I been thinkin’………

Nice reverent home-going for Michael Brown. The turnout was amazing, Rev Al’s eulogy focusing on how the police see black young men, how they respond to those interactions, TD Jakes’ prayers; in attendance, MLK, Jr., Jesse, Jackson, and oh, the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell, there to support Mike’s family. The eulogies were outstanding…. His cousin, Eric Davis gave us some personal insight into the boy-man, Michael. Nice, poignant, moving…. I just wish Mike was coming home and not home-going.

Second Thought

I repeat, rather than allowing the eggheads who have all the theories about how to stem the idea that it’s okay to look at young black men as prey. Some say that the police need to be trained on how to use the massive military material that has been foisted upon them. Others say that there are good cops trying to do the right thing so don’t throw them out with the bathwater.

What they all seem to accept that a police officer has more right to protect himself than ordinary citizens, just because we, the public gave him a gun and a badge. Now they quote a unwritten rule I never heard of before; if a “threatening” person, in the cop’s mind is within a 25 foot imaginary line, he can kill the alleged assailant AND they should repeatedly shoot until again in their mind, the threat is mitigated. Of course the public cannot read that officer’s mind… we should not have to.

The first thing an officer does is un-holster his weapon. He does not have to ascertain whether the person he is encountering is actually armed, has a cellphone, a spoon or a fork or soda pop. If he perceives he is in danger, he can use deadly force and we just shrug or shoulders and say, “Okay!” He’s trained to shoot and that’s what the officer does. And that is exactly what he or she is going to claim. I “perceived…..” so I shoot him to death.

I say we need to change the perception……that the first thing they must do is to kill the perceived assailant”. Amadou was unarmed and posed no threat, but they chased him and killed him, Sean Bell, who was told to move his car, likewise, and so many others; some off their meds, like Mr. Powell. How can one say that Eric Garner was a threat, they advanced on him. What about Eleanor Bumpers, remember that?

From the top down, with the public involved, change the law….. Police officers took the job with the understanding that they are going to meet all types of people in a lot of different situations…. You just can’t because kill someone who makes you sweat. Retrain their minds.

Burger King…..

I don’ go to Burger King but if I did, I’d stop….boycott ‘em,,,that’ll lower their taxes. When I was working, I should have thought about changing my address to say….Bermuda! (Do they have an income tax??? I don’t know!)


Enough said, I’m out!!




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