The Story Line Can’t End When the Police Keep Doin’ It

A video of a North Texas (Forney, TX) showing an African American mother being pulled over on a lonely road at night by the police, and then being handcuffed and arrested in front of her four children has become a hot topic, as the altercation was a close call; any wrong move by the mother. I am certain this incident would have ended tragically, if it were not for the mother, aware of places like Ferguson, MO, and although nervous and terrified for her children’s welfare, complied with the insulting order to exit her vehicle, and keep her hands in the air. The video also shows the lady’s six year old son later exiting the vehicle, hands raised in the air, and terrified too, that something awful was happening to his mom. He was right as we saw.

Police stopped Mrs. Barbour even though her car did not match the initial vehicle description given to dispatch. The person who called 911 told authorities that he person driving recklessly and waving a gun was in a “beige or tan-colored Toyota.” Mrs. Barbour was driving a burgundy Nissan Maxima.

The police were supposed to look for a tan Toyota with four black men inside, but the police in their haste to capture any black person, pulled over the red (burgundy) Nissan with four kids! (Now, you know!!! I keep saying retraining, please…..this time for knowing their colors! (a pun)

Police in Forney have apologized to Kametra Barbour after forcing her to exit her car. Barbour complied with every instruction from the officers but can be heard on video saying, “My kids! (They’re 6 and 8 and 10, 9.) What are we doing? Oh, my God — you will terrify my children!”

Officials admit to mistakenly pulling Barbour over on a felony traffic stop, guns draw, menacing the family. The incident happened earlier this month as officers responded to that call.

Police, as they issued an apology to Barbour and her family, said the police stop “was a frightening and unfortunate incident.”

Well, it did not have to be. Here’s is another case of the police with lack of training and awareness, aggressive behavior and disrespect. It was easy to see that the occupants of the car did not fit the description of the people they were looking for, yet they continued their uncalled for insulting behavior…. because that is what they are trained to do, when it is a matter of race.


Here’s another…..

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) – A family has come forward claiming Petersburg VA Police came on their front porch and tried to stop them from recording a video of arrests happening right in front of their home.

The family reached out to the “On Your Side Investigators” and shared dramatic cell phone video. The incident led to a violent confrontation between the videographer, his family and the police.

The cell phone video shows JaQuan Fisher, 17, is standing on his own front porch recording the arrests on Rome Street. In the video, an officer is heard saying, “Unless you want me to take your phone from you……”, before there is a struggle and video goes to black.

“I was right here. I pulled out my phone,” JaQuan said, pointing to where he was standing.

Petersburg Police had just busted several people at a home next door. They were handcuffing the suspects in front of Fisher’s home. Fisher walked out onto his porch and saw his cousin—who was one of the people being arrested—who then yelled, “Start recording.”

“[The officer] came onto the porch and said, ‘You want me to take your phone?'” Fisher said. “I put my phone in my pocket and then when he tried to take my phone, I guess he thought I was going to get my phone again and he shoved me. I shoved him back.” Fisher’s sister then also started taking cell phone video. She captured the violence that followed.

“They was (sic) trying to grab my son off the porch. I was trying to tell my boyfriend to open the door so we can get in the house,” Debra Fisher said. She is JaQuan’s mother and can be seen on the video wrestling with officers.

A second officer joined the struggle. There was an object in his hand. The family says he started spraying mace.

“They maced each other, too. He just started macing everywhere,” Debra Fisher said.

A third officer came rushing in to the chaos, and then put Debra in a choke hold, nearly pulling her backward off the porch.

JaQuan Fisher was charged with two counts of felony assault on law enforcement. Prosecutors eventually dropped one charge and reduced the other to a misdemeanor. Without an attorney, he pleaded guilty to that charge. His mother didn’t have an attorney either, and a judge found her guilty of obstructing justice. It is believed that neither was told they had the right to see an attorney. For the family, this isn’t about the altercation on the porch. It’s why they were even bothered by police to begin with.

“We have a right to do what we want to do with our phone sitting on your porch……sitting on my porch,” Debra Fisher said.

They are seeking counsel to vacate the convictions and to pursue civil rights violations damages.

Two months prior to this incident on April 10, there was another confrontation between a Petersburg resident and police caught on cell phone video.

“Get inside now! Inside! You can record all you want to,” an officer yelled in this video from June. Devin Thomas, 17, was recording video of an arrest when officers tried to make him leave a public street.

That also led to a violent confrontation with a bystander not involved in the original police arrest.

“When you start having a pattern of encounters like this, regardless of who’s right or wrong, just the pattern and the questions that are raised erodes the public confidence in the police and public trust in the police,” Steven Benjamin said. He’s a prominent defense attorney and also NBC12’s legal analyst.

“Let’s be real clear. You have the absolute right to stand on your front porch and record what’s going on in your front yard,” Benjamin said.

He has no inside knowledge of the cases and doesn’t know what information police had. He can only see what was recorded, what’s on the videos. He says what he does see raises some red flags.

“Because an officer decided to prohibit what is a legitimate right, the video recording being made on the porch, you then had the police creating a separate encounter that very quickly got out of control, putting the other officers at risk,” he said.

He also questions the use of the choke hold.

“It’s a dangerous procedure and it’s very far along that continuum of force, that gradual increase of force that officers are allowed to use to protect themselves. It can be very dangerous to hold a person in a place like that,” Benjamin said. What’s captured on video suggests, “That there is a need for training, additional training, perhaps a different approach to their policing and perhaps some discipline.”

The agency pointed out Debra Fisher was charged with obstruction and found guilty in a court of law. The agency went on to say, “All subject resistance reports are reviewed by the department and no officers were disciplined or transferred to other positions within the department because of the case. Officers are trained to use the least amount of force. No complaints have been filed and the event happened nearly 3 months ago. Officers do not hinder the public from recording video as it is their right to do so.”

More to come on this story…..

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