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Again my condolences go out to the Sotloff family for the loss of their son, Steven. From all that has been said about this courageous man, I know he is dearly missed. He was willing to place himself in the midst of a raging cauldron of hate so he could tell the world about this insidious cancer that has enveloped the region. He was truly an innocent bystander but these evil people do not care. They are without honor, are cowards, hiding behind masks while they indiscriminately kill for joy. There is no gainful reason, except to intimidate and murder.
This family, as the Foley family did, faced this loss with dignity. God bless them all.
Joan Rivers…
A true New Yorker with a quick wit and what a sense of humor about the realities of life, she went “Hollywood” for a while but always remembered he roots. I enjoyed her clean comedic style and delivery. The world is sorry to have lost you. May you rest in peace.
Thirty years…… and innocent. On death row, facing a fate that no one could reverse… watching other inmates walk the “green mile” knowing you could be next but praying for the truth. ….
Leon Brown and Henry Lee McCollum suffered through the unforgiving agony, knowing that the justice system did not fail them but rather, the dishonest, racist, lying police and the prosecutorial components conspired to avoid their responsibilities to find the real murderer(s) of the poor little girl. They’d rather lie to two innocent people, knowing they were of diminished mental capacity; deny them their rights to a competent legal representation and allow a judge, who in my mind, is also complicit, put these two behind bars awaiting their execution.
This is a most compelling reason to do away with the death penalty.
We are glad that there are dedicated, resourceful and competent people who are persistent in their search for truth and justice.
All those involved in this travesty, need to be brought to justice and pay a price for their racist acts.
U.S. Justice Department will investigate Ferguson Police Department for civil rights violations, as well as the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office. When the city is 65% minority, (when we first noticed Ferguson the percentage was stated as 70%), so I m a little confused on that score; still 92% percent of the police force is white
The Most “American City
(My comment on a web article)
The idiot who dubbed Nashville as the most “American” city and listed other southern cities, must have awakened with amnesia. Call it something else, but the “The Most American”??? With still a load of racists, wearing white hoods, and hating the Federal government, their state, like a lot of haters get more money from Washington than what they pay in taxes. It might be a nice place for white people but let’s get real. Ask some minorities before you write nonsense like this. Find another real American City and take some meds to get out of your delirium. You folks have no idea about the miseries minorities go through in your “American” cities.
Next time, ask some minorities toiling under the steel boot of racism, and not the ones who have six and seven figure salaries if you can find any of those. The “Most American” city should reflect the values of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, but I guess if you are southern, white (while hating the Federal Government) and free to inflict your hatred, you feel “American”.
You need to go back to your computer and rethink your story. Find cities that reflect our American values.
As for the misfit* who thinks there is a problem with liberals, clean the bull crap off your holely boots, crawl out of your hole and see the world as it is, people struggling to live a decent life without a chaw of tabbaka!!
*The responder thought that people who found the article, naïve, when they overstated their opposition to the writer’s opinion.

The Economist
The Economist, a well thought of magazine provided a review in its September 4 edition of a book by historian Edward Baptist’s (a Cornell University professor) new book, The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism. In the review, the writer stated that the book basically portrayed all the slaves, victims and all the slave masters, as evil villains. Stating as follows,
“”Another unexamined factor may also have contributed to rises in productivity. Slaves were valuable property, and much harder and, thanks to the decline in supply from Africa, costlier to replace than, say, the Irish peasants that the iron-masters imported into south Wales in the 19th century. Slave owners surely had a vested interest in keeping their ‘hands’ ever fitter and stronger to pick more cotton. Some of the rise in productivity could have come from better treatment. Unlike Mr. Thomas, Mr. Baptist has not written an objective history of slavery. Almost all the blacks in his book are victims, almost all the whites (were depicted) as villains. This is not history; it is advocacy.” The magazine has since apologized for the review, took it down from its website.
Mr. Baptiste responded “It is a rare gift when people reveal themselves for who they are and what they believe. One of the challenges of writing a book about slavery is that a lot of the historians and journalists and students you talk to when you are writing the book are exactly the kind of people who can’t believe that anyone still thinks U.S. slavery was a mild, paternalist institution. Or that anyone still thinks slaves were “well-treated.” But in fact those people are still out there. Many of them are powerful. And their ideas still influence public policy and public discussion of race. So it is a good thing to flush out the ideas and reveal them for what they are.”
This discussion actually tells me, and the world, that there are a lot of white people out there with the same attitude displayed by the reviewer; “It (slavery) wasn’t that bad… they got good food because they were so valuable… the disobedient ones we hanged didn’t appreciate our good intentions…when we beat you, we did not mean to kill you, you mean too much to us!!”
But that mentality lives on….mostly in the republican teepee party, and that puzzles me; why any black person today would stick out his chest and say, “I’m a proud republican!!” If you are in that party, they are smiling at you, not with you because, while you think they appreciate your presence, they don’t; they’re just waiting for the right moment to use you. And you know what I call you……

