The President and the War, Ferguson, Roger Goodell, R*****ns

The speech by our President was short and direct but left me wondering about whether the Muslim nations in the Middle East can be reliable enough to eradicate ISIL. The promos of John Kerry chatting with the emissaries from the various countries, everybody’s all smiles; but I think they are too lazy, too smug, too rich, too ignorant, to understand that they are like the cows who follow the bell-cow to their death. They do not understand that the United States is tired of being the “cop on the beat” and the laws of the world are only enforceable and meaningful when they are backed up by the “people” who are willing to support the “police”!
All those nations stood by as ISIS brutally savaged other Muslims and spread its nasty perversion of their ideology of murder and mayhem. Not a word as they cowered, wrapping their wealth of gold and oil in their robes and rode in their Rolls Royces. There are politicians here in America, who are opposed to going to war anywhere, for any reason, to save other peoples from anything. No leader except a blind, greedy one, like a Putin, wants war because in war, your people die and that does not make you popular and create a legacy that history will treat kindly…. unless you are Russian.
Obama has proven that he is a pacifist at heart but still has enough competitive juice to punch back when challenged; normally not face to face, “mano-mano”, but in a more psychological way. Sanctions, lack of playtime, “go to you room“ type of response….but if all else fails, he will sucker-punch you. Hence, the bombing campaign in Iraq and now Syria. But where are the ground troops… you can kill off ISIS by bombing them into oblivion but who’s going to lay claim to the land afterwards. Who is going to give the innocents somewhere safely to live and grow vegetables? Who is going to sweep away the chaos in the aftermath? Build roads and schools and an electrical system or running water (do they have these things now?) Where is the Muslim army to keep the gains, to tell people they can worship anyway they want? You need to do this with manpower, with army power, with police power, but not with U.S. people and airpower…. So I need to see Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, etc., and Iraqis provide manpower to maintain order, to make me believe that those countries will not continue to foment for the next eon. What is needed is a declared Protectorate for Iraq and Syria for five years while they are taught the democratic process (which they may not want) and how to run a government, maybe a couple of public administration classes and affair stable police force (am I crazy…let’s work on that here!)
Last on the War… Obama is waiting for permission from Congress to go to war. But he phrased the request as a request. He should have said tpthe American people, “Here are the alternatives.. Congress has three days to vote up or down, no if ands or buts… put something on my desk either way by….”
A real quickie….maybe we use a little propaganda, like “Radio Free Europe” of a bygone era to get a message to those who think that they want to join ISIS; or maybe drop leaflets or call ‘em on their cellphones or create a TV commercial to tell those misguided aspirants that they are signing up for a trip to hell and think about how aggrieved their family will be…
Ferguson had a city council meeting last night, and the people had their say. A few things…The mayor and city council are overwhelmed and incompetent and need to resign immediately. If they won’t then sue them out!
Second, the city official were also tone deaf……no apology for the now disclosed and unlawful profiling and fining/ jailing of minority residents. No apology for the distorted racial make-up of the police force, fire department, etc., no plan to change anything…. They gotta go!
Third, I was proud of the populace… they came, they spoke with passion… There will be a change in Ferguson in November, I am sure. Like I say…. ”Politics, pay attention to it or you may get representation you may not want!”
He’s on the hot-seat. Is he lying? The tape was in house, and he didn’t see it? It makes no difference…he should have got it right when he had the chance.. Too late… without the “elevator tape, he tried to save the league’s reputation and it backfired. He can redeem himself a little by telling denial Snyder to change the name The Original Americans
works well, maybe they’d win a few games this year if they change the name!!
Oh, all the sportscasters and others who agree the name, “R*****ns is a slur keep using the word when they talks about it as a slur….. kinda dumb if it’s a slur, stop saying it!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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