Still Ray Rice, The NBA Flubbs, It’s Never Too Late, The Prez Corners Congress

Still Ray Rice
The whole world of news, sports and otherwise, has been focused on Ray Rice and his dilemma. I was hoping that my little rant would close the matter for me, but as I suggested, Roger Goodell is on the hot seat and by extension, it has given the Rice matter more life.
I am not a fan of Mr. Goodell, as most of you can surmise. Every edict he issues, is issued as a reaction. With all the investigative manpower and others, he cannot seem to get ahead of a problem. Whether there are problems with drugs, drunk driving, concussions, illegal tackling, he has been more concerned with whether a player’s socks are a certain length or whether a player dunks the ball over the goalposts. In this Rice situation, he conspired with his owners to avoid a major publicity debacle by pleading ignorance of the full facts (the elevator video) and to give Rice the proverbial “slap on the wrist”). If he had opened his eyes, assuming they were open) he would have known that the punishment would not fly with the public, and given a year’s suspension and say, a two million dollar fine, along with the counseling component, everybody, I think, would have been satisfied. But he didn’t and now his pants are on fire, as they should be. Rice got preferential treatment by the police and judicial authorities and then Goodell and the Ravens exacerbated the situation and that is apparent; and that was wrong.
And he’d better do the right thing with the nickname of the Washington football club.
I do not think he should be fired yet, but he certainly is on the ropes. He needs to get on the ball on the big issues because the next thing, as small as it may be, he’s gone. This is not about socks and authorized colors. It’s about being tone deaf on a variety of issues that really matter to people.
By the way, all the professionals who want to excoriate Ray Rice and Janay Rice for trying to love each other after the incident need to back off. Janay knows she was assaulted, she knows she was knocked cold, she knows she was dragged. She knows that it was not her fault, she knows they need counseling but she also knows he loves this guy. Let’s let them work through this. Ray knows he has only this one chance to redeem his marriage, his reputation, his career, and his self-esteem. We need to let it go and step back. Janay and their child live with him every day. He has something to prove. The world is watching and they know it. With support and counseling perhaps they can put this episode behind them; we must give them that chance. So, let’s shut up, already!
More has surfaced about the racial overtones within the management office of the Atlanta Hawks. Now Danny Ferry, the team General Manager, is under fire for purportedly repeating unsavory comments from a scouting report denigrating a player Luol Deng. The major owner of the team, Bruce Levenson, has owned up to making racial remarks about the team’s fan base and whether white people were comfortable rubbing shoulders with Black fans and in trying to get ahead of the blowback, offered to sell his interest in the team.
What this tells me, and in the Rice case too, is how clueless and unaware these rich people are about what is acceptable in our society in 2014. They live in this closed society tower, surrounded by “yes” men and women who allow them to live in the past when the things that were “acceptable” years ago, do not cut it now. They still believe it’s okay to think they are “benevolent” when they pay minorities loads of millions of dollars so they can make more millions and refer to those made millionaires as lesser human beings, sort of like an educated Negro of long ago who they saw as, an entertainer rather than a professional on par with them.
Maybe they should be forced to hang with, talk to, rub shoulders with, dine with, and bunk with, the people they only see as subordinates.
We minorities, have learned to live in the world they created, and as things change, they’re going bonkers, never having been in the minority! They need an “attitude” adjustment. There’s going to be a new world. They have learned to acquiesce with people around the world but they have never gotten over the “slave-master” complex they have nurtured here in America. They need to, before it’s too late for them ’ cause we are not going anywhere; we’ve put as much as anybody else into the growth of this nation. And we’d all be better off if they had realized the potential we have.
Last, what’s Michael Jordan’s take on these sports race issues? We heard from Magic on the Sterling fiasco, so……?
It’s Never Too Late
I love the story about the 96 years old black woman who married the 95 year old white guy. Since she was previously placed in a home and diagnosed with dementia there are relative who are questioning the union. They met when they were in line to purchase lottery tickets (a buddy of mine met his wife doing the same thing, and they are still are going strong today!) They got married with the blessing of a granddaughter who was the lady’s co-guardian. But other family members are not happy since the marriage changes the way her estate would be distributed upon her death and taken the matter to court, seeking dissolution of the marriage. The supportive granddaughter says they are a beautiful couple, kissing all the time.
Those greedy, selfish and obtuse relatives need to butt out, and the courts should too! If I get to be ninety, I hope somebody will be interested in futtzzing around with me…. If I get there!

Bomb and/ or and Special Forces (no boots?)
I think I said some time ago that the Prez should drop the question of how far to go militarily to defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria, in the laps of Congress. He’s done just that and now the cheating republican liars have to fish or cut bait. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.


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