Roger Goodell is a joke. He decided that Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, who pled guilty to a DUI charge would be suspended for six games for the 2014/2015 season. This is after all the clamoring over his decision to suspend Ray Rice for two games for knocking his then, fiancée, out cold in Atlantic City and dragging her like a sack of coal. He later admits he “erred” with such a lenient penalty…..but n order to “sort of mitigate” the “harsh” penalty to Mr. Irsay, he announces two edicts; one, any domestic violence incident by players would get them suspended for six games for the first offense and for the second, a potential lifetime ban!
Second, he decides that it’s time to announce that there is no agreement with the NFLPA for players’ use of HGH (human growth hormone).
All this to take the heat from Mr. Irsay, still an owners’ man…..
Geno Auriemma and Mo’ne
The NCAA flagged the talented coach for the congratulatory phone call he made to Mo’ne, in which he commented on her picture on the first page of Sports Illustrated and her performance in the Little League World Series. These are the same rich petty men who won’t pay athletes who make billions for the their schools and pay the salaries of all the “execs” who run this illegal enterprise.
A simple phone call… to congratulate a pretty young black girl. Who know what the future holds for her; maybe UCONN, maybe not, who knows….but a violation? C’mon, man!!!
The NBA’s Atlanta Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson said he is selling his controlling interest in the team, because of an email he wrote over two years ago.
Levenson wrote the email to explain his theory that Hawks black fans kept white fans away.
Levenson said he regrets the email sent to the team’s co-owners and general manager Danny Ferry and that it was inappropriate and offensive. Levenson sent the email due to his concerns about low attendance and a need to attract suburban white fans.
He then realized the email appeared to indicate that white fans were more important than Black ones. He voluntarily reported the email to the NBA. In August 2012, he had sent a similar email saying “southern whites” were uncomfortable at games. “My theory is that the black crowd scared away the whites and there are simply not enough affluent black fans to build a significant season ticket base,” he wrote. I think southern whites simply were not comfortable being in an arena or at a bar where they were in the minority.” Levenson said Hawks crowds were 70 percent black, the team’s cheerleaders were black and hip-hop music was played.
All this made me laugh. Like me, all the Black men and women I know, had to earn their way in the business, corporate, educational, housing, and financial world despite being the MINORITY!!!! And now, in the sports business, when we have a chance to excel, we make some white people uneasy?
Now white people, think about it……….we had to handle being the minority in your worlds, and still do; but you are uneasy at a basketball game!!!! Where tickets cost a bunch of money, a whole lotta moooonnnnneeeeyyyy! So it can’t, to a certain extent, be people you wouldn’t ordinarily be around….they’re spending the same dollars you are spending,,, but it’s your paranoia playing with you……..
We have professors, astronauts, accountants, investors, doctors, poor people, sick people, truck drivers, farmers, ditch diggers, (need I go on?) just like you do, so what is there to be uneasy or uncomfortable about, except the one most unimportant thing, the color or YOUR skin!!
Get out of the league and stay out, maybe you’ll go play golf with Sterling at a segregated golf course, and feel comfortable, but you know what, we ain’t going nowhere…..probably see us, cooking your food or getting your drink (brings to mind that scene in The Color Purple when Whoopi spit in the tea!!)
I see this a ruse for Levenson to say “I am a racist… you do not have to tell me I am one, I’ll go so I can be with like minded people…….”
Well good bye and good riddance!!!!!!
A Closing Note
There was recent discussion of why black women don’t breastfeed. The commentator on HuffPost Live had several reasons why. She explained that there are different ways to breastfeed, i.e., northern, southern; and what the benefits are, such as lower incidence of cancer, etc.
I see the main reason is, their husbands won’t get out of the way!!!!! (kidding, kidding!!)

Enough Said, I’m out!!


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