Red•skin (r d sk n )
n. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a Native American.
Redskin – (slang) offensive term for Native Americans (from sources)
A controversial etymological claim, which has been called “revisionist history,” is that the term emerged from the practice of paying a bounty for Indians, and that “redskin” refers to the bloody, red scalp of a Native American. During the entire history of America until the turn of the twentieth century, Indigenous Americans were hunted, killed, and forcibly removed from their lands by European settlers.[ This includes the paying of bounties beginning in the colonial period with, for example, a proclamation against the Penobscot Indians in 1755 issued by King George II of Great Britain, known commonly as the Phips Proclamation. The proclamation orders, “His Majesty’s subjects to Embrace all opportunities of pursuing, captivating, killing and Destroying all and every of the aforesaid Indians.” The colonial government paid 50 pounds for scalps of males over 12 years, 25 pounds for scalps of women over 12, and 20 pounds for scalps of boys and girls under 12. Twenty-five British pounds sterling in 1755, worth around $9,000 today —a small fortune in those days when an English teacher earned 60 pounds a year. Though the proclamation itself does not use the word, at least one historical association between the use of “redskin” and the paying of bounties can be made. In 1863, a Winona, MN newspaper, the Daily Republican, printed among other announcements:
“The state reward for dead Indians has been increased to $200 for every red-skin sent to Purgatory. This sum is more than the dead bodies of all the Indians east of the Red River are worth.”
This association can evoke strongly negative sentiments. In a 2014 interview, activist Amanda Blackhorse commented:
The name itself actually dates back, you know, at the time when the Native American population was being exterminated, and bounty hunters were hired to kill Native American people. And so, you know, one could make a great living off of just killing Native American people. And there was a tier effect that was paid out. You know, the highest paid was for a Native American man and then a woman and then a child. And so, based off of that, there were news clippings and flyers and stuff that were posted up, asking people to go out to kill Indians and bring back the red skin. So, in order to show that they made their kill, they had to bring back a scalp or their skin. And so, that’s where the “Redskin” word has been kind of passed down. So, in our community, we do not use that word.
I have given you some of the usages for the word by white people and by Native Americans in the past.
Just like it was once common for African Americans to accept the slur, “nigger”, or “coon” or “jiggaboo” as a way to identify themselves to all; not understanding, that at the same time, it referred to African Americans in a most disparaging way, which was thought to be acceptable.
So, you white people who willing accept the term “redneck” or “honky” or “cracker” or “pig” or “whitemotherf****r” with honor, I salute you!
And you negroes (notice the small “n”) who work for the Washington football team and evidently say, “Call me “feces, just cut my check , it’s okay” and those negro fans who root for that team when you wear those stupid, insulting “getups” and buy the paraphernalia, and don’t understand they are like the “house niggers” who thought they were better than the field hands, not realizing that they were thought of by white overlords, as “just another “nigger”!!
After all there is a lot of tradition in slavery and massacre and annihilation.
And to the asses, (two classes), to the ones who surveyed some Native Americans who happen not to know the history of the term, and respond tot the question, saying, “It’s okay or I don’t care!”, and you think it’s justification to continually insult someone who tells you they are hurt by the term. You have the gall to say, “You’re thinSKINNED, I think it’s okay, so f**k you, I will call you what I want!!” Please, get really informed.
The second class of ass is the person who thinks that the record of the team will disappear with a name change. The “Colt45s” changed their name to “Astros”, the “Supersonics changed the name to “Sonics”, “The Expos” became the “Nationals”, The Braves were the Brewers, the Reds were the “Redlegs”, The Padres were the Washington Senators, the Houston Texans were the “Oilers, the Jets were the Titans……All their records are intact and not destroyed by the change of name… but none was an insulting name. But Mr. Snyder, Roger Goodell and fans want to maintain the disparaging name, falsely saying it is an honor, blindly ignoring the purpose of the word and its connotation by the first owner, George Marshall.
Well from now on I will honor you by calling you, N****r, C*****r, S**c P*****k, Ch**k, “G**k, K**e, each and every time I write…. You will be honored! And I will keep your records intact.
ESPN had a discussion on whether the Washington football club should change its name. Bob Ley did a poor job……This is something that you cannot be neutral on……you must be deaf, dumb and blind if you cannot accept a simple concept……If I tell you that you are insulting me, how charitable would it be for you to stop? ….Or dismissive if you continue?
I do not find the emblem offensive, just the name……change it to “ALL AMERICANS”, and we’ll all watch them play …and maybe they’ll win a few games.
Enough said, I’m out!!


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