. Now, you tell me how stupid that sounds… a man with a phony sword is going to lunge at cops with guns???? They cannot be serious!!! And the autopsy, according to the family attorney, reveals that he was shot in the back!! The county attorney’s office said that the shooting was being investigated by the Utah County Officer Involved Shooting Protocol Team and that the county attorney’s office would review the findings and issue a statement afterward.
The officers involved in the shooting have not been identified. (That sounds familiar.) It was not immediately clear whether the incident was video-recorded. The two officers have been placed on paid leave pending the results of their investigation’s.
But where we gonna get some protesters?? Now we really need the Feds on this one.
And I notice that the cable and regular news channels do not deem this shooting as noteworthy as Ferguson because there are no riots, marches and police in riot gear. Not to diminish the stories about Ray Rice, the NFL, Goodell, Adrian Peterson, and all the other criminals employed by the NFL, but so far no one died. So what is more important news; an innocent boy shot dead by police, or all the theories about why Peterson whupped up on his son? Peterson’s son will, I hope get over, it and live a long good life like a lot of kids like me have. Where are all the psychiatrists and psychologists with theories about why cops keep killing Black men? Where are the news stories? Where are all the recriminations from McDonalds, Pepsico, Raddison Hotels, Nike, and so on? Where is the NAACP, the Congress, where the hell is Reverend Al, Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace, Chris Matthews? Yes, I know that ISIS is a problem, and requires discussion but this murder is not even on their radar!!! Disgusting!! But I guess it’s not important that another poor mother grieves over a senseless murder by an idiot or two by white men with badges. White folks, when you son is gunned down maybe we’ll get some attention. No, no wait…. Columbine didn’t do it, Sandy Hook didn’t do it… those had “legs”, too but the powerful looked the other way.
I keep saying, every police officer must be required to go through a rigorous sensitivity, awareness and moral training or leave their jobs. As long as we allow them to wear a badge and have a gun when they are racially insensitive and see every Black person as a death threat, the murders will continue. My fervent hope is that we black people will continue to press for justice without rancor and chaos and that reasonable white people will heed our pleas and do the right moral and legal thing and stop the murders.
Enough said, I’m out!!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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