A Few Questions about the Michael Brown Murder, Another Issue, Out of Left Field…. A Change of Pace….. A Beautiful Story…

A Few Questions about the Michael Brown Murder

I am going to go out on a limb and assume that everyone, including reporters and politicians know that the State Attorney for St. Louis County, Bob McCollough has the authority to indict the murderer of Michael Brown, without referring the evidence collected, to a Grand Jury.

With that understanding, why didn’t someone, like TV reporters ask him one simple question; that is, “Given all the evidence you have, and the testimony of numerous witnesses, do you believe there is sufficient evidence to indict Mr. Wilson?

If the answer is “No”, then the next question should be, “What are you missing?

If the answer is “Yes” then the next question should be, “Why are you wasting time presenting the evidence to a Grand Jury?”

No response means that Mr. McCollough hasn’t the fortitude to make a decision, and should be seen as incompetent.

So, reporters and politicians, please ask those questions because they go to the heart of whether Mr. McCollough and his office are competent attorneys. If he cannot do his job, he should have been replaced!

I see going to a Grand Jury as a ploy to delay the indictment, a clear case of bias, and most of all, a classic case of passing the buck!

I do not live in Missouri, but if I did, I’d ask the questions.

Another Issue

Marc Hill among other reporters presented a recent story about a black republican woman, Gloreatha “Glo” Scurry-Smith who is running for Congress to represent the 5th District that includes Jacksonville. It seems there was a large campaign poster with her image on it, and her face was painted white by an unknown vandal, which prompted Mac Hill to interview a reporter with the Huff Post about racism in Florida.

Well Marc, you did not have to go far to make that point. There is a ton of racism here, both kinds, overt and covert. There people here, who have been nurtured on racism, mentally brainwashed into believing that their white skin entitles them to preferential treatment, whether it is in a line at a box store or pumping gas into a car. The saving grace is that many white people with northern liberal values continue to stream into the state. But just like Ferguson, MO, Florida has many privileged white people who are oblivious to inequities that being a minority presents, and even economically deprived white people, despite being in the same economic situation as minorities, tend to look at themselves, for whatever reason, as better.

They accept the benefits (when allowed to by our republican governor) that the Federal government provides, but listen to ignorant diatribe disseminated by the likes of rash limmberger and no one can tell them that whatever little improvements they experience in their lives is because the President and the Democrats care.

Mrs. Scurry-Smith has every right to run for Congress, but I hope she wants to go to Congress to tell Bo(eh)ner and the teepartee that every part of their platform is geared to hurt and disenfranchise minorities and that as a party, they will never, never garner many minority votes with such a negative platform and actions like jerry-mandering and blocking a citizen’s right to vote, refusing to entertain viable job programs/ projects, trying to reduce food programs and fighting the ACA, which they benefit from, to name a few.

Oh, by the way, we have someone who is fighting against all of the above and she happens to be a Democrat, Corrine Brown, who has done the job representing the 5th District.

Do yourself (and us) a favor, next time, run against a republican someplace else. If you are bold enough to support our democratic principles, you may get our vote, next time around.


Out of left field…. A change of pace….. A beautiful story

First of all big kudos and hip-hip hoorays to Mo’ne Davis, the thirteen year old female pitching star of the Philadelphia Little League Baseball team that heroically competed in this year’s World Series in Williamsport PA. Her picture will appear on the upcoming issue Sports Illustrated. What a thrill she gave her fans as she twirled two shutouts with her 70mph fastball, her assorted curve balls and her tenacious pitching savvy. She put up eleven strikeouts in twelve innings!

But, alas, her team ran into a very fine team from Chicago, the Jackie Robinson West team and lost a close one, 6 to 5, but the loss did not dim the enthusiasm she displayed and she and her team held their heads high as they congratulated the Chicago team who would prove later on, that they did have the best squad. Mo’ne wanted to go to Uconn and play basketball for Geno Auriemma. With her athletic prowess, her, poise, and her dedication, I am sure she will attain the lofty goal. Mr. Auriemma even called her to let her know he will be waiting. Well done, Congrats, Mo’ne, keep doing what you are doing…God Bless!!

But wait, hold on!! The team that beat Mo’ne and her Philly team, just beat, what the pundits thought was the best team in the tournament!! Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West team are the U.S. champions, having bested the team from Nevada, supposedly a team loaded with power, the Little League version of Murderer’s Row 1936 Yankees!

The Nevada team had previously played and pounded the JRW team, and the experts predicted a repeat performance, after all, they had some pretty big thirteen year olds and throughout the tournament, pounded home run after home run!

They even started the final Championship game by scoring three runs right off thr bat! But this all black team had talent and resolve….they fought back to tie the game at three all, then take a one run lead. They seemed crushed when Nevada thumped another home run to take the lead. But these kids (who eerily reminded me of my teenage team, there wasn’t a Little League back then) never backed down and fought back and took the lead for good, preserving the victory with a nifty double play to end the game!

With a great confident coach who instilled in his players the will to succeed, who challenged them to bring out their skills, speed, power, pitching and fielding, they are proud champions!!

Congrats to a tough well-oiled baseball machine from Nevada. You a represented yourselves excellently. You too, are a proud, well skilled team. I would have been proud to root for you had you won. This day you just happen to meet a little better team. In a tournament like this, with all these good players and teams, second place, isn’t that bad!!

Now Jackie Robinson West will take on the International Champion South Korea for the full Championship of Little Leagues. Best of Luck…I’m rooting for you…..

Two teams out of the top three come from the inner cities of Chicago and Philadelphia… Wow!! Maybe the recent dearth of black players in the Major Leagues is over….. I really hope so…..I’d like to see another Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Roy Campanella, Bob Gibson and so on come along. I’m not saying just black guys but, Gee, do I miss that kind of talent.

Enough said, I’m out!!


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