Goodell. the NFL and Ray Rice, Royalty Babies?

And We Thought the Ray Rice Incident Was Over
The video of Ray Rice striking his then, fiancée twice in the face has been released.
Now Roger Goodell who has said that he erred in his original decision to suspend Ray Rice for two games, suspends Rice indefinitely, after the Baltimore Ravens terminates his contract.
It seems to me that Goodell has operated in hindsight mode in this matter. Having “gotten it wrong”, it is too late to make amends.
Do not get me wrong on this…. Rice committed a crime and he should have been charged; and he was. But if Ray Rice had been suspended for the year by the NFL then matter would have been closed. Ray Rice should have been given some jail time for the assault so the justice system failed too.
But to address the matter again and come out with a harsher punishment (even in view if the newly released video), seems to me, to be too late. Ray Rice admitted to his transgression and stood ready to accept the penalty. Goodell got it wrong then but he can’t get it right now with “this punishment adjustment”, which leads me to the punishment for other violations such as drug use.
Goodell needs to really spend a lot of time and come up with reasonable and acceptable guidelines for all violations that strike a proper balance and publicize them. His “seat of the pants” penalty decisions will continue to make the public feel that he does not have what it takes to manage such an organization.
Drug violation penalties must be reasonable, especially in light of the current trend toward legalizing marijuana, particularly. But they cannot be harsher than violence and assault actions. Included in the adjudication of drug violations there has to be mandatory treatment and counseling. I think a lifetime ban, as a second and final punishment is too harsh. All, I am saying is that there needs to be a step or two more before the transgressor is banned for life.
Likewise, depending on the severity of assault, there must be reasonable penalties for the action; but again, to go from six months to lifetime seems not well thought out. Each case has to be judged on its own facts and very well may result in a lifetime ban; but Goodell can’t revisit his decision and make it for a lifetime now, and neither can the Baltimore Ravens. Just get it right the first time!
If another country wants to live in the past, I guess it’s alright.
I have never been a fan of royalty so the “hulla-ba-loo” over an English baby’s birth is annoying. It would not be so, if the “newsies” would not go gaga over the “who is next in line” crap.
No one is better a person in value than the next, rich, poor or somewhere in between. I hope these privileged people keep marrying who they love until the idea is overwhelmed by “ordinary” people. Royalty is passé; a nation can give its citizens money and a palace to live in, if they want to, but really??? It just makes them, lucky, and unemployed that’s all. I’m glad that the idea is limited to just getting something for nothing and the idea that they had a “right to rule by virtue of birth” has been long buried.
It may have something to do with the idea that some white people in America, think they are better than everybody else. So let’s lighten up on the “royalty” idea……. Maybe the idea of “I’m better than you” will die and bode better for economic relations in this country.


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